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A perfect house wife and what I hope to achieve

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To me the perfect house wife follows and obeys her husband, she listens to his every command and praises him. Personally I like micromanagement, I like being told what do every second of the day being put on a schedule even bathroom control. My current bf now has me on a schedule, I can only do things like watch tv at certain parts of the day, I have bathroom times and If I must pee before then it has to be on myself; it’s so humiliating I love it!!, e calls me things like his little pet and his slut. Most things he has me do benefit me, look making me do homework or bathe, or eat healthy. The only problem there is, is that I want someone older more aggressive🥺. I need a older daddy who doesn’t show Mercy who hurts me like the dumb bitch I am, idc the age tbh between 18-60, I want to be put in my place, with a stricter, more controlling, mean daddy. I’ll do whatever you want you can set a schedule scricter than anything tell me what to eat when to leave my room, treat me like shit and take all your anger out on me@ [email protected]

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