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Cousins at Play: Part 4 :The Policeman Game

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The cousins take their saucy games outdoors and a friend gets involved.

The cousins take their saucy games outdoors and a friend gets involved.

Story: Sharon looked so cute and innocent. She was dressed in a mustard coloured pinafore dress with a Paisley pattern, over a white blouse and her Aunty had put hair up into bunches. But looks were deceiving. She was sitting, expectantly the edge of her cousin’s bed, hoping for another day of fun and games especially after last night’s adventure.

However I had serious matters on my mind, as I sat down next to her.

“Sharon, I need to ask you something important.” her smile disappeared.

“Erm, okay David.”

“You know I told you about back bugs while we in the bath last night?”

“Yes, and you washed them all away, so I’m not worried about them any more” the smile was back.

“Are you going to warn all your friends about them when you go into school on Monday?:

“Oh yes, I don’t want them to get poorly. ”

“Well, you mustn’t. ”

“Why not, they’re my friends. I don’t want them to swallow bugs in their sleep!”

“Because they’re… erm… not real. I made them up.”.

“Why? Why would you do that?” She was obviously puzzled and annoyed. I tried to formulate a reply that explained how I’d tricked her into letting me paw and, eventually spank her bare backside. The problem was doing this without exposing myself as a total arse! I remained mute trying to find a way out.

Sharon’s screwed up her face in that way that meant she was thinking hard too. After much thought the beautiful little girl broke the silence in most amazing way.

“You were testing me weren’t you? Trying to find out whether I was big enough and clever enough to tell when a man is telling me the truth?” And I failed you didn’t I?
I’m sorry I’m not as clever as you thought I was.
I’m sorry I let you down.”

My amazing little playmate was forgiving me for my ruse and turning it into a game.
A game that would probably allow me to do the very thing I has tricked her into last night.
It was a wonderful way out.

She looked so contrite. “Are you very disappointed with me, Sir?

“Yes I am.” I said solemnly, playing along, “You were very foolish. If you don’t work harder at your studies you’re going to grow up to be a very silly girl.”

“But I don’t like my lessons, Sir. The only good thing about school is playtime.”

“Then I’ll just have to do something to make you take your lessons more seriously then won’t I?”

“Ohhh no? I’m not going to get spanked again am I. I said I’m sorry”

I was unmoved.”Get over my knee.”

More moaning and whingeing but Sharon complied.

Smack, smack.

“Ow, that’s not fair!”

“Pull your skirt up.”


“Further. That’s better.

Smack, smack.

“Ouch, oh Sir!”

Smack, smack.

“Oh that really hurts!”

I bit my lip. This was the big one.
“Pull your knickers down.”

She looked back at me.
“Do I have to, Sir.”

The Sir told me she wasn’t really objecting. She was just playing the game.
“Yes, pull them down, right now, or I will take them right off myself and double your punishment.”

She was resigned, “Ok Sir.” She pulled the final layer of clothing down to her thighs.

I placed my hand on her now defenceless buttocks. “You will receive six hard spanks and you will count them out loud.”

“Six Sir?”

“At least…”


“Ow, one Sir.


“Ooh, ow two Sir.


“Oh, no Sir, no more, please! Three Sir”


“Oh you’re so cruel! Four Sir”


“Oooooooh, this isn’t fair! Five Sir.”


“Have you learned your lesson?”

“Oh yes Sir, six Sir! I’ll work harder and never let a man fool me again, Sir”

The game was over. I stroked her hot bottom and kissed the back of her neck. “You’re such a lovely girl.I thought you’d be angry with me.”

She slapped my arm and threw playful punches in my direction, giggling. “Backbugs? Backbugs? Where did you come up with that one, you sneaky bugger?”

I laughed and began tickling her ribs. “At least your back got a proper cleaning”. I teased.

“Yes and I bet my bum bum is spotless!”

We tickled and tussled a while longer, I was pleased to find that Sharon’s spotless bottom was ticklish as ever. We paused for breath and lay side by side on my bed.

