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Cult Of The Rahum (Chapter 8-9)

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Warning, heavy shit in this one. Seriously.

***Chapter 8***

(Warning, this episode has heavy degrading, piss play, BDSM, abuse, {Like serious abuse, not just a few smacks here and there}, and a wee bit of guro and necro.{If you don’t know what that means, search it up before reading. It’s light, but still look it up} Enjoy, give me a five, {pweas}, and long live the Rahum!!)

After dinner, the cult talked for a bit while the girls gargled and whimpered like drowning kittens. In a way, they where. Rajah and Rebecca was once again enjoying each others company in his tent, with her once again on the bottom with her feet on his shoulders, and him once again on top and pounding her pussy. He hit a particularly good spot and she moans and bites her shirt to keep from being to loud. The girls heard Rebecca moaning, and they where wonderinng how she could enjoy this situation. They would soon find out, as Bruttithus made the first move. He stood and walked over to Enez, his personal Latino slut. She shuddered as she watched him move, then tryed to break free from the post. She wanted to run, to run so fast and hard and never come back. But she, and the other girls knew they where far from escape by this point. Still, the second Bruttithus untied her from the post, she ran to the large rock in front of the entrance and started pushing, struggling to get it open while the cult laughed, and Bruttithus advanced on her. After not being able to open it, she began pleading to him. “Please, please no- ah – pleas- ” She’s cut off by him grabbing her hair and pulling her back to the circle of tents. She bangs on his leg and smacks his manhood, which had now grown fully erect at a truly monstrous 11 inches, but it had no effect on him. He throws her on a sitting pillow, then wastes no time in slamming his dick in to the base. She screams as it stretches her womb and a long lump forms on her stomach. He moans, thrusting deep inside her vagina recklessly, even as blood squirts and squeezes out a bit with each thrust. The others watch for a while before standing and going to their prespective sluts. The members rub their cocks, then simultanesly unleash streams of varying colors of green on their girls to mark them. The girls choke and cough, as it pours down their throats and on their hair and body. After they cult is done marking their property, all of them untie their sluts. That’s when shit goes haywire, the girls start screaming and running, and then they all run to the rock and start pushing. Rajah and Rebecca hear the cult laughing and peeks their head out, only to find the girls on the ground crying at their dispair as the men grab them. By foot, arm, hair or even neck, by some of the more ruthless ones stick their fingers in their asses and yank them, or grab their clits and pull. By the time they pull all the girls to the circle, Bruttithus had just finished in Enez and was now grabbing her hair and balling it in in his hand. She tried yanking her head away but couldn’t, his grip was solid. He grinds it up against his cock, a rough, stringy feel on his erectness. He smirks as he feels urine exit his body, soaking her head and run down her body. “Oop, sorry, I didn’t feel it coming”, he lies. She sops down in her sloppy mess and just cries, hoping that her sodden tears and weakened state will draw mercy from her lord. It doesn’t. He searches around in his bag and grabs his hammer, then pulls Plau from throatfucking to help him build a frame. With supernatural speed, they build a large wooden gallow, with enough space to put 8 ropes on at a time. Rajah smiles at their effectiveness and speed, and looks back down at Rebecca, who is on his bed, moaning as gallons of sticky, lumpy sperm pours out of her gaped asshole and pussy. He slowly starts to slide his penis between her clasped feet, then throws his head back in pleasure as more semen splurts out all over her body. “Say you love it.” “I love- ahh- my Lord Rajahs sper–ahmm”, she can’t finish as her own orgasm overtakes her, sending shudders and spasms all over her adolescent body. Outside his tent, Bruttithus picks Enez, still sopping wet in his piss, up and ties her feet and hands together, then straps her to the rope hanging from the gallow. He picks up a wooden paddle, flat on one side and sharply pointed on the other, and smashes it hard against her ass.


