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a pub meeting

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a few drinks in a pub and a meeting with two older men who i thought had an idea to fuck me.
I ..and am 64 years now and in fair trim not a lot of hair now and none around the working bits.
I was invited to go with the 2 to their place for a drink and i hoped a lot more ..i was not surprised at what turned out that night.
something in the drink i was given soon knocked me out and i woke up later to find i was naked and laying on a table with a stiff straining cock and a bunch of older men naked wanking their well developed cocks..and was told i was going to get the hardest fucking i had ever had…they were not wrong.
one after an other i was fucked time and time again..i lost count of the cocks that off loaded up my arse 10 or more and likewise down my mouth which i soon gobbled up…my straining cock was wanked with some cruel hands..and several guys had fucked themselves on my cock while others were pounding me in the ass…so to end the story.

I was fucked up the ass
I was fucked in the mouth
i was wanked and forced to spunk off
I my cock had been forced up many arses

They left me spunk less..drained and well fucked.
I can not wait to get to that pub again

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