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Beach Day With Daddy

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my daddy has recently showed me a secret. How daddy’s love their little girls. he took me to the beach and showed me just how much he loves me.

“Wake up Princess.” I can feel daddy’s warm breath on my ear as he whispered to me. I was still very sleepy. Last night had been one of the nights Daddy had described as our Special Time.
About a month ago Daddy had started coming into my room at night after I should be asleep. At first he would sit next to me and rub my arms, play with my hair and talk to me about how I’m always such a good girl for him. How I make him so proud. And it’s true. I’ve always enjoyed his compliments and praise. I like being his hood girl. Always fearful of disappointing him. Especially since last year when Mommy left us. It’s hard being only 11 and being without a Mommy. But Daddy does a good job taking care of me.
Daddy started to stay longer during his night time visits. He bought me pretty nightgowns with thin straps. They cut low on my chest. Which doesn’t really matter since I don’t have boobies yet. My nipples have started to get puffy though! Daddy even started telling me that good girls don’t wear panties to sleep and has me slip off my princess panties and give them to him. Then one night about two weeks ago, daddy laid next to me and told me he wanted to show me just how daddy’s showed their baby girls they love them. That it would be our secret because we didn’t want to get in trouble by making other little girls jealous. That their daddy’s might now love them like daddy loves me. I was scared. It felt wrong but I wanted to make daddy proud. So I said ok.
My daddy pulled down my pink comforter and sat next to my legs. This night daddy has told me I was to go to bed without my nightie or panties. I instantly crossed my legs and covered my chest with my hands.
“Baby girl, I know you might feel embarrassed. But this is important. I want to see just how beautiful you are.”
“Even my princess parts daddy?” I asked in a whisper. “Yes, baby. Especially your princess parts. I have to see them to show you just how much I love you.” As he said that, he put his large hands on my thigh and picked up my leg, placing it on his lap. This spread me open and I wanted to cry. But I’m a good girl. And daddy wouldn’t hurt me. He wants to make me feel good. Daddy’s hand felt it’s way slowly up my leg to where it meets my private part. I started to breathe faster as daddy used his finger tips to gently caress my kitty. “Oh princess. You are beautiful. Thank you for trusting me. Does this feel good how daddy is touching you?” “Ye..yes daddy. But isn’t this private? No one is supposed to touch my privates.” “Correct princess. Nobody but me… this is how daddy’s can show their love. I’m going to touch you until it feels even better. Just trust me and this can lead to even more special presents baby.”
Since that night, daddy often comes into my room to touch my kitty. He tickles it, he rubs it and now kisses it. He was right. It feels good. It makes me feel loved when my daddy touches me now. And I know that he loves me more than anyone.
I opened my eyes and smiled. “Good morning daddy. Are we going to the beach today?” “We sure are princess! I bought you a special suit for you to wear. We’ve never been to this beach but it’s up on north shore. Not a lot of people. Get up and get ready and we will go.”
After 30 minutes of getting dressed (my favorite princess aurora panties, jean shorts and my lilo and stitch t shirt) we hopped into our vw van and headed to the beach! 40 minutes later we arrived. Daddy was right. There wasn’t lots of people that I could see. There were some, but they were spread out. Daddy handed me a bag and I opened it. It was a special stitch bathing suit. But it was different. Very stringy. I didn’t know how to put it on.
We hopped into the back of the van and daddy pulled the curtains shut. “I’ll help you with your new suit.” Daddy grabbed the bottom of my shirt and said “arms up!” And I obeyed. I could see the happiness in daddy’s eyes as he saw my puffy chest. “Oh princess. They are growing.. soon I’ll be giving you a special gift that can help them grow. Would you like that princess?” I wasn’t sure.. “I don’t know daddy. Do you want them to grow?” He smiled. “Yes baby. Just like the special kisses I give you here,” he touched my kitty. “I’d like to touch and give your boobies special love too. If you’re a good girl today, and do everything I ask, maybe daddy will give you that extra special surprise.” I pulled off my shorts and panties and daddy smelt them. As I stood naked before him, he tied on my new top. There was triangle pieces that covered my nipples with stitch on them. And then a wave on the triangle part that covered my pee pee. The bottoms tied on each side of my hips. We jumped out and I ran onto the beach.
We picked a spot where we could see people but still had lots of space. Sometimes people walked by and smiled at us. Daddy laid back against a wall of rocks while I dug in the sand.
“Princess. Come on over and get some more sunscreen.” I walked back after playing in the waves for a bit. I sat in front of daddy and yawned. “Looks like my Princess could use a nap. You were up pretty late last night. Come here baby.” I came to him. He sat me down in front of him and pulled me back against his chest. I really was sleepy and this felt good! “Would my Princess like to make daddy extra happy?” “Of course daddy. What are we going to do?” “Mmm just lay back and close your eyes ok? Trust me and daddy is going to make you feel good. Rest ok?” I felt daddys fingers on my neck and my bathing suit top suddenly fell forward! I gasped and covered my nipples. “Princess, put your hands to your sides and leave them there. I think getting some sunshine on those pretty nipples might help them grow.” I slowly lowered my hands, feeling completely exposed. What if someone saw? Would we get in trouble? Just then I felt daddy gently put sunscreen in my chest. He rubbed it in and then switched to using his fingertips caressing my puffy little nipples. I opened my eyes finally feeling brave enough. I could see people walking by. No one really noticed and if they did, they didn’t look for long. My cheeks had to be red with how exposed I felt. But daddy did make it feel good. And I want to be his good girl.
Soon someone started to walk pretty close. I was sure daddy was going to use his arm to cover me. But he didn’t. He whispered in my ear “keep your arms at your sides Baby Girl. I am so proud of you. Daddy loves you so much.” The man walking by stopped and looked our way.. he looked at me like I was food. “Does this touching feel good baby?” “Uhm, yes.” I said embarrassed. “He’s what, Princess?” “Yes Daddy.” When I said daddy, the man’s jaw dropped. Daddy chuckled behind me. The man soon walked on but seemed to be pulling at his shorts a lot. I wondered why.
Not long after that, I started to dose off. His touches that were soft and gentle often made me sleepy. I fell asleep and dreamed about what my present could be. If daddy’s feel good touches on my pee pee would make me wet again like it had last night. I stirred awake feeling in my dream like my peepee was being touched just like I had grown to like. I opened my eyes and found that daddy had moved me. My top still off, my strings on my bottoms had been untied. And it was all the way under my bottom. Not covering me at all. Daddy has each of my little legs over his own. Spread open to where the warm sunshine touched my kitty. My kitty lips were spread due to how wide my legs were now.
“Daddy! Why is my kitty out and so wet?! Im naked!” “That’s right princess. And I have never been so proud of you. It feels wet because I just put some sunscreen in that pretty flower of yours. And the feeling of Daddy’s fingers down there got it excited like it always does. Your body loves my touches doesn’t it baby?” “Yes daddy it does. But no one has seen our special time. I thought it was our secret.” “It is our secret baby. You’re such a good girl. And you have to trust that daddy knows what he’s doing. Now be a good girl and relax. Remember to keep your hands at your sides.”
Daddy touched every part of me. Right on the beach in the open.. people walked by and some of them were naked too. The sun shone on my princess parts. Warming me inside and out. His fingers explored my folds like they did at night during our secret times. “Good girl, that’s my girl. So beautiful. Feel how your kitty likes my touch” and things of the sort were whispered in my ear… I was daddy’s princess and he wanted to show me off. His fingers went inside my hole a few times. The wetness was dripping onto the towel below and In Between my bottom cheeks. His thumb started rubbing my the little bud that makes me jump when he touches it. He calls it my clitty. I can feel something happening low in my belly. “Daddy, something is happening… I feel.. I feel” “that’s it. Good girl princess. Relax and let it happen. Daddy is. Going to make you feel extra good.”
My legs spread open, my daddy’s strong hand holding open my pee pee lips.. I could feel this pressure. Almost like I had to pee.. but daddy kept telling me to relax. His thumb firm on my clitty my hips started to bounce a little and my legs began to shake.
Then it happened. My body exploded. Wetness like never before sprayed out of my pee pee. I was sure I must be peeing on daddy, but it felt so good and he kept saying “that’s it. That’s my girl. Feel how good that is. Cum for me. Cum for Daddy.” Grunting behind me. I rode that feeling for what felt like forever. My kitty felt so sensitive. I was soaking wet and my body tingled. When I caught my breath finally, daddy was licking his fingers. “What was that daddy? What happened? Did I pee?” I felt ashamed. Daddy grabbed my chin and turned me to look at him. “Sweety, that was you cunning for daddy. It wasn’t pee. It’s a special juice that only daddy can make come out of you. Only daddy’s cane make their princesses kittys do that. Did you like it?” “I loved it daddy! It was messy but it felt very good. Am I your good girl daddy? Did I do it right?” I beamed when he reassured me that I earned my special present tonight. Daddy told me it was almost time to go and to go rinse off in the water.. on wobbly legs I walked naked to the waves. I then noticed quite a few people looking at me. But I didn’t care. Daddy was proud of me and I was getting a present tonight…
I wonder what it is?