Her scream shakes the cavern, and they can hear snow rumbling down the mountain outside. He laughs and charges his dick up her ass, widening it so much that her back arched in such painful pleasure. “P-wug-gh” Before she can react, he bashes the paddle down again and makes a loud smacking sound, quickly followed by her shouts of agony. He continues plowing into her, slowly getting closer to climax, and slowly getting deeper. By now there’s spit pouring out of her mouth, her eyes are dazed and she can’t stop sighing and moaning. She’s not done fighting, but she’s definetely weaker from his brutal penetration. In a single quick smash, he bruises her ass so severely and so painfully that she passes out. Everyone goes silent for a moment, then, when her chest heaves for a breath, the sounds restart and trickle into laughter from the Cult. When he feels his cum starting to push its way out, he quickly flips to her vulva and smashes in, sperm pouring and splashing out of his dick and filling her womb with his children. After that, he yawns and admires her bleeding ass, with many small holes in her cheeks from the paddle. He smiles then retreats to his tent with her to use her as a dick warmer through the night. Everyone is dumbfounded by the act of it all, and they all kind of freeze. The first to move where Demsic and Uraav. Demsic and Uraav where brothers, who where polar opposites of each other with only one common feature. Demsic was tall and lean, where Uraav was short and stocky. That common feature was their truly scary cocks, with Demsics super skinny and long, about 14 inches and only about 4 centimeteres wide, with Uraav super thick but short, about 4 inches long but 6 inches wide. They had chosen a Indian girl with an incredibly small mouth, whos name was Priya. She had a tiny body, and was a complete amputee, with no arms or legs. She had lost them on her birthday of six when her body had gotten hit by a car when going for a ball in the street. When she remembers that birthday, it hurts to think that it was only a 12 months a.g.o. That was her birthday present, going to an balet camp. It was her absolute dream to go. It was amazing, because she got new pink prosthetics so she could dance. She was lucky to live and be able to use prosthetics at all, the doctors said, but not for right now as Demsic and Uraav looked at each other, and then at their girl who was on her stomach. They had removed her new, pretty prosthetics and thrown them in the fire. They made her watch them melt, as tears poured down her face. They didn’t care about their tribe surviving, or the girl, they only cared about their current pleasure, so they hauled her, the youngest of the group to the gallows and tied her to it. It was hard, since there was no anchor points like legs or arms, but they did it. She quickly looked around and started to scream bloody murder, but was silenced by a freakishly thin penis rubbing against her lips, and a insanely large mound grinding against her exposed cunt. The brothers grinned at each other and begin to kiss and rub all over her body. Sweat was pouring from the aroused bodies, dripping from their balls and chests as they slobbered over the girl. Uraav was pinching and twisting her nipples, while Demsic was smacking his dick on her lips. Then, Uraav pushed his plump appendage in and moaned, her warm pussy lips sliding and pulling him in. He threw his head back and started to thrust, pushing his manhood made of thick, heavy flesh so deep inside that he felt her womb. She silently cried, afraid to open her mouth and scream because of the long pencil dick in front of her. She knew what sex was, she was told and shown what it was early on because of her culture. Sex before marriage was haram, she thought. Did it count even if she was forced? She couldn’t think about that right now as her cherry was forcefully popped, and her hymen snapped in half. Her virginity. Snatched away by some man that wasn’t even betrothed to her. She felt bad for herself, for her family, and for her future husband. She was to be married when she returned home from balet camp, and she was told by her father to let her husband know her body was ready to be used whenever her husband wanted. Her betrothed was in his 80’s and told her many times that he couldn’t wait to take her virginity with his mature cock. She couldn’t believe this stupid man behind her took that away from her husband. And he was such a sweet old man. He even bought a small house for her to live with him after their marriage. (Hey readers! Little note, I really like this idea, so maybe I should make a spin off with little Priya and her betrothed living together if the cult never napped her. Tell me in the comments or at my email if that’s a good idea and if you would like to read that at: [email protected]) But that all derailed the second that cabin door opened, and the cult rushed in and grabbed her. She was so dazed and confused she didn’t even know what was going on. She wasn’t knocked out now, though. She felt every thrust, every push, every leak of precum. She even felt her own pussy begin to drip uncontrollably. Forgive me, forgive me, she thought to her betrothed husband. She was enjoying it, and she knew it was so wrong but felt kind of good. Suddenly, she moaned, and that’s when Demsic striked hard and true. She hacked and coughed as his member slid right down her throat, choking her air and tapping her insides. He pulls out and she retches, stomach acid spewing out of her lips. The brothers, also known as the Demaav by the cult, slammed their hands together and pulled each other forward. They each slammed deep into the little slut, one penatrating right down into her windpipe, while the other smashes right into her tiny little clit. She screams and chokes around Demsic, and blood trickles down Uraavs penis. They pull tighter and, Uraav chuckles. “Oh was that your ass? Oh, I’m sorry little bitch.” She doesn’t respond, doesn’t even gurgle, but her face does blue a little. She can’t struggle, can’t slap his leg for air, can’t speak. Her eyelids flutter, and Demsic grabs her neck and grips it hard. Her face looks like the sky and they both feel her slump in their arms. Demsic pulls out and his penis is quickly followed by a stream of puke. Her eyes close and her head lolls.

