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A Crazy Mid-Summer Weekend – Part 1 of 2

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The girl was young, but already very nubile and sexy, with the sort of body that had caused nearly all of the boys at school to frantically jack-off

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Chapter 1….

Early Saturday morning Tracy Turner was sunbathing beside the swimming pool at the back of the house. The girl was young, but already very nubile and sexy, with the sort of body that had caused nearly all of the boys at school to frantically jack-off, while pretending that their fists were Tracy’s hot pussy, or sensual mouth. Gallons of cum had been spilled over fantasies of her – and Tracy would have been delighted, had she’d known how many masturbation fantasies she had inspired, because she was a naughty little girl who aspired to be naughtier.

She had a heavy mane of dark, curly hair, almost black but shot through with reddish highlights, glinting copper, bronze, rust as the sun fell over her. Her eyes, closed now, were mahogany brown, heavily lidded and lashed. Her cheekbones were high and rather exotic, with a speckling of freckles just a shade darker than her golden tanned skin. Her mouth was wide and full, and sensual – the sort of mouth that automatically made a young man think of blow-jobs.

She was wearing only the bottom half of her bikini, as she sunbathed topless in the privacy of her own back yard. Her tits were just beginning to swell, capped by rosy nipples that stood out in twin peaks, stiff and tantalizing, a mouth-watering sight to any man or boy – and to quite a few women, as well. Her body was slender, her waist narrow and her belly gently rounded. She was slim-hipped and long-legged, sinewy yet soft, athletic in a very feminine fashion.

Her bikini bottom was a tiny wisp of silk, drawn tight across her hips and dragged up into her crotch, as if by the suction of her pussy. She lay on her back, one shapely leg extended, her foot trailing in the water and the other knee slightly raised, her thighs parted.

In that position, eleven-year-old Tracy was a most provocative sight, a vision that would have caused instant hard-ons, had there been any horny young men about to admire her. But Tracy was alone, except for the f(a)mily dog….

Major, the big Great Dane, was lying in the grass beside the pool, his massive head resting on his front legs, slumbering peacefully. The brute was entertaining doggy dreams, pursuing juicy bunny rabbits and hated cats. His powerful haunches stirred and his flanks rippled gently.

Tracy, as usual, was dreaming about handsome men and boys – film stars, athletes, and shaggy haired rock singers – and her dreams were beginning to take on an erotic nature. She dreamed of being seduced – and of seducing. Images of giant cocks, rigid and throbbing as they loomed up from swollen ball-sacs, danced fancifully through her sleeping mind. Her sexy lips turned up in a smile, her long, silken eyelashes fluttered… and her pussy began to quiver.

The heated fragrance of pussy wafted from the girl’s groin, and drifted across the yard on the gentle breeze – coming to the sensitive snout of the Great Dane. Their dreams were becoming linked by that exciting scent…

His nostrils twitched and rippled, as he inhaled the perfume of pussy. His long, red tongue came lolling from his jaw, wet with slobber. His dream changed subtly and gradually, the object of his sleeping pursuit, shifting away from rabbits and cats to a far juicier, tastier and provocative sort of prey – a Bitch in Heat.

The Great Dane’s huge cock began to swell and elongate from his loins. His balls ballooned and his cock-shaft slowly extended and hardened. His hairy sheath drew back and the tip of his angry red knob came squeezing out. The brute inhaled deeply and all of his bloated cock-head slipped free of the sheath, looming out in a fat wedge of slick meat, the cleft parted. His knob pulsed in and out and a few drops of frothy pre-cum oozed from his piss hole.

Major woofed and rumbled deep in his throat, then began to whine. He stirred restlessly, aroused by the provocative scent assailing his nose. His stubby tail wagged. He whimpered and opened his amber eyes. Raising his head, tongue hanging out and drooling, the Great Dane gazed at his young mistress. Because he was only a dumb an(i)mal, Major didn’t know why he was getting so excited, and was slightly puzzled, knowing full well that Tracy was not a Bitch in Heat. Also, being only a dumb brute, he had no idea that B(e)stiality was Taboo among humans.

Yet he most definitely was aroused, whether he knew why or not. His prick was thundering by this time. He swung his big, blunt head around, and licked at the slippery tip of his flaring cock-head, then stared back at the girl from whose groin, those delicious aromas were tantalizingly streaming. The Great Dane decided to investigate….

He got to his feet, rising awkwardly around the looming bulk of his cock. With his long prick jutting out under him, the naked cock knob almost reached his massive chest. He advanced cautiously toward the pool edge; his haunches lowered as if he were stalking a wary prey. He inhaled, following the compelling odor – drawn to Tracy’s steaming pussy like an iron filing to a magnet.

Tracy stirred, breathing a bit harder as her dreams got more intense. Her hips shifted slightly. She dreamed that she was sitting on Mick Jagger’s face during his younger days, with the double advantage of masking his unsightly countenance while taking advantage of his voluminous mouth.

Major crept up, his muzzle thrust out, quivering. His wet, black nose flared. He lapped lightly at the inside flesh of her sleek thigh. Tracy murmured in her slumber. The dog licked higher, then pushed his questing snout right into her adolescent crotch.

The gusset of her bikini panties was sucked up into her smoldering pussy, exposing a puffy-pink pussy-lip on either side. The material was drenched with her seeping juices. The Great Dane sniffed rapturously, then slid his fat tongue out, and began to slurp at the delicious spillage of her pussy. His tongue lapped at her unfurled petal like lips, and at the sensitive nugget of her clit, as it stood out stiffly against her panties…. doggy slobber further soaked her crotch.

Tracy woke up abruptly…. still smiling dreamily, she gazed down the gentle sweep of her body – then gasped, as she realized that her doggy was sniffing in her crotch! She jerked away automatically. Major raised his head and whined, his drooling tongue dropping from his jaws, an inquisitive look in his eyes, and his ears standing attentively.

“You naughty dog,” Tracy scolded. But then she giggled, thinking that the dog looked just like some hopeful teenaged boy on his first date. His tongue had felt lovely and her young pussy was still quivering.

Tracy nibbled at her lower lip, thoughtfully. Was it really so very wicked to let a dog lap her pussy, she wondered? And even it was, it would be her Secret. The dog, obviously, could not kiss and tell – unless he could somehow pass on the information to other dogs. Tracy giggled again at the thought of having a pack of hounds baying outside her window, whenever she lay in bed, playing with her pussy. Well, was it wicked? Maybe so. But naughty things were always a hell of a lot more thrilling than wholesome things — and felt better, as well.

Tracy flushed, radiant with excitement at her own depravity, grinning impishly as she made up her mind to be naughty. She lay back, arching sinuously. She laid her hand on her swelling tit buds, rubbing her fingers back and forth across the pert pink tips.

“Well — go ahead, then,” she huskily whispered, giving her pelvis a suggestive jerk.

Major cocked his head uncertainly….

“C’mon, you big, dumb son of a bitch,” she giggled. “You want a dog yummy? Uuuumm…. you wanna lap my pussy, boy? Go on, then – lap the fucker…” She hiked her trim little ass up, arching her slender back and tilting her groin higher. Her long, shapely thighs parted wider.

Major yelped and jammed his muzzle back into her bikini-clad crotch. He snuffled and licked, his wet tongue slapping moistly against her. Tracy purred, wriggling against his snout, enjoying both the pleasant sensation, and the dark psychological thrill of being so naughty, of surrendering so willingly to such an Unholy whim.

Shit! I’m getting my pussy licked by a fucking dog, she thought, feeling deliciously degenerate!

The Great Dane burrowed in, as if he were trying to root a rabbit from its warren. His nose nudged, pushing the sodden gusset of her bikini panties right up into her pussy. Juice creamed down her rosy pussy-lips, and the doggy hungrily lapped it up, slurping around the bare rim of her pussy, as the aroused teenager squirmed and writhed in ecstasy. Her heart-shaped ass jerked and her hips and belly pumped in a fucking motion.

Reaching down, she grasped the Great Dane’s collar and pulled his head away for a moment. Major gave her a baleful look, thinking she was denying him that succulent snack steaming between her thighs. But Tracy only wanted to uncover the tray.

