Working really late – Nurse chronicles

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Being a nurse I do not get much time to go out to date.. SO things happen..


Ive been nursing for a month now. I’m 23 5ft 9 Size 12c Short blonde hair shoulder length. I wear a white nurses dress.

I have started night shift, the change over meeting I get my patients. Time to do the rounds.

I meet my new patients. As a fully qualified nurse I feel so proud.

A nurse who has finished duty, pulls me aside and warns me about Mr Nicol. She says he has wandering hands, I will often expose his penis just leaving it out. She tells me where not to stand around him. Pretty much within reaching distance of his left hand. Hes had surgery on his right hand. Been nieve I know he wont have a chance with me.

I walk in. Mr Nicol a 53 yr old man. Short grey hair, grey moustache. 5 Ft 10.

” Good evening Mr Nicol. ” I say walking in

” Hello. ” He says. I see his eyes give me the once over.

” Right lets take your vitals. ” I say checking his monitors.

His hands at his side I stand by the bed. I feel his hand touch the side of my thigh and rub it. I push it away.

” Not appropriate. ” I say stepping back.

” Your a beautiful nurse. ” He says.

” I bet you say that to all the nurses. ” I say writing my notes.

” Only the beautiful ones. ” He says.

” Why your a flirt aren’t you Mr Nicol. ” I say smiling.

” Bert ” he says. ” Call me Burt. ”

” What would your wife say. ” I reply I saw her leave about an hour ago. A tall beautiful well dressed lady very beautiful.

” Oh don’t worry about her young lady, at my age I need to take what I can get. ” He says reaching out touching my knee with his hand.

” Mr Nicol, please don’t. ” I say. I turn and got to my next patient.

I think about Burt advances. It actually made me feel horny. Professionally I didn’t like it, but personally it felt quite nice.

An hour later I return.

” My favourite nurse. ” He says. I re check his vitals.

” Medication time Mr Nicol’s then I will let you get some sleep. ” I say.

” You can curl up next to me. ” He says again his hand touches my knee. He smiles at me. I resist pushing his hand away. This time I reluctantly do it. I don’t actually mind.

” No. I cant do that. My boyfriend will not approve of that. ” I say.

I hand him his medication. ” Have these. ” I say.

” This my Viagra, will I see you in an hour ? ” I turn my back to him. I feel his hand on my arse squeezing it. ” Nice arse young lady. ” He says.

” Mr Nicol’s. ” I snap stepping away.

” Oh come on, I wont tell. ” He says.

” Get some sleep. ” I say walking out.

Shit I feel so so horny. I love my arse been squeezed. My Nicol’s firm hand squeezing my arse. I loved it. I find it hard to concentrate that night. In the morning I sign off and go home.

I shower playing with myself. I don’t have a boyfriend. I said it to discourage Burt. That didn’t work. I didn’t mind him rubbing my thigh or squeezing my arse.


I stand outside Burt’s room and take a deep breath. His wife again left an hour ago. I passed her in the hallway. I walk in.

” My favourite nurse again. ” He says.

” Again, I bet you say that to all the nurses. ” I say. I stand by the bed checking his vitals waiting for the touch. Will I resist or will I let him. I should resist. But I want to let him.

There it is. His hand slids across to my knee touching over my dress. I leave it. I rubs the outside of my knee. A tingling up my leg. I feel my pussy moisten. Hes surprised I don’t push it away. It slids under my dress touching my skin above my knee. I step away and put his chart on the edge of bed.

” See you in a hour. ” I say.

” Look forward to it. ” He says winking.

I see my other patients, I cant wait to get back to Burt’s room. My pussy wet with excitement.

I walk in. Hes waiting. I see him pretending to be asleep his penis out. Its quite big. I stare for a minute at his penis. I cover it up.

” Medication time. ” I say standing by the bed.

” My Viagra again. ” He says looking down at his covered cock. Knowing I have seen it. His hand returns to my knee. I leave it there as I organise his medication. ” You have a nice body young lady. ” He said his fingers on the inside of my knee. They slowly slid up the inside of my thigh halfway up and getting higher. They reach my groin his finger on my underwear. I flinch. He looks at me smiling. A finger slips inside my underwear rubbing my wet pussy lips. I stand there as he rubs me, his finger pushes inside my pussy, fingering me. He smiles

” Your pussy feels nice. ” He says.

” Thanks. ” I reply. His door closed. I know I could be caught. I turn around his hand comes out of my groin. I let him grope my arse. He lifts my skirt kissing my arse cheeks. I turn around letting him grope my chest. I open my dress letting him fondle my tits over my bra. He pulls a breast our fondling it.

” Nice. ” He says.

” I need to get to my next patient. ” I say putting my tits back and adjusting my dress.

” Thanks for the grope. ” He says pushing his sheet down. His cock hard. I reach for it and lean in stroking it. My lips down over his knob. I stroke as I suck it.

Minutes later he cums. I swallow his cum and lick it clean.

” Wow. ” I say.

” Should not have done that ” having a drink of water.

” You are my favourite nurse. ” He says as I walk out.

β€˜ What have I done ?’ I think walking to my next patient.

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    We need more of this story please

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    You are my favorite nurse and always will be I love that you swallowed my load tell them what happened the next night [smiles]

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    Amazing story
    Text me at [email protected] if you’ll like to have fun

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    NancyP do you have an email where we could chat?