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Colombian getaway

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A holiday and 2 small children that changed my world

I was staying in a hotel in St augustin Colombia for 12 days, it was a getaway and reset from work and family. I woke the first morning and made a coffee and headed for a stroll to check out the place. There were a few families and a few people on their own but there was a pair of kids that seemed out of place as they were poorly dressed and scruffy. After heading to the breakfast bar and asking around I learned that It turns out they were local kids looking to sell the one thing I never imagined I would want let alone come to need. Child pussy child ass and child body to use and abuse. I was a little disgusted by the idea at first but by dinner time I was fascinated. I caught up with the 2 kids in the garden and got to chatting. Luca was 10 and his sister Lucia was 11 and they lived in a shack off the hotel property with their grandmother. They told me they have no money for food or clothes or any basics so they came to entertain the guests for a little pocket money. I asked them what they do and Lucia said she would take care of all my needs while I was here and her brother could be my personal servant. Basically for 12 dollars a day I’d have a servant and a sex slave. I gave luca my room number and told them to head up in 1 hour. I was waiting nervously as the knock on my door came. I opened the door and there stood the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. Dressed in a hot pink slut dress that was way to tight, see through and the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Beside her was an innocent looking tan boy in a pair of blue shorts and nothing else. I invited them in and embraced Lucia and passionately kissed her tiny mouth as I squeezed her baby bubble bum. I dropped my pants and my hard cock poked at Lucia’s pussy and I rubbed my cock against her slit as we kissed. Suddenly I felt 2 hand on my ass cheeks and a tongue pushing at my asshole. Little luca really was a good little servant. I laid down on the bed with Lucia and slowly pushed inside her small kiddy cunt and fucked her for ages. Eventually I wanted to come so I called young luca around and grabbed his hair and slid my cock into his boy mouth and pushed until his lips hit my balls. I felt his boy neck constricting around my cock as I pumped my cum into his tummy that was only day1…..

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Lucky you and lucky kids too, especially Luca. I love shoving my tongue up a smelly male asshole!

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1dqsasnmk7pn

    I see a gangbang with those two

  • Reply That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

    Part 2 please. And there were some errors in the story please check, thank you

  • Reply Pervy rob ID:2e08ka68rd

    How good did Lucia’s tiny child pussy feel

  • Reply Hornydom88 ID:bo1uhdn43

    Look forward to the 12 days of fucking