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Crossdresser fucked in front of wife

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Her and laid down on the bed her fingers playing in my creampied gurly-boi-pussi. She said kissed me telling me how sexy it was seeing me kissing and making out with him and my red lipstick lips around his cock and his bbc deep inside of my gurly-boi-pussi pussy. I told her that I needed it more often. She kissed my lipstick lips with her lipstick lips and said she agreed. Then she ate my gurly-boi-pussi and made me cum.
The next morning after we got up took a bath and did our makeup and lipstick and got dressed. She was being very care free as we were getting ready. I asked her what she was happy about. She said that I love you. I said I love you too. Then she reached under my mini dress and felt my gurly-boi-pussi and said that she wanted me to get it creampied and more than once. I said well you need to be creampied also. She you know what we should do start fucking guys all the time starting today. I said do you mean that you want us getting fucked at the same time. She said yes. Well I said ok. She said that she wanted to go get fucked now. I told her give me a few minutes and I will look up something.
I looked online for adult video an theater. Well I found one a few miles away and read the reviews and it seemed like a very good place to be able to get fucked easily. We changed our dresses so when we went there that we to be fucked and suck. We left to go there. It was in a kind of place tucked away behind other buildings and things. We parked an we looked at each other and smiled and removed our thongs and went in. There was sign saying 20 dollar cover charge for 24 hr access. I went to pay and the clerk said that no cover for us. So we looked around the store first and then she whispered saying let’s go back to the theater and see if we can get fucked.
We got to the theater part it was kinda of dark. But enough lite to see men with there cocks out and looking at us. She unzipped my dress and I unzipped her’s. We took them off and sat down on a love seat . I started to play with her pussy and she started to rubbing my gurly-boi-pussi. Within a couple of minutes we each had a cock in our mouth and in her pussy and my gurly-boi-pussi getting fucked. After we took load in our mouth we kissed passionately and then we took hot load deep inside of our pussies. I turned around and we turned leaning on the back of the love seat our lipstick lips kissing when we both got a cock inside of us and fucked us hard shooting there loads in us. This went on for the next couple of hours then it seemed to die off . So we went to the ladies room and our pussies full and leaking cum out them. After we fixed our hair and check our makeup and put tampons in an dresses back on and went to the car we put on our thongs an took out the tampons an went to the mall we past on the way there.
At the mall it was kinda of dead . But we did walk around and found some clothes and shoes we bought our thongs soaking wet with cum. I noticed that a man was following us around. She said I think he is watching you. We went separate way in a store and she was right. I gave him a little peek shot and even rubbed up against him walking by him. So he still following us around so we found where the bathrooms were an went down long hallway to them. There was a family one he still fallowing. She lifted back of my dress couple of times. We went inside of the bathroom and he followed us in. I pulled my dress up and thong down an bent over the sink offering my wet gurly-boi-pussi to him. He drop his pants and grab my hips his cock went in easily because I was still lube up with cum. I told him to fuck me good. He pounded me for about five minutes before he shot his hot load deep inside of me. After he pulled out she sucked his cock clean as I pull up my thong and fixed my dress. She got up and he pulled his pants up and left. She pulled up my thong and said now you have a very fresh creampied gurly-boi-pussi.
As we walked around the mall my gurly-boi-pussi loose wet sloppy. I told her how good it felt and I loved it . She said that she could tell. On the way to the car there was a guy looking at here and she walk over by him and asked him if he wanted to fuck her . He said he’ll yes but what about your friend she said that I was her tranny husband and he could fuck in front of me. We went to the car and she bent over the seat and he fucked her doggy style for about 5 minutes an shot his hot load deep inside of her cunt and then left she quickly pulled up her thong and said we needed to go back to the motel now .
We got back to the room and I couldn’t believe it at first I ate her pussy clean and she ate my gurly-boi-pussi clean. After we were done we laid there kissing and cuddling and talking. She said to me you know that since you’re hair is cut and styled very feminine and nails done and painted and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and you have no male clothing with us here and when we get back home I want you to get rid of all your male clothes and shoes an stuff and be Paula full time. I said that was fine with me.

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    I was excited to read this but couldn’t finish it. The run on sentences and bad grammar makes it rough.

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    I moved down the couch as far as I could get and my ass was spread open nice and wide he said something in a low voice but I didn’t answer him and then I decided to wake up a little bit so he could hear me and he said that my ass looked so sexy and would I be ok if he licked it a little I was so turned on that I spread my legs out and put my foot on the table so he could lick it good it was so hot and he was playing with my cock and asked me to turn over so he could put it in my mouth I hung my head over the couch a little and he put it in my mouth nice and deep he was so hard and he started to fuck me in my mouth before I could even say anything he told me to get on top of him and let him fuck my ass he fucked it nice and hard and when he was about to cum he told me to get up and lay down so he could unload it in my mouth I asked him to put it in me from behind and he could cum in my ass it was so hard and it was in all the way when he shot a huge load of cum in side me I licked it all and he told me to go in the bedroom and put on a pair of his ex wives panties so he could fuck me again

  • Reply Sammy ID:1dipk2etlcj4

    After a minute of silence I heard him lean back on the couch and he was still at the end I moved a little bit closer to the end of the couch and pulled the blanket up when I did it was actually very comfortable and I could see him in the mirror trying not to look but then he moved back and I could see he had opened up his robe and he started to look at my ass which turned me on I was just trying to get a good look at his package when he stood up and opened up his robe all the way and I moved my leg over so he could see my ass when he looked he was looking at it and pulling his cock I spread my legs open wide and put my ass up on the couch he was hard and he was moving closer to my ass I was just going to move my hand when I felt his cock against my ass

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    My boss asked me to help him move some things out of his house and after having a few drinks he told me that he would drive me home in the morning and that his ex wife was leaving for the night and that I could crash in the living room well the couch was huge and after a couple of hours he said he was going to bed and that I should make myself comfortable I went to the bathroom and went back into the living room to find a big blanket and a couple of pillows about an hour later I was not getting that comfortable with my sweatpants on and a big shirt and then I looked around and there was no lights on upstairs or in the bedroom so I got undressed and took my clothes off but was still wearing my boxers so now I just was getting comfortable when I noticed that the light was on in the bedroom I moved down on the couch and pulled the blanket up to cover my head when I heard my boss come downstairs and go into the kitchen after a minute the kitchen light went off so I moved back over to the top of the couch I was surprised when he sat down on the end of the couch and put his drink on the table I just acted like I was asleep and that was fine when I looked over at the mirror across the room I could see that he was wearing a robe I think he stood up to get something off the table and when he did i could see his package and it was long he walked back into the other room and turned the light on for a minute and he was sitting down I’m not sure if it turned me on but when moved over on the couch I felt my cock move he turned on the computer in the office and I could hear what sounded like porn and I was getting excited I slid my underwear down and put them under the pillow and when he came back into the living room he went to the refrigerator and got a drink I moved up on the couch a little and felt the blanket slide down across my legs as I moved up the couch a little bit and put my arm over the pillow the blanket was barely covering my legs and then he went back to the couch