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Devil is born part II

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This time I will tell you how I fucked Nagma in her house and a request she made to me.

I reached that place and Nagma was still lying there. I asked her why haven’t you went home. She stayed silent. Her silence was just pissing me off and her nude body was making me hard. I decided to punish her even more. I removed my clothes and got behind her. I pulled her up to expose her ass and placed my dick over her ass. Then with hard push entered her ass. She was wimpering in pain and I was enjoying it completely. Her moaning was only making me harder. Her eyes were filled with tear and misery. I kept on going rough with her ass and filled her ass completely. Then I used her mouth and pussy. I then sneaked back in my room and slept peacefully.

I used to think about this incidence and about Nagma. I wanted to use her again but avoided her. She was back in her house and hid what had happened to her from everyone. She lived with her husband and 15 year old daughter Salma. Her 14 year old cousin Zareen also lived with her. Then there was Zareen brother Siraj who used to visit them. Siraj was the one who initially banged her. Now whenever I wanted some girl, my brain would make plan of how could I force her. I started to fantasy my teacher, aunts and other girls. I started to think if someone disrespect me I should just rape her as punishment.

While I started to think all this. One day Zareen asked me to help her with science as I was good at studies. I accepted her offer. She was 5’4″ tall with slim body and figure of 33-23-34. She was having dimple on her both cheeks. She had milky skin. Next day I went to her house, Nagma was alone at the house. Zareen had gone out to market to buy something. Nagma was shocked to see me. She started to scold me. I told her if she would say all this here then her neighbour will know what happened to her. She asked me why was I here. I told Zareen needed help with studies and asked me to come. She allowed me inside her house and told me to wait in hall.

I looked at her She was wearing a blue night dress with deep clevage. Her hair were messed up and she was looking very sexy. I asked her where is Zareen. She told me Zareen is in market will come soon. I realised we were alone at the house. I decided to have my share of fun. I grabbed her hand and pulled towards me and placed a kiss on her lips. She tried to push me away but I pushed her on sofa. She fell on sofa with her face downward and her legs falling down from edge with her ass facing towards me. I pinned her in that position and lifted her nighty revealing her ass.

She was wearing a thin panty. I touched her pussy and ass makingher shiver in fear. Then I pulled her panty down exposing her thick ass. She started to plead with me to stop. I removed my lower and exposed my thick dick. I went close to her and placed my dick on her ass. I started with few soft pushes but as I started to enter. I increased my speed. She was moaning in pain and tried to wiggle away from me. I kept her pinned to the place and kept on banging her. I grabbed her hair and started to pull. She didn’t want to screem in pain and decided to pull a cushion. In that cushion she planted her face and suppressed her screams and moan from leaving the room.

I kept on getting rough and after few minues I filled her ass with my cum. She slowly asked me are you done, can I leave. I pulled her by hairs and kissed her. She was not resisting now. I kept on kissing her for sometime. Then I removed her nighty and exposed her beautiful body. She said I want to ask you something. I said yes, ask me what you want to. I thought she would ask me why was I doing this or what will happen if my parents knew. She said I will allow you to do what you want but I want you to rape Zareen. I was shocked at what she asked. She said her brother is reason for my misery. I want her to suffer as much as me. I want to see her cry and beg.

Then I grabbed her head and stuffed my dick in her mouth. She was shocked but I kept on pushing deep. Her eyes were full of tears and she was struggling for air. I kept on going hard and deprived her of the air. Then I released her head for sometime she gasped some air. Then I again pushed my dick inside and fucked mer mouth mercilessly. Due to being deprived for air she fell unconscious. I flipped her on sofa and sucked her perfect boobs for a while. I roughly massaged them. Then I placed my dick on her pussy and entered her pussy. She moaned softly. I got excited and pounded her rough. I sucked and bit her boobs and chest while fucking her. After few minutes I filled her pussy with my cum.

I left her lying naked on the sofa. Now I was waiting for Zareen to get back home. I now had a interesting reason to fuck her and make her my second bitch. In the next part I will tell u how I dominated and roughly fucked Zareen. How I enjoyed both Zareen and Nagma together. I hope you will enjoy this story. Thanku for reading ans liking the previous part.

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