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The babesitter 4

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“HAAA-mmm OOOH FUCK ITS TOO MUCH I’M gonna break!” Carly whimperd as she held my head in place while I sucked on her tween clit, it felt like she was trying to drown me in her pussy juice. On the other side of the floor was Rose doing the same to Kelly making very loud sloppy kiss sounds. Kelly was bashfully covering her face as her aunt bathed her cunt in slobber.

“That’s it girls just relax, oh my goodness your both doing so so well.” Maya sat in between them holding their hands coaching them through it, she was such a good mother.

“Mm oh Kelly belly your bush is coming along so nicely I can’t wait to see it fully grown.” Rose giggled as she caressed the blonde patch of stubble that will one day be Kelly’s pussy hair. “Hehehaha….ST-STOP IT THAT TICKLES! AH…HNG…UUUUUHHHH-SHIT!” Kelly’s pussy blasted cum directly into Rose’s mouth. She simply gulped it all down and licked her lips. “Yummy.”

“UUHHGG….MMMM-YESYESYESYESYES-ah-OOOOOH” Carly’s pussy always had a particular sweetness to it. It was also quite lovely watching her squirm with euphoria as I sucked every last drop of cum out of her.

“HA looks like it’s my win Chris.” Rose declared before embracing Kelly for some post cum kisses. Ever since me and the girls moved in with Rose. We have been having what she called “cumtests”. Contests to see who was the better lay. Who could watch Kelly pound Carly with a strap-on without joining in/masturbating, who could make the other cum without using their hands. Or who could go the whole day with a remote controlled toy controlled by the twins. So far it has been Rose, me, and me again. Todays cumtest was to see who could make the twins cum faster with cunnilingus alone.

“So that means we’re tied right. So what should be the tie breaker then?” I asked as Carly wrapped her arms around me kissing me on the cheek and neck repeatedly, almost as a way of saying “thank you for making me cum so much.” I simply reached around her and fondled her adorable chest.

“Hhmmm well I have a few fufu” she said with a sinister smile, that was never a good sign.

“How do you feel about peg-“

“Absolutely not.” I answered as matter of factly as I could, even I have my limits. Her devilish smile quickly melted into a disappointed pout.

“Uhg you sound just like my ex, well I got noth-fufufu.” The sinister smile came back with a vengeance. I was confused and slightly frightened as to what she was thinking before she started nodding over to Maya’s direction. To my surprise I could feel a grin creep up on my face as well.

“Me? Oh my what could you want with little old me?” When it came to sex Maya rarely joined in. Much more content to watch me and her daughters go at it like animals. But when she did decide to tag in, holy shit it was like making love to Aphrodite herself. Or at least it was for me, Rose and Maya were sisters so god only knew how many time they have fucked in their life.

“ALRIGHT I HAVE DECIDED, we will see who can seduce Maya first! The winner, gets a full hour with her.” I could already feel my heart race with excitement. I had to win whatever it took I absolutely had to win.

“Ohh to choose between the man I love or my dear big sister. Oh dear what should I do girls.” I couldn’t tell whether or not she was just pretending to be this flustered but regardless it was still really fucking hot.

“Obviously you choose daddy.” Carly chimed in. “Did you not see how much he made me cum, besides look at his abs, you could grate cheese on them. She said as she smacked my chest.

“Oh please if you want abs to grind on then mine are the best choice. This is what 5 years at the gym looks like hehe.” Rose giggled before striking a seductive pose, flaunting her gorgeous body, Maya started biting her lip.

“A-AUNT ROSE IS RIGHT! She let me straddle on top of her the other day and it was lots of fun!” Kelly agreed much to my surprise.

“Kelly sweetie are you siding with aunt Rose? How adorable.”

“ tch She just wants a big no guys allowed lesbian orgy, isn’t that right carpet muncher.” Carly sneered at her sister.

N-no I-I-I just….want to make things fair. Kelly lied, poorly.

When it came to sex Kelly almost always prefers women. Sure my cock drives her crazy just as it does her sister and mother but she would always be the first to dive head first into her moms cunt.

I walked over Maya and stuck my raging hard cock just inches away from her face.

“Come on Maya baby, look at what you and your bouncy figure did to my cock.” My duck was practically Maya’s mouth was practically watering.

“D-did you get bigger?” Maya asked shocked.

“Yep, a whole 2 inches, making this bad boy a whopping 10 inches long, think you can handle it.”

“Oh ch-Chris” her lower lip was practically tickling the head of my cock. I braced myself for the blowjob of a lifetime.

“Alright time to stop playing nice.” Rose said before shoving me aside and pouncing onto Maya like a panther in heat. Their bodies smooshed together.

“Come on now Maya are you really just gonna say no to your dear big sister? The same sister who played with you every time you asked and always knew exactly where to poke, squeeze, and lick to drive you wild?” Maya didn’t answer she simply opened her mouth like a hungry baby bird, I was losing her.

“good girl, looks like I win again Chris.” Rose said as she lowered her self down to reward her sister with a deep passionate kiss. But unfortunately for her I wasn’t going to go down so easily.

I firmly gripped Rose’s butt and pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole.

“Wha-HEY WHAT ARE YOU DO-MMF!?” Maya wrapped her arms around Rose as I plunged my cock in her ass full force. Kelly and Carly crawled over and clung to me as I continued fucking Rose. I reached down to finger Maya, she was sopping wet.