She tucked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and, hips grinding, drew her bikini bottom down. She kicked one foot free, leaving the soaking garment looped around the other ankle. She tilted her crotch up again, presenting her naked pussy like a steaming hot dish on a silver platter. Her pussy-lips were unfolded, exposing the darker inner folds, all streaked with girl cream. Her clit stood out like a stump in a swamp.

Pulling gently at her tingling nipples, Tracy gazed down her belly and licked her lips. She couldn’t blame the doggy – her pussy looked awfully delicious!

Tracy knew, from licking her fingers when she played with herself, that pussy-juice was scrumptious, and naturally, she often wondered what it would be like to lick it straight out of a creaming pussy-hole… another naughty experience to which she aspired! She was an avid watcher of porn videos… her parents would die from shock, if they ever bothered to look through her browsing history.

Whining, Major dived into her crotch again, lapping with glee at her naked pussy-gash…

“OOOaanngggaaaahh… Yes!” Tracy moaned. It felt even better now that her bikini bottom wasn’t hindering his tongue strokes. She reached down and spread her pussy-lips wide open, turning her slit into an oval slot. The dog’s long, hot tongue slid right up her pussy-hole and she gasped at the wild sensation.

He ducked down, running his eager lapper all the way up her groin with a slurp. She arched, trembling. The brute’s wet tongue started in the crack of her ass and dragged up through her open pussy, then flipped out in the hairless expanse of her pussy mound.

“OOOoooohh! Oh! Ooooohh –” Tracy moaned, jerking in a wild, horizontal dance against his head.

Pussy-nectar sprayed onto her belly and between her thighs. Trickles of the pearly stuff ran down the insides of her butt-crack. The doggy was going crazy, as he lapped at her overflowing pussy, his nimble tongue slapping at her in a frenzy.

He whimpered into her steaming pussy. His tongue dipped into her slit, traced along her puffy lips, and bathed her clit. As the girl’s pussy got hotter and creamier, the Great Dane got hungrier and hornier, lapping up that heavy flow with joy.

“Yeah – Yeah – tongue-fuck me, boy!” she cried.

His lapper slid in, filling her like a cock. He licked at the inner folds, then drew his tongue out and lapped at her clit again.

Waves of fiery sensation rippled across her shuddering loins, running across her heaving belly and shooting like an electric current up her trembling thighs.

As her pussy-juice got thicker and creamier, and even more fragrant, the Great Dane went into a frenzy. The flavor and the aroma drove the b(ea)st wild, as they registered on his taste-buds and nostrils. He seemed to be trying to jam his whole head up into her pussy. His tongue lashed her furiously, and his nose flared in her gash, inhaling her musky perfume.

“Oooohh, Shit — I’m Commmming,” she gasped. Her lovely face had contorted into a mask of lust, eyes narrowed and lips parted. She was moaning and whimpering and panting as she soared to the crest of her orgasm.

The doggy wallowed greedily in her pussy juices poured out, all foaming and frothy and steaming hot. His whole muzzle was streaked with her cream and his jaws were dripping.

“Lap it up – lap it out of me… Ooohh Fuck… Fuck… OOOOooohh!” Tracy wailed, dizzy with desire.

Her ass churned and her pelvis jumped and squirmed. Spasms shot through her, each wave coming faster and higher. Then those waves had merged into one creamy crest.

“UUUuuunnnnggaaaahh…” Tracy cried out in ecstasy, hovering at the peak, clinging to her climax.

The final spasm shook her to the core and she slumped back, trembling and panting….

The doggy kept on lapping merrily away, spooning out the last spillage with his eager tongue. He slurped her juices out of the crack of her ass, licked it from her thighs and pussy-mound, then lapped at her pussy again.

Tracy smiled dreamily, enjoying the after-play… and thinking that she owed her wonderful dog a favor now…

Chapter 2….

Tracy lazily slid her foot down the Great Dane’s flank and under him, rubbing her instep up and down the length of his huge prick. Her dark eyes widened with delight when she felt how hard and hot his cock was. She had been thinking that she had ought to jerk the doggy off to relieve his frustration, but now she realized that playing with such a big, shapely prick would be fun, as well.

Major squirmed and wriggled, humping his cock out against the girl’s foot. His big head dipped down for another slurp at her pussy, then rose up, jaws dripping and amber eyes gleaming like a wolf standing over his prey. Tracy leaned down and kissed the dog on his damp muzzle, tasting her own pussy-juices. He licked her face and she sucked his cream-soaked tongue into her mouth, French kissing the dog, adoring the combined sauce of doggy slobber and pussy-cum all blended together.

She reached under the big brute and folded her delicate hand around his cock-shaft. The doggy yelped and his iron-hard prick vibrated, thrilling the dog to the core…

Tracy had given hand-jobs to a few boys in the past year, but this was the first time that she had held a throbbing dog cock, and the naughtiness of it really turned her on. Her well-tongued pussy began to quiver again. The lips opened like the petals of a flower and her clit stiffened and shot out, tingling.

The Great Dane woofed and inhaled, then dipped his head down to her groin again, obviously eager to tongue her some more. But now it was his turn to cream.

Tracy let him lap at her pussy for a few moments, then pulled his head from her groin and twisted around beside him, so that she could see his cock as she fondled it. His huge prick looked as good as it felt. She even wondered what it would taste like! Her tongue slid across her lips automatically. After she gotten over the fear of sucking off her first cock, she found that she loved it and always would, and she could just imagine how frantic and enthusiastic Major would get if she were to suck him off. But she wasn’t sure if she was ready to do something… as really naughty and depraved, as sucking off a dog – not quite, not yet.

The dog humped through her fist, whining. Tracy slid her hand back and cupped his swollen scumbags, squeezing them gently and lifting them in her palm as if weighing his cum load. They were heavy and huge. She could feel his cum sloshing around inside the inflated bags as she jiggled them in her palm.

She pulled her hand back up his cock-shaft. His hairy sheath curled up over the ledge of his naked red cock-knob like a wrinkled carpet. Then she skinned it back toward his balls and his cock-shaft loomed out, throbbing.

Tracy sniffed, inhaling the musky, gamey aroma of that overheated cock-meat. The girl was still licking her lips, not even aware that she was doing it. The naked slab of his angry red crown looked so delicious that Tracy’s mouth had started to water – the natural reaction of a born cock-sucker even though she didn’t intend to blow the brute… not yet anyhow. Major was always available, and she had a pretty shrewd idea that, now that they had started fooling around together, they would be enjoying lots of mutual pleasures in the future.

“You like that, boy?” she whispered, as she gave his cock a few slow strokes.

The big doggy whimpered, his flanks rippling as he shoved his cock through her hand. His piss-hole opened wider, and a glob of frothy pre-cum came oozing out, all pearly on his red cock-knob. Tracy rubbed the slime into his throbbing hot cock with her thumb.

“Ooooohh,” she moaned softly, when she felt how hot and thick his stuff was. What a fucking thrill it was going to be when all of his steaming slime load came spurting out from his throbbing cock, she thought! She held his balls in her left hand and began to stroke his cock-shaft steadily with her right hand, eager to milk the brute off. She leaned closer, staring at his bloated cock-knob. More preliminary fluids oozed out and Tracy whimpered.

“Wanna come, Major?” she rasped, huskily. “Want me to pump your fuck-juice out, boy?”

Paws scrambling frantically on the tiles, the Great Dane humped, thrusting his cock through her caressing hand. The knob loomed out toward her, dripping. Her fist jerked him on his own lubrication, moving faster. She squirmed closer, arching her back. “Shoot on my tits,” she moaned. “Yeah – yeah – cream all over my tits, Major!”

She thrust her nearly flat chest toward him, as she jerked-off his prick, eager to feel all his hot doggy cum splash on her budding tits. From the violent way that his iron-hard prick was throbbing in her fist, Tracy knew she wouldn’t have long to wait.

The dog’s head was going up and down like a rocking horse as he thrust through her fist…

Tracy stroked him lightly, then tightened her grip and frigged more firmly, pulling his sheath up and down around the core of his rock-hard cock-rod. More pre-cum bubbled from his piss-hole, slathering his knob. Her fist pumped back to his balls, then stroked up to his cock-knob, her hand working in counterpoint to the dog’s frantic humping.

“Ooooohh… come, boy — shoot on me!” Tracy moaned.

She felt a wild craving for his cum, her nipples standing out like little pink rockets.