***Chapter 9***

Rajah looks at the brothers and shakes his head. “Ezdi vrcan weqtyra ki lopo!?” Demsic looked down and said: “Ezdi? Jquia mokle xzin..” (English: What the fuck did you just do!? ** Huh? What do you mean, we enjoyed our present.. ) Uraav nodded in agreement with his brother and began once again thrusting deep inside the girl. Rebecca gagged and retched on a rock, and all the members paused. Rajah shook his head again, then took Rebecca back into the tent.


The next morning, there was blood on the floor, a dead Indian girl, and two men covered in both of them. One had intestines on his extra long cock. Rajah awoke with his cock being licked gently by Rebecca and her feet in his face. He moaned a bit and begin to indulge his morning feet treat. Bruttithus woke up and dragged his slut out behind him. He walked to the slave posts and began pissing in a large bowl. It was already full of pee, from all the members and he just added to it. Next to it was another bowl, full of cum and puke marked “Bitch breakfast”. She looked up at him and began to beg but he slammed his cock into her throat and started furiously pounding it. He smacked and grabbed her throat, creating an even tighter spot for his dick to smash. After a while she made gagging sounds and began to regurgitate onto his dick, just as he started to cum. He held her face, until both cum and vomit of them shot out of her nose and onto his hairy crotch area. He smiled and pulled out, then quickly moved her head so she puked into the bowl. He then tied her collar to the posts like the other girls and came a bit on her hair. None of the girls had touched the bowls so the members began making sweet cakes and teasing them. Then Rajah came down with Rebecca clutching tightly to him. “You don’t get real food like Rebecca till both of those bowls are clean girls.” They began to cry and Rebecca laughed. The members sat at the large table and laid out fried pork, sweet cakes, and syrup made from tree sap, deer blood for thickness, richness, and a bit of savory, and sugarcane water for sweetness. It all smelled amazing and the cavern held in those delicous smells. The girls wanted some soooo bad, but they knew they couldn’t get any. So they started. Little slurps of the urine, little laps of the cumuke. (Translated to slave dinner) Enez was letting all the other girls do all the work, so she was just sitting on the cold ice naked while the other girls gagged on their breakfast. Then she saw movement as Bruttithus, stood, went to his tent and came out with a springy metal wire with a piece of flimsy plastic on it. She shuddered and swallowed. He came up to her, pointed to the bowls and said: “Eat.” She shook her head, and he grabbed her legs and pulled them high and locked them to her collar, leaving her red little gaping pussy open. He pissed a little in it, then reared back and slammed the plastic down onto her clit.


Stars exploded in her eyes and the pain was so extremely intense. Then again, stars exploded as he whapped her again. Over and over, her vision turned into a galaxy. After hitting her seventeen times with the pussy paddle, he untied her legs and grabbed her mouth, opened it wide and spit in it. “Swallow.” She did. It tasted like sweet syrup, meat and bread. She looooved it. “Clean that damn bowl.” She nodded quickly and scurried over to the bowls, and started heartily drinking and eating from them. Bruttithus smiled at the table and bowed. The members laughed and began clapping, while Rebecca was under the table licking and cleaning the Rajahs feet. After breakfast, the slave bowls weren’t empty yet, but where halfway there. Enez was the star player in eating the cumuke, and she hadn’t stopped yet. Bruttithus smiled at her as he walked by, and grabbed his axe, and swung it over his shoulder. He and Plau where planning to get some more wood for the trough, so they put on there coats, pushed the rock away and left. All the girls other than Enez (She was still eating) where begging for the men to take them with them on their expedition, but they just laughed. When they returned, they hauled with them eighteen large trees on sleds, along with bags full of leaves and herbs. Rajah thanked them for going out in the cold and handed them the instructions to the bathing trough. It was about time they got the the cum guzzling toilets cleaned up.

Thank you for reading COTR 8-9 AHHHHHH!!!! This went so damn fast lmfao, and I’m so so so proud of the support and of this series! I hope you guys enjoyed and the degradation(?) wasn’t too much for you.

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