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Adventures of one fat boy 2

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Of course, at 4hour I go and meet him It wasn’t difficult some friends of my parents visit us and I found the opportunity to escape not that without their friends would notice I was outside. Mr. Xristos was already waiting for me in his car. Ι happy run, open door and I sit in the seat of the passenger.
When I close the door he welcome me with one kiss on my mouth surprising me and with his hand doing one good rub on my thigh, wow he says what nice big thighs you have and I want to see your boyhood with his hand going to the front part of my short pant we had June and rubbing it but not here is dangerous and he turns on the machine and we left.

While his eyes were all the time at the road, many times his hand rub my thigh. After around 13 minutes, we arrive at one not very big house outside of town, outside were cutting wood with one big axe he explain to me it is his shelter for winter or when he wants to be alone I remember he lost his wife 5 years because of brain cancer.
We get inside I could see the basic types of furniture, a kitchen, one table, some sofas, one table, a tv, and one big bed. Suddenly I feel him come behind me, grab me strong in his hug and his hands rub all the front part of my body and whisper in my ear if I like our lover’s nest yes I aswere his hands and breath at my neck giving me chills. Then he grabs me and turns me so we are face to face and he starts kissing me, I haven’t kissed again so I follow his lips.
At the same time, he pulls up my shirt keep her here with your hands and leaves my mouth to catch my breasts, I feel his tongue, and lips sucking them while his other hand plays with my left nipple, doing me moan for some minutes he changes each nipple with hand and mouth until he would see me nude so we get nude and laying both of us in bed.

In bed, I was on the outside part of the bed while he part of the wall, I was on one side so he can suck my nipples while his hand stroked my little cock but Mr. Xristos doesn’t care he found my little cock cute, at the same time I was in shock because I was also stroking his big hairy thin cock but looking tasty soon he asks me if I want to play with it I don’t know how I answered and he explains me.
So soon we end up 69position him below me sucking my cock and rubbing my ass or my back I moaned like crazy and his big cock in my face as he told me I open my mouth and started with the big red mushroom I start to suck, it was tasty and with precum doing it better, my dream to eat big cock finally become true, I use and tongue around the mushroom and shaft it was like licking one big lollipop.

After me eating in my face one big load, he put me to sit with my ass on his big cock so I start to press my ass above his cock which was very wet, and his mushroom started to slide in doing me scream ohhhhh my god it’s too big Mr. Christos ahhhhhh I scream with each slide in until finally, I take inside me all the mushroom and starting going up down, doing me scream again ahhhhh and ohhhhhhhh, I bite my lips to cover my screams but it was impossible and he moaned loudly. Soon my ass get used to the size of his cock and now I was riding almost all of his cock doing me scream oh my god Mr your cock tear apart me my god ahhhhhhh.
To calm me his hand was rubbing my breasts and back while others stroked me, it was so emotional until I feel hot liquid flow through my ass and me cuming I haven’t an idea I could. We stay for a little in this pose until I lift my ass from his cock it comes out with one big POP sound.
We stay laying down for I don’t know how much until he was hard again and wanted a second round in another story so I am sorry.

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    I love that Mr. Xristos would have had your lovely big boy bum in his face when you 69’d.