Tracy was panting and jerking, and her juices were seeping from her puffy lips, flowing in rivulets down her inner thighs. Her face was a mask of desire, radiant with passion as she pounded steadily away, beating the brute’s cock with vigor.

“C’mon… cream me, Major!” she whined, her lips trembling. “Give my little tities a cum bath!”

His cock-knob ballooned into a massive wedge of naked red meat, as he humped out toward her. Tracy could feel the heat of his cock waft over her tits. His dribbling piss-hole was wide open now, lathering his fat slab. Her hand was all slippery and spunky as she jerked him off, and his cock-shaft was so hot she thought it might blister her hand. His cock-knob was swelling so big and fat it looked ready to burst.

Major yelped frantically…

“Ooooohh… come on my little tities… squirt on me!” the naughty girl cried. She was squirming on her knees, and gasping with the naughty thrill of jerking off a dog. She inhaled his gamey scent, staring with the intense concentration at his cock-knob, anticipating the joy of seeing his fuck-juice come squirting out. She jerked and jacked, pumped and stroked steadily, bringing the big brute surging toward the crest.

Major yelped again. His whole massive body was trembling violently. Tracy felt his ball-sac draw-up in her left hand. She jerked up his cock-shaft, feeling his fuck-juice as it rushed up his throbbing shaft. As her fist slid back to the shaft of his cock, skinning his cock-knob, his cum came shooting out in a geyser.

“Ooooohhaaammm… Yeah!” she squealed.

His first squirt splattered on her barely there tits, all thick and creamy and heavy as quicksilver. He shot again, on the recoil, as she pulled up his cock-shaft. His cum spurted onto her nipples and dribbled down to her belly.

Tracy was gasping with joy. No boy cock had ever creamed her so abundantly. She pushed back and the Great Dane plunged forward, his cock-knob squirting more cum onto her chest. A creamy torrent flowed up into the hollow of her throat.

“Ummm… keep it up, boy,” she whimpered. “Drown me in the fucking stuff!”

Her little tits were awash already. Cum dripped from the rosy tips, all milky white on her golden tanned flesh. She looked down at her slimy chest, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled the wild aroma of his cum, then gazed at his cock-knob again, as another creamy spurt gushed out.

The big brute kept on creaming, spraying his cum-juice out with every stroke of her hand, fucking the girl’s fist with savage energy.

His cock-knob pulsed and his ball-sac quivered as he spilled more cum. His vitality seemed endless, his balls bottomless, his energy boundless. Tracy leaned closer and he thrust upward through her fist, another cum jet sped from his cock-knob and juiced her on the chin.

Tracy wailed. She turned her face away, then turned back. Her trembling lips parted and the tip of her tongue slid out. She jerked another spurt out right onto her mouth. The succulent slime foamed on her lips and frothed on her tongue, driving the adolescent girl wild, as the flavor registered on her taste-buds, and she found that dog cum was even more yummy than it looked.

Her head tilted back, dark hair tumbling. Trembling, Tracy pumped more cum into her open mouth.

Like a fluid rocket, the dumb brute’s fuck-juice flashed from his knob, and doused her lips.

Tracy leaned closer and opened her mouth wider. She jerked his shaft, and a slimy rope of cum flowed over her tongue. She savored it, moaning, then swallowed. The sweet stuff warmed her belly like hot malted milk, and whetted her appetite for more. She kept on jacking and the dog kept on coming.

Then, whimpering, Major faltered, his dynamic creaming coming to an end. His humping became erratic and jerky. His head hung down and his flanks heaved. He stood over Tracy, as she milked out the last precious drops from his cock and balls.

She bent closer; all of her inhibitions drifted away in the heat of her desire. His slippery cock-knob loomed right in her face. Her tongue slid out, and she lapped at the tip of his knob, whimpering. The brute’s cock-meat, all slathered with his fuck juice, was wonderful. Doggy cock was delicious, and Tracy knew that, right or wrong, naughty or not, she was going to be giving the brute plenty of head from now on. She flicked her tongue all over his gooey cock-knob, gathering up his slime and bathing his cock with her saliva.

Major whined at this new sensation. Tracy tongued him thoroughly, then kissed the tip of his prick, and let her lips slowly part around it, feeding the naked shaft deeper into her mouth, and sucked on it.

“Uuuuumm,” she moaned around her mouthful of doggy cock.

Her cheeks hollowed in as she suckled. She slobbered down his throbbing cock-shaft, inching more of his cock into her mouth, as her tongue played against the underside of his fat cock-knob. She coaxed a few more drops of cum from his piss-hole, rolling the gooey glob on her taste-buds, and then letting it slide down her throat.
was already wondering how soon the dog would be ready to cum again.

Leaning back, she smiled, thrilled by her own depravity, already the insatiable little minx was wondering how soon Major would be ready to cum again. She felt deliciously naughty, so excited that she knew it would be hard to keep it a secret.

What would her friend, Jennifer (who lived next door), think if she were to make a confession? It might prove interesting for sure. She was nearly bursting to tell someone about what she had done. Jennifer might be shocked or disgusted at first, of course. But she had an idea that the sexy little blond girl could be talked into trying it herself.

Not wanting to waste a single drop of his lovely stuff, Tracy scooped up the dog cum from her little tit buds, and lapped it greedily from her fingers. She eyed Major as he walked off, the Great Dane looked drained and his cock had diminished and receded, the cock-knob drawn back into his sheath.

Tracy decided to call on her girlfriend, Jennifer… her f(a)mily also had a doggy.

Chapter 3….

Tracy rubbed the last dregs of doggy cum into her supple skin, then put her bikini back on, tugging the tiny bottom up over her taut butt, and fitted the halter around her nearly flat chest and tied it. She winked at Major and blew him a kiss, as if to let the brute know that he would soon be in for another treat.

With her nubile hips swaying, Tracy went through the gate in the fence adjoining the back yards. As she had hoped, Jennifer was also sun-bathing beside their pool, she was laying on her front, wearing a skimpy black bikini. She admired her sleek flanks, bare back, and her butt… was so cute. She was listening to The Pretty Reckless song “Heaven Knows” booming from her smart speaker.

Tracy paused a moment to admire her friend laying on the lounge chair before she announced her presence. Tracy had never played with another girl, but she had watched several girl-girl videos on the internet, and had thought about it a great deal…. usually while she played with her hairless pussy and thought about her BFF, Jennifer.

Jennifer was every bit as nubile and sexy as Tracy, but in a different and nicely contrasting fashion. She had blond hair, worn curly that tumbled over her shoulders, she had big blue eyes that could look both innocent and suggestive, and a shapely figure that had certainly inspired many creamy wet dreams and masturbatory fantasies among the boys at school.

But Tracy wasn’t the only one admiring the lovely blond, swim suit clad girl, at the moment. Her older br(o)ther, Jon a was tall, handsome boy of fourteen, with dark blond hair, and a slim athletically toned body. He was also staring at his little s(i)ster, and was getting a throbbing hard-on in the process.

Jon had been masturbating while entertaining Inc(e)stuous thoughts for his little s(i)ster for a while now. The boy figured it was wicked to lust after her, but what the hell – that only made him more excited. Jon lurked around the house, constantly hoping to catch a glimpse of his sexy sibling in a state of undress, changing her clothing or taking a shower, or sunbathing topless.

Jon, at the moment, was sitting in a deck chair across from the pool, concealed in the shadow of the pool supply & shower shed, his eyes glued on Jennifer’s trim body, and his cock thundering in the confines of his tight jeans.

Soon, necessity would decree that he haul his cock out, and empty his balls by hand, but he was waiting as long as he could, even at the risk of creaming in his swim-trunks. He was hoping that his sexy s(i)ster might decide to remove the top of her bikini, so that he could beat his meat over the mouth-watering sight of her wonderful tits. Lying on the ground beside Jon, the family dog, a big German Shepherd, was also regarding Jennifer with a certain interest.

Jon, concentrating on Jennifer, was unaware that the dog was also getting aroused….

Then the little nymphet from next door showed up, and with two nubile girls to admire in their tiny bikinis, Jon groaned. He knew he could not endure much longer, before he whipped his cock out and jacked off.

* * * * *

“Jenny… Jenny, get up,” The dark-haired girl said, as she finally walked up to the lounge chair where her BFF lay, and sat in a chair beside her.