“It’s a shame the bugs aren’t real.”she whispered.


“Because you won’t be washing my back any more.”

The conversation continued in whispers, “I can if you want. Did you like it?”

“It was lovely. It felt really nice.”


“My tummy felt all wobbly.”

“And what about what happened in my bedroom. Did you like that too.”

“Well, I was a bit scared when you pulled my nightie up. You’ve never done that before…
I knew you were going to spank me with nothing on and I thought it was going to hurt.”

“But you let me anyway?”

“Yes, I know you’re always careful, you’ve never spanked me too hard before so I told myself it would be okay.”

“And did it hurt?”

“Of course it did.
Spankings are supposed to hurt.
It always hurts when you spank me.”

“Oh I ….”

“Don’t worry.” She kissed me. “It’s a good kind of hurt. It makes me feel wonderful and puts all those beautiful feelings into my tummy. Last night was lovely. You can do that again.”
“Does your tummy feel nice when you spank me?”

“Not my tummy” I chuckled. “but my willy gets hard when you’re over my knee. I don’t know why, but it feels nice.”

“So that’s what I felt poking me in my ribs last night. That’s funny!”

We both laughed.

We’d never spoken like this before. There was a new openness and honesty between us. It felt grown up and I liked it. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making her do things she didn’t like and this seemed like the perfect moment to find out. I’d hate to spoil our games by going too far.

“And how about when I spanked you this morning, that wasn’t too hard, was it. You know, without any knickers?”

“The last few were a bit stingy, but still good. It’s much better getting them straight on my bum bum, instead of my skirt – really nice.”

“I like doing them straight on your bum too. And I like it when you tell what you do and don’t like. That’s what big girls do”

“Well, remember when you ordered me to pull my own knickers down? You were so bossy. It was very very sexy!”
She has never used that word before and it made her blush with embarrassment.

“And I’m pleased to see that they are still down, because the tickle monster is on his way back up your skirt!”



It was a joyous moment in my young life.
I was still too innocent to know what a girl’s pussy was for and I hadn’t really noticed that women had tits. It was their bottoms that were the centre of my fantasies and now I had full access to Sharon’s. She was happy for me to do whatever I liked, whenever I liked. I was the luckiest boy in the world and I had everything that I wanted.


So, during the following months, my sexy playmate and I enjoyed all the spanking fun that we could. Sometimes the skirt stayed up, sometimes the knickers bore the brunt of my assaults but, whenever the opportunity allowed I would make merry with her bare naked backside.

Sharon never rejected my ideas for new and inventive games and she was never short of suggestions of her own! Our games never got stale but the biggest problem was playing them without letting our parents hear us.

Spanking on the bare was much louder than over clothes and Sharon was starting to like harder slaps, which all increased the volume. To make it worse, she was such a good actress and her squeals and protests were a massive turn on to us both, but she could be very loud.

We had to tone it down when the mums and dads were around, or take our play outside. This was fine in the summer but we couldn’t play so much during the winter and then I got chicken pox and Sharon got the mumps in the spring so we didn’t see each other for ages.

Then came a bright Saturday in May, when Dad drove us over to Sharon’s house.

I spent the whole journey planning how I would tiptoe up the stairs and sneak into the bedroom, unheard. Once inside in would spot her looking out of her window and make her shriek when I lifted her skirt and spanked her bottom over her prettiest knickers! My mouth was watering and my dick was swelling at the mere thought of being with her again.

I was devastated to look out of car window and she in the front garden playing swing ball with another girl!

She introduced her friend as Rosie. She was a tubby little thing, shorter than my cousin, with red hair, (appropriately) rosy cheeks, a round face and a wide smile.
She was in Sharon’s class at school. An energetic and cheerful girl but, she was in the way! We couldn’t even play swing ball properly with three, so there was no chance of playing any spanking games.

