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Cocksucking cumloving boy.. continues

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It’s an addiction like junkies I have to have it weekly secretly discreetly or publicly

Last week I sucked my first cock and before the night was over I ended up sucking 9 strangers at the park filling my belly with hot sweet cum fulling my darkest deepest fantasies being a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers. I was used as a cocksucking slut pretty boy nakedonmyknees in public I was videotaped moaning begging pleading and I was never so excited turned on horny.

I got addicted hypnotized watching cocksucking hypnosis videos I finally caved in to my desires to being a cock slut in public places it’s scary exciting dangerous illegal and probably illegal cuz I’m still just a Kidd.

Saturday night again mom left for work all week long I kept reliving last week being naked sucking strangers hot cocks I wanted more need to be used as a cock slut.
Looking in the mirror my petite body panties long hair I put a dab of my mom’s pink lipstick on smiling I kinda look girlish like babyface I smile pulling my short shorts on barely covering my sweet ass cheeks long dress shirt half buttoned I like sexy slutty cheap.

The hypnosis videos were right on I need/want to worship cocks making love to it my mouth being used like a girl’s pussy cocks going in and out filling my belly with sweet hot cum seeding me like a cunt .

I make it to the parking lot unseen at the park it looks busy bunch of cars lonely guys in all of them. I’m getting hard excited. I slowly walk by wiggling my sweet ass licking my lips looking inside their open windows giggling like a girl.

All of a sudden it seemed like everyone was pumping their brakes flashing headlights.

“ We knew you would come back boy after last Saturday when you begged to suck our cocks moaning like a bitch in heat..look at you so pretty so willingly submissively like a good little Faggotboi “:
I turned around seeing this old fat guy naked by his car showing me his 10” cock he was the first guy I ever sucked last week. In a trance hypnotized I started to walk towards him throwing my shirt off pulled my shorts off stopped twirling around showing off my panties.

“ Do you think I’m pretty sexy slutty enough I remember falling in love with your cock so big so beautiful so fucking hot “;
I’m almost naked in the parking lot everyone can see me headlights on me walking towards the old man showing off my body.

I skip towards him jumping in his arms French Kissing swapping tongues moaning loudly as I slip down kissing his naked body like a demon possessed I start licking sucking kissing slurping on his massive cock falling in love with it. I look around seeing other naked guys cummming towards me I stretch out my arms a cock in each hand living out my desires.

Cock after cock I keep sucking my body is covered in cum my face from guy’s jacking off on me my panties filled with my cum.

They keep calling me slut cunt bitch faggot sissyboi fucking my mouth like a girls pussy filling my belly with hot sweet cum telling me they are seeding me getting me pregnant getting me ready to be their girl a girlfriend to show off a little pussy bitch.

“ Oooh god yes I’m so ready I need want a hot cock fucking me like a girl cummming deep inside me seeding me oooh fuck please dress me like your little school girl oooh my seeet daddies take my naked body” I’m begging moaning pleading.

I’m laying on the grass fingers are going in n out my ass covered in cum lubricant stretching me out I thought it would hurt but it was pure pleasure two three fingers I kept begging for more.

“ What the oooh god no it hurts “; I turn my head it’s the old fat guy with his 10”;cock starting to go inside me it’s so big thick. “ Nooo please to big I..I.. can’t take… oooh god oh daddy yes oooh fuck it feels so goood oooh daddy yes Ooh god yes I’m getting fucked oh baby fuck me like your girlfriend seed me please cum deep inside me ooooh fuck yes”

I let 9 guys fuck me filling me with cum as I kept begging like a good little slut.
Panting naked cum leaking out my ass my mouth I watch the last guy leave.
Found my shirt panties but not my shorts I get dressed kinda the shirt barely covers my ass cheeks.

I can feel cum swirling inside my ass my pussy as I get home. Walking up the driveway a van pulls up it’s the old man smiling at me.

I’m getting confused how did he know where I lived he can’t be here my mom can’t find out about me what if neighbors seen him. I walk to his widow gonna tell him to leave, when I hear this moaning coming inside I look he has a video of me getting fucked over and over again I’m begging to be seeded to be a girl getting pregnant.

I look down inside the van his pants are off his 10” sticking up beckoning to me.
“ We can’t not here my mom will be home soon not now please oooh god oh yes hurry before anyone sees us “ I open his door bending over my panties / ass showing as I open my mouth sucking on my daddy’s cock im in love with it addicted to it hypnotized memorized I never heard a car pull over until i felt my panties being pulled down.

I heard myself squeal as I felt a cock going inside me I could feel cum dripping out my ass every time he went in and out my ass.

I’m sucking on a cock getting fucked in my mom’s driveway anybody driving by could see I started to cum.. Secretly discreetly or publicly I dint care as long as I get to be a cocksucking cumloving slut for any strangers.

After daddy came in my mouth the stranger cummming in my ass my pussy. I smiled licking my lips wiggling my ass and walked to my door watching them leave before i opened the door I felt a hand on my ass spreading me and another cock slipping in my ass filled cum. I moaned loudly not even looking at this stranger fucking me on the doorstep.

“:Hurry oooh god yes fuck me quickly before my mom gets home oooh fuck yes fuck my pussy”

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