After a casual exchange of commonplace conversation, Tracy had assumed a very impish look, that told Jennifer that she had a secret to tell. “What is it Trac… I know you? You’re trying to keep a secret,” she said, as she stared into Tracy’s wide blue eyes.

“Yeah… I’ve got a secret. But you gotta swear you won’t tell anyone… not Even, Betty,” Tracy giggled.

Jennifer had shown interest, of course, and she had sworn on her heart, that she wouldn’t tell anyone….

And then, Tracy, blushing but grinning leaned forward conspiratorially, and began to tell her BFF about how she had been playing with her dog…

“Oooohh, My GOD… Wow!” Jennifer gasped. “Did you really….?”

“Yeah – it was fun, too. I was asleep by the pool, see – and I was having a lovely dream – and then I woke up and realized that Major was lapping at my pussy!” Tracy said, her face all radiant with her naughty confession.

“Yeah? Ooooohh – what did you do?” Jennifer asked, intrigued.

Tracy grinned wickedly. “I took off my bikini bottom… and let him finish the job.”

“Eeeeuuuuwwww….,” Jennifer squealed with vicarious delight, “Did… did you cream his tongue?”

“Uuuuumm… I sure as hell did.”

“Oooohh! You’re so naughty!” Jennifer cried, but she obviously approved of her friend’s misbehavior.

Tracy hesitated, wondering whether she should also tell Jennifer that she had jerked the Great Dane off onto her chest, and into her face and mouth? She wanted to, but she was afraid that maybe Jennifer wouldn’t be ready for that much naughtiness. She didn’t want to risk putting Jennifer off, and ruining all the interesting prospects.

“Are you gonna let him do it again?” Jennifer asked.

“Oooohh Yeah…. whenever I can.” Tracy wickedly giggled, and gave Jennifer a speculative look. “I just had to tell you about it and… and I thought maybe you… you might like to come on over and find out what some doggy tongue feels like.”

Jennifer blushed, lowering her eyes. “Ooooohh… I couldn’t!” she said, but there was no conviction in her tone.

“Also…. it made me wonder what it would be like to lick a pussy, myself…” Tracy blurted out. “You know… just for the hell of it – just to see what it’s like.”

Jennifer swallowed hard, and squealed, “But… but you’re not… a Jilly, are you?!”

“Shit No… but a girl doesn’t have to be… I was just thinking what it would be like to lick a pussy,” Tracy declared.

“Yeah, I guess so — I don’t know,” Jennifer softy said.

Tracy nodded, satisfied… since Jennifer hadn’t declined, there seemed to be a pretty good chance that the blond girl would be willing to try it. But Tracy didn’t want to ruin things by rushing or insisting. She figured that she had sowed the seeds, and now it would be better to wait and let Jennifer make the next move. Anyway, Tracy was eager to get back home and see if Major had another hard-on.

Grinning at Jennifer, who was looking slightly stunned, Tracy got to her feet. “Well, come on over, if you want to,” she said. “We can have a lot of fun… with my doggy.” Then she turned and walked toward the gate, her heart-shaped little ass swinging like a pendulum.

Jennifer stared after her friend’s departing ass. The girl was so surprised to find out that Tracy had let her Great Dane lick her pussy! Her mind was swirling with wild mental images… and her heart began to race, and her little A-cup tits were tingling in her scanty bikini top (she was 3-months older than her friend). She was sorely tempted to rush after Tracy, but she wanted to think about all she had learned. Letting a dog lick her pussy sounded… well it sounded, Wicked and Sinful… but also FUN!

Then she remembered what Tracy had said about… licking a pussy herself. What was that all about? Then she began to wonder what would it be like…

Then Jennifer realized that her pussy was on fire, and she knew that she had to do something about that. She got to her feet on shaky legs, her face all flushed, and her crotch all juicy. She started toward the house, intending to finger-fuck herself in her bedroom.

But then she changed direction, and not realizing that her older br(o)ther was home, headed for the shower shed. Jennifer often frigged her pussy in there, enjoying the variation of scene and setting, thrilled by an open-air orgasm.

Her pussy felt like a live ember between her legs, and the gusset of her bikini was soaking wet. Her pussy squished juicily at every stride. The twelve-year-old girl was hotter than she had ever been before, and, fantasizing frantically about doggies. But before she made it to the shower, she found herself confronted by Inc(e)st….

* * * * *

Jon had just untied his swim-trunks and hauled his throbbing cock and balls out. He was about to beat himself off to his favorite fantasy, Jenny. When, he saw his little s(i)ster heading toward him, he desperately struggled to jam his hard-on away again. Stiff as a crowbar, his dick bucked and jerked, as groaning, the tormented youth forced it back into his trunks. He yanked the string-ties tight, but the incriminating bulk of his erection still bulged unmistakably, pulsing and throbbing, in his swim-trunks.

“Oh!” Jennifer exclaimed, stepping up to the shower shed, and finding her br(o)ther sitting in a deck chair nearby in the shadow of the shed. She was annoyed, wanting privacy to play with her pussy, and started to turn away.

Then she noticed Jon’s swollen crotch… too excited to act modest, Jennifer inclined her head at her br(o)ther’s groin. “You’ve been spying on me, haven’t you?” she giggled.

Jon looked sheepish.

“Are you gonna play with it, or what?” she asked timidly.

Jon blinked, startled by his little s(i)ster’s boldness. Then the boy realized that she, too, was sexually aroused. There was a wet spot on the crotch of her bikini bottom, and a trickle of pearly pussy-nectar glistened on her inner thigh. And she wasn’t making any effort to hide her horniness – she was even standing with her legs slightly spread.

“Eeerr… aaahh — yeah, I guess,” he muttered.

“Ooooohh… can I watch, Jon?” Jennifer squealed.

“Jeez, S(i)s … ” he croaked.

It amused Jennifer — and greatly increased her confidence — to realize that she was more forward and less inhibited than her older br(o)ther. She felt wondrously naughty. And as long as they just looked at each other, it wouldn’t really be like inc(e)st, she reasoned.

“Wanna see me rub my pussy?” she chirped. “I’ll finger-fuck myself and you can jack off… we can watch each other while we cream, okay?”

Jon groaned. A damp, sticky patch spread out where his cock-head flared in his swim trunks. The youth could hardly believe this was happening. He thought that so much blood must have rushed into his cock and balls, that he had blacked out and was having a wet dream. He closed his eyes.

Then he opened his eyes again, and saw that Jennifer had her hand pushed down inside her bikini panties, cupped over her pussy-mound and slowly moving.

It was too much for Jon….

Gasping, he at the strings of his trunks, and slid it down a little. His dick sprang out like a rocket. He reached in and dragged his bloated balls out, then moved his hand away, letting his k(i)d s(i)ster gaze at his naked cock.

“Ooooohh!” Jennifer moaned.

Jon’s cock-head was vibrating and leaking. A dark vein pulsed along the underside of his cock, spreading out in the delta of his swollen cock-head. His balls were enormous, holding promise of a most abundant cum load.

“Oh, Jon… you’re so big and hard,” she purred.

He thrust out his hips, making his throbbing cock jump and jolt.

With her eyes glued on her br(o)ther’s dick, naughty little Jennifer began to squirm out of her bikini. She tugged it down, and raising one knee kick it off, giving him a clear look at her bare pussy. Her lips were open like a flower, all frothy with her essence, her whole crotch glistened in the morning light, and her clit jutted out like a tongue.

She removed her halter and small her tits giggled. She stared in fascination at her br(o)ther’s cock, as he stared back at her creamy crotch, groaning. “Can I touch your cock, Jon?” she whimpered.

He nodded, dumbly, stunned.

Jennifer moved closer to where he sat, she reached out and slid her fingertips up his cock-shaft, and onto the slick head. She moaned, feeling him throb. Jon reached out and hesitated. “Uuumm… yeah, you can touch me, too,” she said.

Jon’s hand, palm up, dipped into Jennifer’s crotch. Her pussy spilled a creamy puddle into his hand. He rubbed and squeezed, feeling her clit swell as her pussy-lips slowly unfold.

Standing there, face to face, br(o)ther and s(i)ster fondled each other eagerly. Jennifer wrapped her hand around his cock-shaft, and slowly jerked up and pushed down, making his cock-head flare. Jon’s fingers traced through her wet pussy and pulled at her clit.

