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camp with my friend – Part 1 [The First Time]

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15M / 14M True story at camp. Part 1 – The first night

This is a true story of what happened at camp. The first few days of camp were ok. We spent a lot of time doing activities and such. However, with alot of teenage boys without their phones or privacy, we all got very horny.

My name is Nathan. I’m 14, I have brown hair brown eyes and I’m around 5’9. I’m pretty skinny too. I like girls and have crushers and stuff, but guys interest me too I think.

I would often try to masturbate in the shower or toilet, but the bathrooms were shared so it was hard sometimes. One night, I couldn’t get to sleep so I whispered out to see if anyone else was awake. Tyler, my 15M friend answered. He too is skinny but he is shorter than I am at around 5’6 or 7.

He answered back and said ‘I’m still awake’. I asked him if he wanted to come over to my bed to chat and not disturb the other people ( there were 4 others in our room). He agreed and came over to my bed. We sat and chat about our time so far at camp and also about which girls we thought were pretty.

We got cold so we both got under the covers of my single bottom bunk. He was wearing flannel pyjama pants, and a t-shirt, while i was just wearing shorts and a tshirt. He said that he had a crush on a girl and told me who it was, and he also told me stories about when he got head from another girl. I had never done anything apart from masturbate, and these stories were making me really hard. I turned over so in case he moved his leg or arm, it wouldn’t touch my dick.

Eventually he said he was really cold and snuggled up next to me. Even though I hadn’t really thought I was attracted to boys, the smell of him and his warm body pressed against me made my dick throb harder. He then transferred himself into a spooning position, and I was the little spoon. I could feel his arms wrapped around my chest and his breath behind my ears. We lay in silence occasionally asking about girls we had crushes on, perhaps in an attempt to avoid being “gay”. Eventually, I felt Tyler’s pelvis begin to move towards me- as it was previously separated. As his hips travelled towards me I heard his breathing deepen. And finally I felt his penis (just as hard as mine) against my butt, separated by just 3 pieces of fabric (His PJ pants, my shorts and my underwear).

We lay in silence with his warm cock resting against my firm ass. Eventually, Tyler began to move his hips. Within just a few minutes he started dry humping me, pretending to fuck me. We laughed – pretending to joke around, but I swear I could have cum right then and there. He then spoke, breaking our quietness. “Your turn now!” as he spun around. I was very nervous, and couldn’t believe I was about to do this- although it was a joke. I didn’t know if he liked boys or was just having fun. Regardless, I pushed my body onto his. His frame felt small and fragile between mine. I worked up the courage to press my pelvic area to his bum.


The feeling of my hard throbbing cock against his warm, rock hard firm ass was mesmerising. Soon I was jumping him just as he was before. We lay and cuddled together and then he said he was tired and went back to his bed.

I layed for a few minutes in my bed then quietly crept to the bathroom to release my load. Thinking about Tyler’s firm ass and cock!

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