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Amanda Deelight

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I’m Amanda Deelight and I’m now 48 yrs old,I have been married to Joe for 31 years now. I have been having sex for 35 years today marking my anniversary of losing my virginity when I was 13 years old on my birthday 1/28/1975. Happy birthday to me then and now. I married my husband when I was 17 and he was 48. He was one of the guys who my father brought home to have sex with me I was very young. My sister Patricia Bueto ran away from home after she was forced to have sex with men for money, leaving me with my parents. My mother walked out on us when I was 12, she was tired of being my father’s prostitute. Me and Patricia has watched our mother entertaining men lot’s of time. My 13th birthday present was a beautiful red nightie given to me by my father. He invited over a black guy named John ,he was one of the guys that my mother use to entertain. My birthday party was my father, John and myself. They got me high on crystal meth for the first time in my life my father telling me that tonight I was becoming a grown woman. He handed me a present and said happy birthday to me. When I opened it up it was a Red nightie,my first lingerie. I was so excited about it,my father said that my mother had one just like it,and she looked so sexy and beautiful in it. I just turned 13 my breasts were well developed for my age 36c . My father asked if I wanted to go out it on so they could see me in it. Being high on crystal feeling like I have never before,I ran to my room undressed and slipped into my new nightie. When I came back out,my father said that I looked so much like my mom,so beautiful and all grown up. John came up to me and said happy birthday you are so beautiful and started to kiss me. This was my first kiss and I didn’t know what to do but move my tongue like he was doing. He slipped his hand down between my legs and started rubbing on my crotch, forcing my legs to widen out as his fingers found my vagina. My father said that John is going to make you a woman tonight, let’s go to your bedroom. John picked me up and carried me to my bed,he laid me down on it and got up on the bed with me. He got between my legs and removed my panties and started to play with my pussy his fingers rubbing around my clit as he widened my legs and started to lick me and kissing my inside thighs until his tongue found my pussy. I have never had an orgasm before so I didn’t know what I was feeling as my insides tingling and causing me to move around . He crawled up on top of me,my father said don’t fight it , just relax and let it happen. I could feel the head of his big cock pressing up against my vagina but he couldn’t get it in at first ,as he put 2 fingers inside of me and spread me open,he forced 11 inside inside of me. Oh my fucking God it hurt so bad being ripped open,the pain made me scream and cry saying that it hurts. My father said just to relax as John just let his dick set there for a couple of seconds for the pain to ease up. Then he started fucking me ,it didn’t take long for me to forget about the pain,. I could feel something building up inside my body it kept growing so intense until I cummed uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was a feeling that I can’t describe it was wonderful. John said that he was about to cum as he was humping me very fast then he grunts and I felt something hot pumping through my uterus into my womb oh my God it felt so wonderful. John spent the night fucking me so many times and getting me pregnant my son by him is now 34. Today marks the day that he was put inside my womb. When I was in highschool I must have fucked at least 300 boys and a lot of black boys but none had the size cock of John. I married Joe when I was 17 to get out of the house. He is old now 73 and can’t have sex but he loves watching me having sex with others,he loves taking pictures and videos of me fucking . Between Joe and my sister patriciabueto they have turned me into a nymphomaniac I love sex especially with my sister. We have created us a pornstar page at Swapsmut.com under the names of patriciabueto and Amanda Deelight if you want to check out our videos and of course at our email. [email protected] or [email protected] I love all my readers.. Amanda Deelight

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  • Reply Sven ID:cxcbm99

    I would have liked to cum in you when you were 13 , but I’m happy to fuck you now !

  • Reply James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

    I think you and your sister wud have to wrap your big titties on my cock and let me fuk u both like sluts.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Watched your videos. You are definitely a nympho slut. Good job

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    What a great father you had! I can just imagine how turned on John and your Dad were when your pussy was being torn open but that big black cock and you were in such pain! Sounds like you’ve loosened up a bit now though with all those spunky black dicks you’ve had up there since!