“Yeah… let’s frig each other off, okay?” Jennifer rasped, her voice husky. “That’s not really inc(e)st… it’s just giving each other hand-jobs.”

She r(ou)ghly pulled him up and off his chair, and shifted closer, holding his hot cock-shaft against her rounded belly. His cock-head branded her like a hot iron, as it pressed an elongated indentation into her smooth belly. His balls were jammed up against her hairless pussy mound.

Wanting to feel her br(o)ther’s smoking-hot cock against her tits, Jennifer slowly slid down. His iron-hard dick inched up her stomach, and then nudged between her small supple tits. She sank lower, until she was kneeling before him, her face level with his belly. As she went down, Jon stared down at her, and his hand slipped out of her pussy.

But Jennifer was so fascinated by her br(o)ther’s cock and balls, that the prospect of emptying his cum load, that she didn’t care if he wasn’t caressing her at the same time. Instead of frigging each other off simultaneously, the girl had decided that it would be a lot better, if they were to take turns doing it. That way she could really concentrate on jacking him off without any distractions, then she could enjoy having the favor returned.

She squirmed against him, rolling her firm tit swellings over his thunderous cock. Jon moaned and gave a little thrust, sliding his cock up and down her tiny tits. His hands rested on her shoulders, as he marveled the feeling of her supple budding tit flesh on his hard cock

“Uuuumm… yeah, fuck my tits, Jon!” she purred.

He reached lower and cupped her barely A-cup tits in both hands, pushing them up and together, so that her cleavage tightened around his thrusting cock. Christ, it felt good, he thought, still hardly able to believe what was happening! He pulled at her nipples, as he held her tits around his dick, and slid up and down between the slight mounds.

His swollen purple cock-head came up and slid slowly over her breastbone, nuzzling into the hollow of her throat.

Jennifer tilted her lovely face down, staring at that huge purple head….

He humped again. His cock-head slid lower, then pushed back up along her long neck. His piss-hole was seeping steadily now, leaving a slippery trail of frothy pre-cum up her chest and neck.

What was Inc(e)st really? The sex-crazed girl wondered, licking her lips and panting onto his cock-head. As long as they didn’t actually fuck, it was just fooling around, right? A blow-job wasn’t any naughtier than a hand-job. His cock was all slathered with pre-cum now, looking like a fat purple plum drenched in heavy syrup, so delicious that it made her drool.

Her little pussy was drooling mess, as well, Jennifer figured that if she gave Jon a blow-job, he would be only too pleased to return the favor. As she thought of what Tracy had shared with her, Jennifer yearned for her br(o)ther’s hot tongue, as much as she was yearned for a mouthful of his throbbing cock. Jon humped again, his pulsing dick surging up over her smooth tit swellings. She could feel the heat of his cock waft into her face, and sniffing, she inhaled the delicious aroma of his pre-cum soaked cock.

“Shall I lick it, Jon?” she whispered, as she looked up at his lust-twisted face, smiling and showing him her tongue, licking slowly back and forth across her parted lips.

“Jeez S(i)s, yeah!” he gasped, his mind spinning as more blood rushed into his loins.

Her blonde head turned down again, her chin resting on her slippery breastbone. Jon pulled back and his cock-head slid between her supple little tits. Then he thrust it up again, and Jennifer slid her tongue out and lapped at the head.

“OOOOoooohh… God!” Jon cried and jerked as if he had been electrocuted, as he felt her tongue on his cock for the first time.

“Uuumm…. aaaaahh, Yummy” Jennifer sighed, thrilled to the core by the succulence of his creamy stuff.

He humped her tits slowly and steadily as she tongued at his cock-head each time it came sliding up to her face. Jon’s hands slid up and he held her head between them. Jennifer cupped her tits around his cock, trying to keep her barely there cleavage snug, as her deft tongue flashed over his slimy cock.

“Wanna shoot in my mouth, Jon?” she whimpered, totally abandoned to her rising lust. His pre-cum had whetted her appetite, and she was hungry for the full dose that was bloating those br(o)therly balls like balloons.

Jon tried to speak, and failed. His vocal cords were as stiff as his dick.

Jennifer glanced up through a web of fluttering eyelashes. She would have giggled at the stricken expression on her br(o)ther’s face, had she not been drooling so heavily. Instead, she only gurgled, saliva and pre-cum dripping from her lips. “Huuummooo… you wanna cream in my fucking mouth? Wanna whitewash my tonsils, Jon?” she moaned. She lapped at his cock-head again, not taking it into her lips yet. “You wanna use my mouth for a pussy, big br(o)ther? Yeah! Fuck my face!”

Jon shoved his dick up. His s(i)ster’s nimble tongue bathed and washed his cock-head. He drew down and plunged up again, then the naughty girl bobbed her head down, her wet lips parted… and she took his slimy purple cock-head between her lips.

“Ahhhhh!” she sighed, suckling on his cock-head eagerly. Her cheeks drew in and her lips stretched, collaring his thick cock-stalk. Sucking his dick was even more thrilling than licking it, and the 12-year-old girl began to gasp and gurgle as she sucked on his dick.

She moaned, slobbering heavily down his cock-shaft. Jon pawed at her tits, and plowed on up into her willing mouth, going deeper. He fed half of his long, hard cock into her face, tilting her head back. Going suck crazy, Jennifer turned her face from side to side, screwing her lips down onto his dick like a juicy nut onto a meaty bolt. Her blonde head bobbed up and down, humming on his cock.

Her tongue was still flashing, slurping at the underside of his cock-head and shaft, as it slid in and out through the suckling collar of her lips. His cock flared in her maw, the thick veins pulsing. His swollen balls rolled up her chest and nudged against the gentle slopes of her tits, as he shoved his dick up through her mouth.

“Uuuuunghhh!” she gasped, as his huge cock-head slid right into her throat, his balls dragging up and brushing her under the chin, as they lay on her gentle tit swellings.

She turned her face, taking his cock-head into each cheek, then back into her throat again. His pre-cum was flowing so heavily now, that even though the potent youth hadn’t shot his wad yet, his s(i)ster’s hungry mouth was already filling up. Mixed with her saliva, the stuff dribbled down his dick, soaking his balls, and flowing in foamy streaks over tiny tits. She gulped greedily, swallowing some, then sucked for more.

He pulled his cock out until only the foaming tip was in her lips. Jennifer whimpered around his dick as if she were speaking into a microphone, “Come… come, Jonny. Fuck my mouth and feed me your sweet stuff!”

“Yeah… yeah… ooooohh,” Jon moaned, and thrust his dick all the way into his s(i)ster’s hot mouth again.

Jennifer gagged on his flaring dick, holding it deep in her maw, then sucked back up his shaft, worshipping every throbbing inch of his cock-rod. “Cream my mouth, Jon!” the girl wailed, desperate for the joy of feeling his dick shooting his cum out.

Jon thrust his cock in frantically, twisting Jennifer’s blonde head around his cock. She was now taking his shaft to the hilt, filling her greedy mouth to her throat. His hands tightened on her head, holding her face steady as he slid his dick in. “Here it comes, S(i)s!” he howled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” she gasped, sucking ravenously on his pulsing dick. Then she felt his balls quiver against the gentle slopes of her tits, as his cock-shaft jerked when his fuck-juice came rushing up, she groaned in ecstasy as his steaming hot jism shot into her mouth.

She didn’t expect so much cum could squirt from a single set of balls! His first jet hit the back of her throat. Coming on the rebound, his second torrent skimmed over her flashing tongue, making her taste-buds tingle. He hosed her cheeks and squirted jism up against the arched roof of her mouth. His cock was going off like a machine gun, flooding her eager maw in creamy geysers and deluges. Her tongue was floating in his fuck-juice.

Jennifer swallowed and gulped, but his load was too much for her. Spunk overflowed from her lips and ran down her chin. Her head bobbed up and down, pulling on his dick. She sucked and swallowed with rapture. Jon shot in more jism jets, as moist whimpers bubbled from her lips.

Jon began to stagger, feeling as if his life force were spilling from his cock and balls. His last spurt gushed onto her tongue and he stopped humping, standing there with his head and shoulders thrown back and his loins thrust up, his dick buried to the root in her drenched mouth.