We did try to play swing ball anyway, but we soon gave up. Sharon put her head indoors and asked her mum of it was okay if we went to the country park. She said “yes” but the girls mustn’t talk to any strange mem. I said I would look after them. I was ten years old – I’m sure the parents were filled with confidence.

The country park was a large estate, just a short walk from Sharon’s home. It used to belong to some people that lived n a big house, but that had burned down a long time ago and now anyone could use it. That seemed fairer.

The three of us were still a bit of “a crowd”. The girls were chattering away together like girls do, so I hung back and let them get on with it. We were well into the park when Rosie let out a screech. I couldn’t hear their chatter but she put her hand over her mouth, as if she was shocked. Sharon kept talking, then they laughed together. Rosie nodded her head and Sharon skipped over to me looking elated.

“Rosie wants do to play the Policeman Game!…
And so do I.”

This was an old favourite of ours. We played a version of it even before our spanking days but, we’d developed a naughtier version now but had never played any version with anybody else.

“Does she know the rules?”


“All of them?”


“Well tell her we’ll play, but she can stop if she doesn’t like it.”

“She isn’t a baby.”

“I know but, tell her anyway.

I had said I’d look after them.

The girls went on ahead and found a deserted part of the park where they sat on bench and waited for me. I approached doing my best policeman impersonation – walking slowly, back straight, head held high, stopping in the front of them, bending down and up, splaying my knees in music hall fashion.

“Hello hello hello, what do we have here then?”

Sharon answered, she knew how the game was played. “Nothing Mr Policeman, just two good little girls, having a rest.”

“Well these benches aren’t here for the benefit lazy little girls like you are they. They’re for tired old ladies and gents. Some of them thought in the war. They need benches more than you.
So move along now.”

“Aaaw. Do we have to?”

“Yes. Don’t you disobey one of Her Majesty’s policemen or you’ll be in lots of trouble. Now, move along!”

They did as they were told and we went our separate ways until I heard both Sharon and Rosie giggle shouting. “Hey Mr Policeman, bet you can’t catch us!”
They both stuck their bums out at me, pulled up their skirts, flashed their knickers (Rosie’s were pink and Sharon’s blue), wiggles their butts and ran away.
I gave chase.

I went after Sharon first, so Rosie would no what to expect, when her term came. My cousin didn’t run too far – she wanted me to catch her, after all. I made a point of rugby tackling her to the floor – taking the opportunity to grab the bottom that I hadn’t seen for so long. I took her to some nearby woodland and used my invisible hand cuffs to secure her to a silver birch tree.

Then I went after Rosie. She wasn’t built for speed and couldn’t have got away even if she was trying. I captured her, without feeling her up, and cuffed her to the tree next to her partner in crime.

I got back into character. “Right. I warned you about disobeying policemen, but you have behaved disgracefully. You will have to face the consequences. ”

“Really?” Rosie was getting into it.

“Yes you have a choice. I can either take you straight to jail and lock you up or I can give both a sound spanking, here and now and let you go home to mummies. ”

“You’re not spanking my bum you dirty old man.” Sharon was making me work for it, but I’d played before and knew what to say.

“Fine, we’ll have it your way. I’ll take you to the cold rat infested jail, right now and lock you up for ten years. You’ll get there just in time for lunch. Stale bread and water if you’re lucky. ”


“Ten years?”

“Stale bread?”


They looked at each other and then, using some mysterious female telepathy, they both spoke at once.

“We’ll take the spanking please.”

Again I went to Sharon first, by way of demonstration. I pretended to check a notebook and read. “The sentence is nine hard spanks on the knickers”

“Nine, that’s too many.” she protested, squirming as I yanked up her clothes.

I knew she could take far more than nine, and she would want me to make her bottom sting, so after two warm up spanks (we hadn’t done it for a while) l made sure the last seven were more meaty.
The little actress took them well but squealed like a scolded cat and even tried to rub herself better until I reminded her that she was handcuffed to the tree!