“Nothing gets Maya off more then watching the people she loves fuck their brains out. If you were half the lay you claim to be you would have known that. MF….fuck I’m getting close already.

Rose had to pry herself away from Maya’s lips.

“YOU ASSHOLE!! I SWEAR I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS CHRIS. I’M GONNA PEG YOU SO HARD YOUR ASS WILL BE THE SIZE OF AN OREO….Ah-ah-ah-ah…OOOOOOOH FUUUCK!” We both came at the same time. Hot semen was oozing out of Roses ass. I simply rolled here over and picked Maya up bride style.

“Oh my Chris, such a gentleman!” I carried Maya over to the bed and wasted no time going to town on her body. I began stroking her legs upwards before reaching her feet which I began bathing in saliva, licking them as if they were ice cream.

“Oooh Nono stop…don’t lick me there-AAAH….it’s dirty!” Maya moaned as I started pinching her nipples and grinding my cock against he pussy lips.

“I know, because your a dirty little slut aren’t you Maya. I won’t stop until I have licked every part of you clean!” I sucked on her big toe as if it were a lollipop.

Rose looked on in defeat, clutching her pussy as if fighting the urge to masturbate. Kelly and Carly clung to her just like they did to me while I was fucking her.

“Hey Aunt Rosie all that made us really really horny, can we pleeeeeaaaase have a threesome?” Carly asked nuzzling her head into Rose’s chest.

“Pretty please? We have plenty of toys in our room.” Kelly offered. Rose smiled.

“God you two are so fucking cute, fine come on I need to take this sexual frustration out on something and your bodies will be more than enough. Fuck her good and hard Chris ya hear me?” Rose said as she left the room with a firm grip on both Kelly and Carly’s supple teenage butts. I nodded and pushed Mayas legs down into a mating press and began fucking her without remorse.

“AAH-OF FUCK CHRIS….OOOOOH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!” Maya was in absolute bliss. I couldn’t be happier. I started viciously sucking on her tits as hard as I could.


“FUCK ME TOO I WONT STOP UNTIL ALL FOUR OF YOU HAVE A BABY INSIDE OF YOU!” I loved her so much it drove me crazy.

“Shit I’m cumming Maya, and it’s a big one this time.”

“AH-AHA-AAAH…..DO IT IN MY MOUTH PLEASE HURRY IM BEGGING YOU CHRIS!” I quickly pulled out and crawled over to Maya as fast as I could. I quickly shoved my cock into her mouth and unloaded probably the biggest nut of my life down her throat.

“MMMFF MGH MMMM!!” She started cradling my balls as I patted her head for being such a good girl, every gulping sound she made was music to my ears. I turned around and noticed she squirted all over the sheets.

At this point she was just sucking my cock. I tried to pull out but she grabbed my ass and forced me back in.

“Maya please I don’t think I got any left in me.” I felt a swift slap across my ass. Now I know where Carly gets her bratty attitude.

“AH! Jeez fine I guess it won’t hurt to stay like this for a little longer.” We stayed like that for a good while, I pet her hair and gripped the bed frame as she continued to slurp as much of my cock as she could. Her mouth was as heavenly as I had hoped and more.

“Aah-AAAAAH WH-What are you two do-OH…OOOOOH” we could hear Rose and the girls from here. I turned to Maya.

“Sounds like things are getting exciting in the girls room, wanna see? Maya spat my now flaccid cock out of her mouth. We didn’t even bother getting dressed, we simply got out of bed and bolted for the guest room were Carly and Kelly were staying.

“Carly I don’t think she can take much more.” Kelly said nervously, worried they were gonna break their Aunt.

“Come on Kelly where’s your sense of adventure? Besides it’s just a little thicker than the last one. No one could have prepared us for the sight we were met with. Not only had Kelly and Carly somehow managed to overpower their nympho Aunt. But they were now shoving various toys and toy shaped objects into her pussy and ass, she must have had at least three vibrators in her pussy alone. Carly was holding a wiffle ball bat and from the looks of it had every intention of shoving it up Rose’s ass.

“JUST FUCKING DO IT PLEEEEEASE!!” Rose quickly noticed us in the doorway, her face turned as red as a tomato.

“Having fun sis?” Maya teased. Carly’s face lit up she ran over to us.


Carly kept wildly explaining what she, Kelly and Rose were doing this whole time as Maya patiently listened. I simply walked over to the handcuffed Rose ready to brag about how hungry for cock Maya was.

“Oh and you’ll never believe what we found out while Aunt Rosie ate us out at the same time. Carly continued.

“What is it sweetie?” Maya asked intrigued. Carly cleared her throat, whatever this was it was gonna be big.

“I’M PREGNANT!!!” Carly proudly shouted. We all stopped dead in our tracks. I quickly dashed over to her.

“I’m sorry, your WHAT!?” I could barely process what she just said.

“Pregnant, I’m pregnant. Isn’t that great?” Said the blissfully ignorant 13 year old girl with a giggle and a smile.

Me and Maya looked at each other. With both excitement and a lot of panic.

“I’m sorry but can someone get these of of me? Kelly threw the key across the room.” Rose chimed in.

To be continued.

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