A few last trickles came seeping out of his piss-hole as Jennifer continued to suck adoringly. The girl was filled with joy at having swallowed her br(o)ther’s delirious load, yet sorry that it was ended, she was greedy for more. She sucked on his spent dick wildly, loving the taste and the texture of his cum.

His dick slipped from her lips, swaying, starting to soften and shrink slightly. Jennifer ducked after it and used her tongue to gather up the errant cum drops that had seeped down onto his balls. Then she slid her tongue up and down, slurping the dregs from his cock-shaft and suckling on his cock-head again.

She looked up at her br(o)ther’s face, smiling happily and sticking her tongue out, so that he could see his cum streaking the pink flesh. “I love your cum, Jonny,” she purred.

Br(o)ther and s(i)ster gazed at each other in awe, stunned by the emotions and thoughts that were surging through their minds and their bodies….

Chapter 4

Completely forgotten by the two inc(e)stuous k(i)ds, Adolf, the big German Shepherd, was sporting a huge hard-on. He was lying on his side, his doggy-cock was so hard that it jerked spasmodically up and down. His long, red tongue was lolling out, drooling and his black nose flared as he inhaled Jennifer’s dripping essence. The dumb brute was confused. His instincts told him that a bitch was in heat, yet he could plainly see that Jennifer’s fuck-hole was being neglected.

He only knew that his balls were full, and his cock was hard as a stone, also he was desperate to sink his huge dick into something hot and wet.

He whined…. and waited.

* * *

Licking her lips, Jennifer leaned forward. Her br(o)ther’s dick was swaying up and down, neither hard nor soft, but hanging straight out from his loins. She sucked his cock-head into her mouth again, wanting just another taste before she enjoyed the other half of this oral sex game.

Panting, Jon sank down onto his knees. Holding his dick in her mouth, Jennifer lowered her head as he descended. As her head went down, naturally, her back bent and ass rose higher.

Jon was kneeling before her now, and Jennifer was leaning on her elbows and knees, her hands were stroking his limp cock. Her blonde head jammed into his groin and her trim little ass hiked up. Her tiny tits giggled like ripening fruit under her, ready to be plucked. As she licked at her br(o)ther’s cock, she purred and squirmed, wriggling her ass about.

Without realizing it, Jennifer had assumed a position very familiar to her doggy….

The bitch was in the doggy-fucking posture now… and Adolf became less confused, he had no concept of different species. The girl was in heat, a wild musky perfume that filled the dog’s nostrils. Wild an(i)mal instincts filled his limited mind. Adolf inhaled deeply, his whole shaggy body trembled spasmodically, and his throbbing cock arched from between his hind legs.

Neither Jennifer nor her br(o)ther was aware of the dog’s interest. Jennifer was happily suckling away, and Jon’s cock was beginning to stir and swell again inside her mouth, thrilling the naughty blonde pre-t(ee)n. She wanted to get her pussy sucked off, yet she was reluctant to give up the succulent mouthful of cock-meat.

She drew her lips away and kissed his balls. “You wanna come again, Jonny?”

“Yeah… Yeah!” he grunted and arch his hips, rubbing his balls against her moist mouth, as he slid his dick up the incline of her freckled cheek.

“If I suck you off again, promise me that you’ll tongue-fuck me, afterwards?” she panted.

“What… oooohh, Yeah… Yeah… just suck me off,” he grunted, he would agree to anything at the moment.

Jennifer purred, as she slid her tongue over his ballooning balls, then slurped on his towering cock-shaft. She lapped up and down, tracing along the pulsing ventral veins, saliva running down his dick. She fluttered her tongue against the sensitive spot where his cock-head wedged out from his dick, causing the meaty slab to flare and throb, growing an angry red.

“I love sucking you,” she admitted in a sultry, husky tone. “We can suck each other off from now on, Jonny, we can suck each other silly!”

“Uuunnghhh!” he moaned, humping and sliding his dick through her parted lips. She licked up and down his cock, her tongue crisscrossing on the underside of the fat tube, and then flashing against the bottom of his head. She bathed his cock with spittle, then licked it up again. Her saliva tasted lovely, spiced by the flavor of his cock-meat. She fitted her pursed lips against the base of his heavily veined cock-shaft and began to run them up and down, as if his dick was a meaty flute, on which she was playing a tantalizing tune.

Jennifer buried her lovely face in his groin, sniffing and licking, rubbing against his cock adoringly. Then she took his cock-head into her mouth and sucked on it. Her blonde head began to rise and fall in the classic blow-job action, lips pulling up and down his shaft.

Jon fucked into her face, feeding her cock as her head ducked down. His cock-head thrust into her throat and she gagged, but took it. Her chin was brushing against his balls, and her little up-turned nose was nestled in his wiry pubic thicket.

“Jeez, S(i)s, you’re swallowing the fucker!” Jon croaked, staring down, amazed to see that all of his cock was buried in her 12-year-old mouth.

She pulled up slowly, suckling with relish on every inch of his cock-shaft, and then, lips collaring him just below his head, she mouthed the flaring hunk of hot dick ecstatically. Her lips tight, and her tongue fluttering against the underside, then she twisted her head and wound her oval maw around on the pivot of his dick.

She bobbed down toward his balls again, gorging herself on his cock. She sucked, licked, then sucked again as her lips slid up and down. Jon was fucking into her face in counterpoint, shoving his cock in as his s(i)ster bobbed down and withdrawing, as her lips dragged and slurped back up to his smoking-hot shaft.

A trickle of pre-cum oozed onto her tongue, promising the cock-hungry girl another bellyful of cum. She began to move her head up and down faster now, eager to take his cum-juice and also to get her pussy tongued.

But unknown to Jennifer, Adolf was sneaking up behind her ass, head lowered, following the aroma of her hot pussy, his fat red tongue lolling out and slobbering hungrily. His dick was so stiff that it was pulsing like a vibrator, his pre-cum dripping from the pointed tip.

Thrusting his muzzle out, the big dog sniffed at Jennifer’s wriggling ass. His tongue slurped up the backs of her slim thighs, and ran into the crack of her ass, licking at her tangy shit-hole.

“Oooohh!” she exclaimed, in surprise, her big blue eyes opening wide. She jerked her mouth off her br(o)ther’s dick, and frantically turned to look over her shoulder.

With his eyes closed, Jon was savoring the wild sensations of having his cock sucked off by his little s(i)ster, when she suddenly yelped and pulled away. Groaning in frustration, he opened his eyes and gazed down with lust hazy vision, seeing his throbbing cock standing up alongside his s(i)ster’s head, her frothy saliva dripping from the head.

Why had she turned away, he wondered? Panicking he shook his head to clear it, and looked down her petite body…. and gasped.

Jennifer blinked in surprise, then grinned wildly, when she realized that it was the German Shepherd’s nimble tongue that was licking her tight little asshole. A day – or even an hour ago, Jennifer might have been freaked-out! Squirming away from the dumb brute’s questing tongue, and Reprimanding him Loudly. But following Tracy’s revelations concerning canine tongues, the girl was unexpectedly in the mood to experience the wild act of b(e)stiality.

She squirmed back against his snout as his tongue slipped right up her asshole. The doggy rimmed merrily away, slobbering into her tiny brown ring. Then his head dipped down and his tongue slapped at her pre-t(ee)n pussy.

“Ooooohh… My God!” she squealed, wriggling and rubbing her foaming pussy onto his muzzle.

“S(i)s… Holy Shit… the fucking dog is licking your pussy!” Jon cried with disgust and shock.

“Uuuummoooohh… Yeah, I know…. it feels sooooo good!” she wildly giggled, as she glanced up at her br(o)ther with an impish look, and upon seeing his expression she knew he was about to chase him away, she looked back over her ass. “I like it… don’t scare him off, Jonny!”

Jon gaped in amazement… his k(i)d s(i)ster wanted the dog to tongue her pussy! It was disgusting, he thought. But, if so, why was his cock pounding and throbbing even more in response to that dark knowledge? Maybe it wasn’t so disgusting, after all. Maybe it was just fucking delightful. Jon began to grin like a fiend.

“Yeah… boy, lick my pussy…. lick my hot fuck-hole, Adolf,” she eagerly moaned. His tongue was whipping into her pussy-slit enthusiastically…. and it felt wickedly good! Tracy hadn’t lied about that, she thought. A dog’s eager tongue was a real treat for a pussy!

