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Back to when mommy left us

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Going back to what I remember of when and why mommy left us. Daddy helps explain more and then has me warming my special binkie and touches my bottom.

For almost a year now, I’ve wondered what made mommy leave daddy and me. I remember the night pretty well. Daddy had taken me out for ice cream that afternoon after school and then we came home and watched cartoons while mommy made dinner. She seemed upset that we had ice cream before her meal.
I sat on daddy’s lap like always. Mommy sometimes grumbled that I needed to sit on the couch like a big girl. But daddy was always happy to have me in his lap. He said that he hoped I was going to be his little princess forever. He was always saying stuff like that. How much he loved me, how pretty I am and how even when I grow up I can still be his princess.
After dinner, mommy was cleaning up and daddy told me I could shower in their big shower tonight. That was different… usually I took a bath in the bathroom next ti my bedroom. I grabbed my soap and shampoo and got undressed and into the shower that he had started. After getting in, daddy came into the room.
“I’d like to help you wash your hair if that’s ok princess. Princesses never have to clean themselves. They have people do it for them.”
“I don’t think its the king that cleans them though Daddy. You’re silly.”
“That’s true. But there’s no one else. Let me help you.”
Daddy stood on the outside of their shower and soaped up his hands. Then started to lather it into my hair. It felt amazing having someone wash my hair again. Mommy had stopped a long time ago. His huge hands and strong fingers worked the soap into my hair, into my scalp.
“Daddy that feels so good. I don’t ever want you to stop.”
“Oh princess. I love hearing that come out of your mouth. Daddy always thinks about how he could make you feel good.”
I heard someone open the door. Mommy was standing there with her arms crossed. She looked super mad. Daddy’s hands dropped to my shoulders, still soapy. Mommy shook her head and stormed out.
“Alright princess. Time to rinse. After your done make sure to get into your Jammies and I’ll come brush your hair.”
“Ok daddy.”
Daddy left the room. I finished my shower and wrapped up in a towel. As I was walking to my room. I could hear mommy and daddy arguing.
“Lyla what is wrong? We’ve talked about this for years! We’ve fantasied about it for so long. Ever since we found out you were pregnant.
“I know that. But it’s different now. You obsess over her. Everything is about her. Never about me.”
“You’re kidding. You’re jealous? You’re the one who asks me to call you Molly when we fuck. YOURE the one who started the role plays years ago! You’re the one who said you wanted to see me touch her. To fuck her. But I’m not going to hurt her. I need to do it slow so she wants it.”
“Yes I’m jealous! Suddenly we stopped fucking like normal. It’s always you calling me molly, you taking her places, you letting her break the rules, you always staring at her, touching… it’s not about me anymore. Not even a bit.”
“I don’t know what you want me to say. I love you. You gave me our beautiful Molly. And I thought you wanted us to share our love with her. It was always your idea. We’ve waited years and now suddenly it’s happening and I’m the bad guy? For loving our daughter and wanting to share our love with her?”
“I just don’t think I can share you. I want you to myself. And I don’t think that’s possible anymore. The way you look at her, you want to fuck her. You were practically drooling when you were in there just now.”
“Lyla, since we met I’ve had to share you. And with who? YOUR DAD. When we married, he made me promise that I’d still let him be with you when he wanted. When we found out you were pregnant, if he hadn’t been on vacation when we conceived Molly, I wouldn’t have known who her true daddy was. When he found out, he made me promise I’d keep it in the family, train Molly really well and breed her. Or he would. What are my choices lyla? How is this fair?”
“Well that’s just it then. Have your fun David. I’ll be at my dads.”
I heard her start to go through the closet packing a bag. I ran to my room to get changed. What were they talking about? There were so many things I didn’t understand. Fuck? Breed? Why was daddy drooling? I was so confused. I got into bed still thinking about it all. Mommy came in and tucked me in.
“Mommy loves you. I’m going to be gone for a while. Your grandpa needs me for a bit. Be a good girl. Listen to your daddy. But remember what I taught you about your private parts. Show me again where they are.”
I pulled up my shirt and showed my chest. Nothing there but my little “buds” as mommy and daddy called them. She touched each one.
“That’s right. And where else?”
I pulled down my pants and panties. And opened my legs. Mommy called it my kitty. I touched it. Feeling kinda shy that she was seeing it. I’m not sure why though. She had seen it plenty.
“Yup. And your bottom too right? I need to do one of our secret checks ok? Just like mommy does on herself. To make sure you’re healthy.”
I cringed. I don’t like these checks. I understand health is important and mommy knows about this stuff. She’s a nurse. So I nodded. Mommy licked her middle finger and touched my kitty at the top. Then ran her finger between the folds to the hole that’s there. Mommy touched the hole for a moment or two.
“Deep breath in molly.”
I took a breath as her Finger sunk in about an inch. It hurt. It always hurt when she checked. Her finger pushed against something inside me. It wouldn’t go further.
“Good girl. You can breathe out.”
She slowly slid her finger out. It sounded wet.
“Well, that’s good. So he hasn’t started. I’m sure you’ll be ready soon though. Especially since you’re so wet from just that.” She said more to herself than me.
“What do you mean mommy?”
“Never mind Molly. Remember what I said. I love you. And I’ll see you soon.”

