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Cousins at Play: Part 1: Discovery

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Children’s games lead to adult delights.

I was born in April 1970.
16 months later Sharon arrived and we became eachother’s first cousins.
16 years later we had become eachother’s “firsts” in many more ways, including those that are most important as a boy becomes a man and a girl becomes a woman.

Sharon and I were always going to be close. Neither of us had any brothers or sisters and we only lived a bus ride apart, so we were always going to see a lot of each other – never more than at bath time! Our mothers, like many others, chose to bathe their youngsters together. I don’t know whether this was for convenience, economy or for the benefit of our education, but we quickly learnt that we had different equipment for peeing. I had a willy and Sharon had nothing!

We just accepted this is a matter of fact and worked out that it was really handy if we both needed to pee at the same time. Sharon would sit on the loo seat and tinkle into the front of the bowl, while I would stand behind her and wiggle over the side!

While I wasn’t bothered about Sharon’s “nothing” I was very interested in her bottom and her knickers. I knew bums and underwear were rude and you should hide them away – unless you were in the bath! But Sharon’s knickers puzzled me. While my pants were dark and plain and I kept them secret, her knickers were bright and frilly or had cartoon animals on them. Our mums always said they were pretty and it seemed like you were supposed to look at them.

This was confusing, especially when I watched the TV and saw circus ladies, dancers and tennis players in little skirts that let everyone see their knickers. Did they know? Why didn’t anyone do anything about it?

I thought about it a lot. Thinking about it did nice things to my willy. And after lots of thought I decided that it must be wrong to try to spy on a girl’s knickers, but if she decided to let you see them, then that was okay, but you mustn’t make a fuss about it. Anyway, I decided I wasn’t going to think about Sharon’s bottom or panties any more unless she let me see them.

One day something happened that changed all that.


I was in my bedroom, playing with my toy cars when I heard Sharon and her mother arrive. Little footsteps scampered up the stairs before she burst into my room and gave me a big kiss on the lips. It was a typical little girl kiss – a tight embrace, puckered lips and then all wet and sloppy. I gave a typical little boy response, using my sleeve and the back of my hand to wipe it off my face. Sharon looked crestfallen.

“Why did you do that, David? Don’t you love me?”
“Of course I love you, but I don’t like kisses – they’re sissy.”
Sharon screwed up her little face in thought, then burst into a grin as she has an idea.
“Well if you really do love me, but don’t want to kiss me, you could give me a spank instead.”
I had no idea what she was on about.
“A spank? What’s that?”
“It’s hard to explain. It’s easier if I show you.”
With that, she reached around and slapped me on the bottom.
“Hey! What are doing? You not allowed to smack me!”
“It’s not a smack, it’s a spank and daddies give them to mummies to show how much they love them.”
This had to be nonsense. I was older than Sharon, so if it was true I would know about it, not her.
“Who told you that rubbish?”
“I saw Daddy doing it to Mummy. I thought he was smacking her for being naughty so I asked her what she had done wrong. She told me Daddy did it sometimes because he loved her very much and it was like a kiss. It was a very special thing and no one else was supposed to know about it, so you mustn’t tell.”
Well that made sense.
“It must hurt, daddies can smack hard.”
“Well Mummy said it felt nice. I think we should try it.

She promptly turned round, put her hands on her knees and pushed out her bottom, waiting for me. This was a dream come true. She was asking me to touch the most exciting part of her body, even sticking it out to make it easier for me. But this was naughty – I didn’t want to get into trouble or hurt my little cousin. I put out my hand and tapped the back of her skirt, pulling it back quickly as if it was on fire.

“You have to spank harder than that, silly! Daddy makes Mummy jump when he does it. ”

I didn’t like being called “silly” and I did want to get a better feel of her bum, so I slapped again. This time there was an audible “splat” and I left my palm there to enjoy the moment.

“Ouch, not that hard!” Sharon reached back and rubbed the spot I had struck. “Maybe we should play for a while and try again later.”

Great, she was going to let me do it again! “What would you like to play?”


I hated House as much as I hated kissing, but at that moment I wasn’t going to refuse her anything!

So, I pretended to be “Daddy” coming home from work and “Mummy” Sharon was cooking and serving dinner. It was a long meal and then there was lots of boring chat until ” Mummy” stood up and told “Daddy” she loved him very much before giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Daddy” stood too, told “Mummy” how beautiful she was and planted a firm spank to the centre of her skirt covered bottom, letting his hand linger there.

Sharon jumped up, “Oooh, Mummy was right, that was nice. Do it again! ”
I was pleased to oblige.


From that day on, spanking became a part of our games, whenever we were alone. “Kiss-chase” became “spank-chase”; our wrestling bouts all ended with little slaps to Sharon’s bum and our (now much more frequent) games of House become much more interesting.

To be continued and get naughtier….

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