Adolf whimpered, burrowing in as if he wanted to bury his muzzle up her pussy. His tongue slurped at her unpeeled pussy-lips, washing her pussy, bathing her frenzied clit, and shoved on into her smoldering pussy-hole. Her pussy muscles gripped his tongue just as if it were a mouth being French kissed, dragging him deeper. Pussy-nectar poured out of her pussy and the dog lapped it up, spraying slobber into her pussy as he licked her perfumed pussy-cream out.

Jennifer reached behind her ass and dipped her hand into her pussy, spreading her pussy-lips open wider, so that Adolf could slip his tongue right up into the inner folds. His tongue slurped, and her pussy quivered. Pearly drops of her essences ran down his hairy muzzle, dripping in gooey strand from his jowls.

“Jenny… suck my cock!” Jon pleaded.

She turned back to her br(o)ther and pounced on his dick again, sucking hungrily. She held his balls in one hand, and spread her pussy open with the other, as she wriggled blissfully between boy and dog. She was driven wild by the double sensation of a mouthful of cock-meat, and a pussyful of doggy tongue.

Adolf’s fat tongue slid into her drenched pussy-slit with frantic enthusiasm, lathering her with slobber. He slurped up through her gaping pussy, and into the crack of her ass, tonguing her with long, rippling strokes. As the flow from her pussy got hotter and creamier, and more fragrant, the dog yelped, growled and whined. His head twisting and turning like a terrier shaking a rat.

Jennifer jerked back against the dog’s snout, then rammed her head down to the hilt of her br(o)ther’s cock, relishing both, wanting to cream the dog’s tongue, and swallow Jon’s jism-juice at the same magic moment. Her pussy was starting to lather with foaming dog slobber. She moaned, squirming sinuously, her trim little ass churning and her blonde head bobbing up and down, as if she were ducking for apples in her br(o)ther’s groin.

As the German Shepherd continued to slip his tongue into her fuck-hole, stuffing her with hot tongue meat, she sucked on Jon’s delicious dick, going balls-deep, and whimpering softly. Her hot mouth was salivating with her thoughts of swallowing more of Jon’s fuck-cream.

Jon’s piss-hole was spilling out pre-cum onto her tingling taste buds, but since he had already shot one enormous wad into her mouth, he wasn’t quite ready to cum again, she realized. She struggled to hold back her own come, wanting to swallow her br(o)ther’s fuck-juice at the same time, that her pussy juiced on the Shepherd’s tongue.

She forced her ass and hips to squirm slower, while her head bobbed faster in an effort to suck off Jon before she soared to her peak.

But there was another cock involved…. a big, hairy cock that needed to be emptied more than Jon’s. Adolf slipped his tongue into her pussy one last time, spraying juice out. Then he raised his head, whining, his cock was like an armed rocket under his belly.

Jennifer wailed, reaching behind her ass, and groping for the dog’s collar, so that she could haul his head back into her pussy. Devoid of a tongue, her pussy was quivering desperately. But then Adolf hunkered down, braced his hindquarters, and sprang up, mounting her ass.

His forelegs wrapped tightly around Jennifer hips, and he clung to her haunches, panting over her back. He humped, flanks rippling, stabbing his hot, throbbing cock out into the bitch’s tight pussy.

“Uuuummoooohh… aaahhoommm,” Jennifer gasped around her br(o)ther’s cock.

“Jesus, he’s trying to fuck you!” Jon wailed in astonishment.

Then naughty Jennifer pulled her mouth off his cock, and smiled playfully up at him. “Don’t sca… oooohh Fuck! Don’t scare him off, Jon!” she groaned. Wild thoughts swirled through her mind, as she looked into her brother’s bewildered face. “I… I… want him to Fuck Me!”

Chapter 5

Clinging tenaciously to Jennifer’s slender, trembling loins, the brawny German Shepherd humped frantically as he attempted to sink his cock into her fuck-hole. Mounted in the doggy fucking position, the dumb brute knew where her pussy was, but he was missing the mark in his haste and frenzy. His angry red cock-knob bumped against the backs of her thighs, bounced off her ass-cheeks and plowed up the crack of her ass.

He whined piteously, driven wild by being mounted without — as yet — having the delight of feeling his thunderous dick up her fuck-hole.

His hot cock-knob slid across her tingling clit, and Jennifer moaned and jerked, but then his dick slipped on up without penetrating. His hairy cock-shaft pulsed against her pussy and his naked red cock-knob was flaring out over her up thrust ass, pulsing and dripping. His swollen balls were jammed into her groin. Jennifer could feel those massive balls throb with their load.

Oooohh, I really shouldn’t let a doggy screw me, she told herself. But then her clit quivered against his hard, hairy cock-rod and she whimpered. Naughty or not, Jennifer was yearning for a pussyful of doggy cock.

She reached back and grasped his balls.

With this new development, Jennifer had stopped sucking on her br(o)ther’s cock – although she was still collaring his cock-head in her parted lips. But Jon was afraid that the distraction of the horny hound might interrupt the blow-job he had been imagining for so long.

“Do you want me to pull the son of a bitch off you, S(i)s?” he rasped, just like any concerned br(o)ther preventing the violation of his k(i)d s(i)ster.

Jennifer looked at him, and groaned, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

Jon groaned, realizing how truly depraved she was, and his cock surged in her lips, his lust aroused even more by the sordid knowledge that his sibling was a dog fucker — or, at least — that she soon would be.

She slid his cock-knob up and down, using it to spread her creamy juices, and whipping the naked dick against her throbbing clit. “Uuuummooohh,” she moaned, as his massive knob of fiery dog cock brushed against her sensitive clit.

Gently squeezing the German Shepherd’s big balls, the blonde nymphet tugged his cock lower down, so that his red cock-knob slid into her slit. Her hand moved up and grasped his dick by the hilt. Then, tilting her wrist, she turned his great dick down so that it was aimed straight up into her pulsing pussy-hole.

She realized that she was neglecting her br(o)ther and gave his dick a suck. Jon grunted and leaned over her shoulder, staring down in total fascination as he watched the brute’s swollen cock slide around in her creamy pussy. The boy didn’t mind waiting awhile before he blew his wad, for he was excited by the sight of their dog fucking his s(i)ster, as well by the pure pleasure of her inc(e)stual mouth, as his pre-cum trickled onto Jennifer’s lashing tongue.

Finally, Jennifer managed to slip the frantically humping dog’s cock into her tight fuck-hole. The fat red wedge of dick expanded in her clinging pussy. Adolf’s doggy spunk oozed from his parted piss hole and flowed, all thick and gooey, into Jennifer’s already soaking pussy-slit.

“Yeah… fuck it up my pussy, boy,” she gasped. “Give me that big fucker… uuunnghhh….” She broke off, gagging, as Jon plowed his cock back into her mouth. She sucked on it hungrily, then drew her lips up to his cock-head. “Fill my pussy up, Adolf! Stuff me full of big, doggy dick! Oooohh, shit! Fuck Me, you hairy bastard! Shoot your hot doggy cum up my pussy!”

Holding Jon’s cock-head in her lips and teasing the slimy tip with her tongue, Jennifer hiked her trim little ass up, urging the an(i)mal to plunge deeper into her pussy. The dog yelped and whimpered, now that the tip of his cock was in the right hole, the b(ea)st knew what to do. His front paws gripped her around the hips, his haunches heaved, surging with an(i)mal lust. His flanks quivered and he panted heavily, drooling onto her arched back.

“Oooohh… Yes!” Jennifer cried, as she felt her pussy fill up with pounding dog dick, stretching her pussy-lips open and pulsing in the wet folds.

With a deep, rumbling sound in Adolf throat, the brute plunged again, thrusting every inch of his red throbbing dick all the way up into the girl’s pussy.

“Ooooohh!” she whimpered, shoving her ass back to meet his burrowing cock.

“Fucking hell!” Jon gasped, watching over the slope of his sibling’s trembling ass-cheeks and seeing the long, thick doggy dick disappear into the coral pink slot of her soaking pussy.

The dog’s cock was buried to the hilt. Jennifer’s pliable pussy-lips were plastered open around the hairy root of his thick cock-shaft, and his swollen balls were banging on her crotch with each thrust, jiggling with their load.