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  • Reply Kevin ID:1ei9cmolt82v

    What a lucky daddy

  • Reply Bobba Looba ID:zquyec78yqc

    I enjoyed the context of the story and like where you’re going but you were a bit careless by not proofing before posting. Each goof is a splash of water on the flame and brings the reader away from the fantasy. (“Good Girl” then next mention “Hood Girl”) Not what you were going for I hope. Please take it as constructive.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Ask your daddy to breed you like all daddy’s should

  • Reply Daddy ID:1ejpqdtahykx

    Hmmm what a lucky daddy!! I can’t wait to hear about your special present!! Add me on snap chat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Daddybeachprincess ID:41fwlepzk

    Thanks. It’s nice to be able to share my special times with someone since daddy told me I can’t tell anyone in real life or we would get in trouble. Daddy says he has lots of surprises for me and I can’t wait

    • Lina ID:58g1hxym2

      You are a lucky girl for your daddy i dream to have a daddy like this

    • Greasemagnet ID:1bfepuyz6ib

      You are so lucky to have a Daddy that loves you so much is so proud of your beautiful young body.
      I wish I had a granddaughter to love

  • Reply Hippie ID:2bgp2s7b0k

    Loved it

  • Reply Jhon ID:2dzxvium9j

    Nice story

    • Dirtydon ID:1dhx45hmccar

      Loved it..your good…feed your fan’s more)