I still haven’t seen mommy since that night. Daddy has taken really good care of me. And I can see how she was really hard on daddy. She was wrong about a lot of things. About 6 months later daddy started visiting me in my room at night. He’s explained how daddy’s show their love. It’s uncomfortable sometimes. And scary but I’m a good girl. I listen and do as he asks. When I’m good, he pets my kitty and teaches me new things.

Last night I asked daddy about mommy. Why she left us.
“Mommy and daddy love you very much. And since you were born, mommy and daddy have wanted to share our love with yiu. In our special way. I think that my love for you and the magic it makes made mommy jealous. So she left. She said it was too hard to see how much I loved you.”
This made my heart swell up. Daddy loved me more than he loved mommy.
“I know that the way I show my love scares you sometimes. And makes you feel funny. But I promise it’s our magic. It’s beautiful. And mommy made you so that daddy could love you. She gave you to me. It’s your job to listen and trust me and I’ll keep taking really good care of you ok?”
“Ok daddy. I will.”
“Good. Now remember what we talked about? Daddy’s magic wand is out of magic tonight since you drank your juice. But it’s cold. And it doesn’t like being cold does it? How do we keep it warm?”
I sighed. Sometimes keeping it warm at night before bed makes me sleepy. I didn’t want to fall asleep yet. In my nightgown I laid my head across daddy’s lap and put his peepee in my mouth. It was soft and squishy. Even though it was soft, it still was a lot to fit in my mouth. I laid there gently sucking, watching tv. Sometimes he called this binkie time. Daddy’s right hand pet my hair. His left had been resting on my bottom. It moved to pull up my nightie. Daddy stopped letting me wear panties to bed a couple weeks ago, so I was naked from my waist down. His fingers reach down into my folds. I was wet. Like always. I didn’t always want to be touched. It often made me uncomfortable but daddy said that if I didn’t really want it, it would be dry. And it never is. So I always let daddy touch now. Since he must be right. His two middle fingers gathered up some of the wetness and moved to between my butt cheeks, touching my hole. I jumped a bit. This was new. But I knew I wasn’t allowed to take my mouth off of daddy during binkie time. Last time I did, daddy gave my kitty 4 spankings. I cried and don’t want to repeat that again. So I laid there. Daddy’s soft peepee in my mouth with his fingers touching my butthole. Circling it. Poking it gently. Circling it more. I didn’t like it. I was worried he was going to put one of his fingers in my butthole. Things come out.. not go in. I was tense and really wanted him to stop. But each time he went back to get more wetness, it was there. Sloppy and wet. So that must mean that my body wanted it. Even if my head didn’t. There’s hasn’t been one time that daddy has reached down and my kitty has been dry. I don’t understand how though. Sometimes I really think I don’t want it. But by the time daddys fingers slide into my princess parts, the proof of what he’s said is there.
Im not sure how long binkie time lasted. I fell asleep to the gentle circling of my butthole and woke up today in my bed, completely naked and sticky stuff on my tummy and chest.

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