“He’s really fucking you, Jenny!” Jon groaned.

“Don’t I fucking know it!” she cried; her words muffled by his dick.

Her lips were trembling as they slid around on Jon’s cock-shaft, and her eye fluttered open and closed. The dog’s massive dick was stuffing her to the brim, filling her to the very core of her womb. His cock-knob felt like a glowing ember in her belly, and his rock-hard dick was working like a crowbar in her pussy. His cock was so deep that she thought his fiery knob might come sliding right out of her mouth, shoving her br(o)ther’s dick out of the way!

Whimpering, clinging to her haunches, the big German Shepherd held on tight, pounding penetration, savoring the pleasure of having his cock buried ball-deep in her sweet, clinging pussy, he didn’t care about her being the wrong species. But, knowing better, Jennifer was wildly thrilled by the perverse sensation of being stuffed to the brim with a hard, hairy an(i)mal cock.

She wriggled her ass and hips, grinding her fuck-hole around on his dick while still retaining the full coupling. Her pussy rippled, the inner muscles pulsing, closing around his hairy cock-shaft in a series of rings, as if she were jerking him off with her pussy. The firm, trim cheeks of her ass went up and down, and she swayed her hips from side to side. Her wet pussy was pulsing like a squeezebox on his dick.

Jon, panting like a locomotive, thrust his cock deep into her mouth. Jennifer imagined the two swollen cocks – her br(o)ther’s and Adolf’s, bumping together somewhere in the middle of her body. Spiked at both ends, the girl felt as if she were roasting on a spit, transfixed through and through by fiery dicks.

A fat cock-head pulsed in her mouth, and a swollen doggy dick flared deep in her belly. She quivered and moaned. Taking two cocks at once, fucking and sucking simultaneously, was naughty at any time — but the fact that one of those cocks was attached to her br(o)ther, and the other was sprouting from the b(e)stial loins of a dog drove Jennifer crazy with lust. A combination of oral inc(e)st, and bestiality filled her mind with a heavenly sense of utter and exquisite depravity.

Her head bobbed up and down on her br(o)ther’s delicious dick, taking it all into her mouth, and then sucking slowly back up to the head, her drool streaming down his cock-shaft as it came sliding from the oval collar of her lips. “Uuuuumm… oooohhuuungg” she purred, cherishing that mouthful of sweet sibling pre-cum.

Adolf was yelping deliriously, still thrusting all of his dick up her pussy-hole. Jennifer began to hump under him, sliding her pussy up and down on his stiff doggy cock, adding the wild sensation of having her fuck-hole stuffed chock full of an(i)mal cock.

The German Shepherd got into the rhythm, he began to hump, as the girl pushed back onto his stiff dick. They began working in unison, fucking together like some well-oiled machine. His dick plunged in, plugging her pussy to the depths, then pulled back out, the hairy hilt all matted with pussy-juice.

Jon fell into the rhythm with his s(i)ster and the dog, fucking her in the mouth each time the dumb brute plowed up her pussy. He was still staring down over the angle of her heart-shaped ass, watching the dog’s hairy dick go in and out, as thrilled by that b(e)stial fucking, as he was by the action of her skillful tongue and talented lips as they worked on his cock.

Adolf was clinging to her ass and the boy was leaning over her shoulders, and for a moment, they were face to face. Both were panting. The doggy blinked and Jon grunted. They stared at each other, a boy and his dog, sharing some primitive knowledge that spanned the gap between the species. And, between them, they were filling a naughty little nymphet with perverse joy.

Jennifer was moaning and whimpering, panting and gurgling. She thrust her mouth onto Jon’s dick and danced her ass under the dog. Her lips pulled up Jon’s cock-shaft, sucking over every delicious inch, and her pussy-lips were pulled out, distend, as the dog’s dick drew from her pussy, so that he seemed to be turning her pussy inside out.

They fucked into her together, stuffing her from both ends, Adolf screwed up her fuck-hole as Jon pulled from her face, then the doggy withdrew, as her br(o)ther fed his dick into her face again. Her pussy-slit was overflowing, spilling out foaming juice onto the brute’s hairy cock-shaft, soaking his balls as they swung and slapped against her sodden crotch. Her mouth drooled onto Jon’s cock, spilling out saliva down his cock, dripping onto the patio. Streaks of pre-cum ran through her slobber.

Jon’s balls swung, whacking her under the chin, sloshing with the cum load that was filling them. The dog’s balls pressed heavily into her groin, as he sank his dick in to the hairy hilt, tilting her ass up on his savage thrusts.

“Ooohh… uuunnghhh… Ahhhhh!” she grunted, buffeted between them, and soaring to the heights of bliss of that double dose of dick.

Her barely there tits jiggled, as her lithe body coiled and uncoiled like a pliable spring, gleefully taking cocks in and out of head and tail. The dog thrust his dick in, hiking her nimble ass up with a long, underslung stroke. Her knees left the ground, then bumped back down when the brute drew his dick back. Her haunches sank under his weight, then heaved up on tensing thighs. Her golden-blonde hair tumbled about, as she jammed her radiant face down on her br(o)ther’s throbbing cock, gorging like a glutton on that scrumptious sibling snack.

Waves of exquisite ecstasy coursed through her loins and shot through her lithe body. The horny twelve-year-old was creaming and creaming again, her pussy and clit pulsing, peaking, ebbing, then peaking at another crest. Her tongue bathed Jon’s dick, drooling. She whimpered, yearning for a pussyful of doggy cum and a mouthful of br(o)therly cum-juice. Her ass whipped wildly about, and her head fairly flew up and down on Jon’s pounding dick, as she sought to bring both of her bizarre lovers off at the same fascinating instant.

“Come… umpfhhh… fuck me… uuunghhh… shoot your fucking cum into me!” she panted, her words punctuated by grunts, as Jon stuffed her mouth and throat. She urged on both boy and dog, yearning equally for both slimy squirts. Her ass heaved and pumped as she sought a pussyful of hot canine cum, and her mouth was working like a suction pump as she sucked, hungry for the gooey geyser of her sibling’s engorged balls.

Jon was fucking his s(i)ster’s mouth as if it were a pussy, as the German Shepherd’s plunged his dick deep. The dog was yelping, and from the way his cock was bucking in her pussy, Jennifer knew that the brute was about ready to flood her pussy with cum.

She pulled her mouth off Jon’s cock for a moment, skinning it back with her fist so that his head flared out. With her tongue swirling right against his gooey crown, she pulled his dick back into her mouth, sucking greedily on the head and jacking his cock-shaft with her fist, adding manual stimulation to the oral suction to bring him to the crest.

“Yeah! Swallow my cum, Jenny!” Jon howled, as Adolf bayed like a wolf. They blew their wads into the young girl at the same instant, filling her with their cum and with joy. The dog spurted a river of canine cum up into her sodden fuck-hole, and her br(o)ther squirted her throat with a steaming stream of his cum.

Jennifer wailed, her clit detonating as her orgasm pulsed and surged through her petite body, her pussy pulsed and contracted. Her mouth suck hungrily on Jon’s dick, and her fist flew up and down on his cock-shaft, pumping cum jets into her mouth, while at the same time, her pussy filled with canine cum.

She swallowed a creamy mouthful, and her br(o)ther instantly flooded her mouth with another load. She drank it greedily, feeling the sweet succulence warming her belly, as the dog’s heavy cum load splashed into the core of her pussy, sloshing around in her swampy womb.

“Fuck Yeah… Jenny… Suck It!” Jon groaned, as she sucked him dry. Jennifer pulled the last bit of slimy cum out of his piss-hole in a creamy rope, her throat pulsing, as she gulped the precious stuff down. Growling and snarling with delight, the German Shepherd emptied his big ball to the very dregs into her flooded fuck-hole.

Jennifer continued to wriggle between them, working off her last sweet spasms on the dog’s dick, and coaxing a few last tasty cum drops out of her br(o)ther’s spent cock.

Jon sank back onto his heels, panting and voided. Adolf slumped over her twitching ass, drooling onto her slender, arched back, as the last of his cum trickled out deep in her tight pussy. Both sets of balls, b(ea)st and boy, were empty, shrunken and collapsed.

Yet both dicks were still stiff, and insatiable little Jennifer smiled, knowing that the fun was not yet ended…

End of part 1 of 2……
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