I turned to Rosie. “Nine on the knickers for you too, young lady.”

“Do your worst. You don’t scare me.”

She was talking big, I thought it was probably bravado so I decided not to be too cautious. I did enjoy pulling her skirt up though. She was only the second girl I’d done it too and she wiggled and resisted beautifully but, of course l, I was too strong for her.

I made sure her spanks were firm, but I didn’t put any follow through into my action so they were only skin deep. I didn’t try to squeeze or caress her either Sharon would have been most dissatisfied but I thought it was enough for Rosie’s first time.

I released them both.
“Be on your way young ladies, don’t let me catch you again.”

They walked away, making great play of rubbing their bottoms.

A moment later.
“Hey, Mr Policeman. How do you like this”. Shouting at me again. This time both girls were waving two fingers in the air, then it’s skirts up again and, this time, knickers right down.

I set off after them. They ran – their knickers still at their knees. Hobbled by her underwear, Rosie tripped and landed face down. She was easily caught with her bare bottom in the air – lovely sight. Sharon also found herself under arrest within seconds.

I took the them to a fallen tree trunk and bent them over it. Top and tail – cuffing Sharon’s right wrist to Rosie’s right ankle and vise verce. There was no escape and the criminals would have a close up view of each other’s punishment.

Their bums looked cute placed next to each other. Rosie’s was broader and fleshier than Sharon’s and could probably take a harder beating than I had thought. Sharon’s bottom? Well, Sharon’s bottom was just beautiful!

I stroked both bums, coping a good feel. They’d stuck their fingers up at me. I wasn’t messing about this time.
“This time it’s six spanks on the skin, unless you want to go to jail.”

I asked them in turn.
“Spanking or jail?”
“Spanking please Mr Policeman.”

They both gave the reply I wanted to hear.

I went to Rosie first a laid my hand on her butt. She dropped out of character.
“I know you be being nice, but you can do it properly, like you did with Sharon. I’m only small, but I’m tougher than I look”.

She gave me all the permission I needed, but I reminded her that I would stop of she didn’t like it. Then I got on with enjoying her big wobbly arse. Spanking squeezing, rubbing, groping again and again until she’d taken all six. Her squealing, protesting and attempts to get away, were first rate.
I praised her, “You are, indeed tougher than you look, young lady, but I can see that I have taught you a valuable lesson.”

“Ooh, yes Mr Policeman, you certainly have. I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on.”

I didn’t believe her for a second but she has been a joy to spank and I still had my darling Sharon to come.

I was as hard, as ever, on my cousin and gave her bottom a thorough feeling up between blows. She made a great show of resisting and screaming. I think she was in competition with her friend.

I cuffed their wrists to mine and we walked out of the park hand in hand. Two of us has sore bottoms and one has a hard dick. All three of us with big grins on our faces.

I released them from the cuffs when we got back to the road. Rosie said she had to go home, gave me a sweet kiss and we said our goodbyes. The girls had a brief, whispered chat, looking in my direction and ending with a giggle before we waved her off.

“What was that about?”

” Oh nothing. ”

“Don’t tell lies. You were talking about me weren’t you?”

“Okay, yes. Rosie asked me if you had a girlfriend, I said I didn’t know but I try to find out.”

“Right. Well you can tell her that I do have a girlfriend but I think Rosie’s an absolute smasher and if ever we split up I’ll give her a call.
I expect some lucky chap will have snapped her up by then, though.”

“So you’ve got a girlfriend then? When did that happen?” Sharon sounded disappointed.

“Oh I’ve known her for about ages. I’ve always liked her and we’ve got really close over the last year or so.”

“Do I know her?”

“What do mean, “do you know her?” I chuckled, “It’s you, silly! You do want to be my girlfriend don’t you?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, of course I do.”

She put her arms around me. We held each other tightly and kissed.

We tried to hide our grins when we returned to our parents, but I don’t think we fooled anyone.
They thought it was sweet.

To be continued….

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