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Daddies little angel

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This is the story of the special relationship with my adopted daughter.

I am 42 and had been single for a while, I had tried online dating but was disillusioned with it and the effort it took usually to end up going nowhere. I decided to look into sugar dating and signed up to a sugar baby dating site. It was exactly what I wanted, lots of pretty young girls in their late teens and early twenties looking for mature men. Not all sugar babies were looking for financial arrangements, some wanted the stability that an older man could offer and a genuine relationship.

That is how I met Brie (24).Brie had long brown hair that went half way down her back, green eyes, and beautiful olive skin to match her delicate features. Brie was 5’4 and 110 pounds, gorgeous legs, leading to a pert little arse and perky little 32B tits. Brie had recently left an abusive relationship and had a young daughter Ariana that she was trying to look after with no support. Brie had signed up looking to get a sugar daddy to support her financially, so that she and Ariana could get by.

Brie and I connected instantly, despite the age gap we were drawn to each other and very quickly our relationship moved from sugar baby and daddy to lovers. There was intense sexual chemistry and Brie and I were constantly fucking. Brie loved to share fantasies and she would constantly push the boundaries and explore taboos. Many days and nights were spent lying in bed, with my head on her slim stomach, one arm around her waist and the other hand exploring her smooth tight little pussy as we shared our fantasies and on explored the taboo.

We discovered that our favourite fantasy was age play, by now Brie called me ‘Daddy’ in and out the bedroom. I was in heaven I had my two special little girls, Brie and her daughter Ariana. Brie loved being treated like a 7 year old girl. My favourite memories are us lying in bed naked with Ariana in her cot next to our bed. Ever so gently I would lick Brie’s ear and kiss her neck, while pulling her close to me. As Brie got more turned on she would moan and arch her back begging for more.

As my little girls moans grew louder, I would start to tease her nipples. Running my tongue in circles around her nipples, making her beg me to suck them and to stop tormenting her. Then I would take one of her nipples and suck it while I pulled her close to me with my arm around her slim waist. Gently taking the index and middle finger of my other hand and slipping them into her tight wet little pussy. Brie’s back would arch and legs would tremble as my fingers massaged inside her tight pussy and my thumb pressed hard into her clit almost pinching her pussy between my fingers inside her and my thumb. Brie begged daddy to let her cum, desperate for permission to let herself go.

When my little girl couldn’t take it anymore I would tell her to cum for daddy and she would cum her whole body shaking and moaning loudly. Little Ariana would often be watching from her cot, and it was exciting knowing that she was watching her mum cumming for daddy.

After Brie had cum, I would slide a pillow under her little bum and spread her legs. She would beg daddy to use her pussy and to fill her with my cum. I loved sliding my hard cock into my little girl as she begged me to fuck her hard, little Ariana watching me enter her mum as her mum thrashed around begging to be fucked. Brie would ask me how hard I would fuck her if she was 7 years old, and I would thrust into her, pounding her tight little pussy and rag dolling her.

As time went on I started to spend more time baby sitting Ariana, often she would stay with me while her mum was in hospital a few days at a time. Ariana was turning into a cute little blond girl, with a cheeky attitude and she adored me. We used to bath or shower together every day and I would be soaping her little body making sure she was clean all over, before drying her.

I have always slept in the nude, and this did not change even if I was sharing the bed with Ariana on the nights she slept over. I have a high sex drive and at first I was very discrete and would either not masturbate with her in the bed or I would wait until she was asleep next to me. Then one day I was horny and desperate to masturbate and she was not settling down to sleep. I pulled the covers over the 2 of us and while she snuggled into my side, I masturbated under the covers. It drove me crazy knowing that I had a beautiful little girl snuggled up against me, while I touched myself. It didn’t take long for me to cum, my cum spraying all over the covers and making both of us rather sticky. After that I was hooked and I would pull the covers over the 2 of us at every opportunity and wank gradually being less and less discrete and deliberately moaning and thrusting into my hand as she lay against me.

After a few years Brie had a complete mental breakdown and was hospitalised and Ariana was removed from her care. As I was someone that had been in Ariana’s life since she was very young , and there were no blood relatives I was given custody and able to adopt Ariana. The mental breakdown and having Ariana taken from her, caused Brie to spiral downwards and within a few months she was living on the streets addicted to drugs and she drifted out of our lives, leaving me to bring up Ariana.

Part 2?

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    Hot as fk

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    Ja holl ihre Mutter die Schlampe zu euch und zeige der Fotze wie viel Spass du und ihre Schwanzgeile Tochter habt du kannst natürlich auch Mama sagen die soll die frisch gefickt fotze ihrer Tochter sauber lecken

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    You really going to drop yo bitch like that? Help her dammit

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    This story absolutely needs to continue!

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      It definitely does need to continue, I agree with you 100%

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      Thank you. I love reading the comments. I think there is something very special about the sexual explorations of young innocent girls.

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    Looking forward to part 2

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