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Swallows & Amazons – Part 3

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The action continues, and things suddenly turn nasty!

Even with the light shining through the tent fabric, the three children woke late. John was the first up, and made the campfire again, and started to boil some water.

Susan got up next, followed a few minutes later by Titty. There were some strange looks between them. But no one said anything about what they had seen or done last night, but that was likely to change as Titty always found it hard to keep a secret.

While they were having breakfast, they discussed what they were going to do today. They decided they would go swimming first to clean up a bit, though none of them said why they had become so smelly during one night on the island. Then they would take the Swallow out for a bit of fishing.

The sun was out again, and it was going to be another hot day. They cleared up the plates and cutlery, and got into their swimming costumes. Titty got changed in the tent first, followed by Susan, and John in his tent. The girls wore their one piece costumes which were plain black while John’s were stripy blue and white trunks. Titty noticed that both John and Susan’s costumes were rather small now for their developing bodies, and she also noticed that John suddenly decided to wrap his towel around himself on their walk down to the beach, but not before Titty had noticed his trunks were tighter than before due to what she guessed was a large erection he was having difficulty in controlling.

Susan smiled at him as they walked, little knowing what Titty had witnessed last night, and she could see the glances between them showing their lustful thoughts for each other.

John got into the water quickly, even though it was very cold. The girls took ages getting in, splashing their bodies to get them adjusted to the cold before fully immersing themselves, and quickly swimming around to get warmed up. They swam a floated for a while before they had a race across to Cormorant Island. They gave Titty a headstart, but John still won easily. They had a quick look round the island. There was the single tree with much of its roots exposed to the air, and a bit of grass, but not much else so they decided to make their way back at a slow leisurely pace.

They splashed around a bit in the shallows, John and Susan being a lot closer together than was really needed thought Titty, and she could see them in the cool clear water, touching each other under the water, and flicking their nipples that were standing out.

They all went back to camp to get changed, and they all managed to do this without any sexual bonding. Susan keeping her lesbian fling with Titty a secret from John, and John keeping his encounter with Susan a secret from Titty, and Susan keeping secrets from both (so she thought!).

After a quick sandwich for lunch, they set off in the Swallow for some fishing. They weren’t sure where the best place would be for this, but decided that the sheltered cove near to where ‘Captain Flint’s’ houseboat was would be the best. They stayed for an hour or so, and caught a few fish that they could cook for tea and talked a bit about the next few days, and what the smoke was coming out of the trees across the lake.

As they packed up their fishing gear and set their sails, they found they had drifted a bit towards the houseboat, and they noticed the uncle ‘Captain Flint’ out on deck waving a large wooden pole.

“Oi! You thieving young gits” they heard him shout “What have you done with it? I’m going to call the police if you don’t bring it back”.
“What the hell is he talking about?” said John
“I’ve no idea” said Titty “and I don’t really want to find out when he is so angry. I think we should leave, let him calm down, and then come back and speak to him”.

With that they set off back to Wild Cat Island being closely watched by the Captain. It was just at that moment that they saw the other sailing boat coming out from behind the houseboat. On it were two sailors. One they guessed was Nancy, but the other they could not see.

“Let’s see if they know anything more about what Captain Flint is on about.” said Susan “Hopefully they will be more sensible, and know we had nothing to do with it, whatever it is”.

John changed direction, and the Swallow set off in pursuit. The wind was quite brisk, and it seemed that they were gaining on the other boat for a while, but with the extra weight the Swallow was carrying, the other one pulled away. They tried to shout out, but with the wind blowing, they probably couldn’t be heard. With the wind direction as it was, the Swallow crew decided they should turn back, and just as they did this, the other boat raised another flag on their mast. It was a skull and crossbones.

“They’re pirates as well?” shouted Titty “We need to keep a look out for them from now on”

With that, John headed back to their island wondering what had just happened. When they got back, John dropped off the girls to start getting the food ready for tea, while he sailed on to collect some supplies from the local town they had named Rio.

It was getting late when he got to town, but one general store was still open. It seemed to be run by one woman, who he assumed was Mrs Dixon, as the store was called Dixons General Stores on a sign over the door. She was aged he guessed about 40 years old, and didn’t seem to have any helpers.

“You’ll have to be quick please young man as I’m shutting up soon.” she said to John in a cheery voice, and she watched John as he chose what they needed, mainly fresh stuff they couldn’t keep cool on the island.

John collected the bits he needed from the shelves, but had a strange feeling he was being watched more closely than necessary.

“Have you come far?” Mrs Dixon said suddenly from a few feet away.
“Err no. Just across the lake.” John responded “Do you work here alone?” he continued to make polite conversation.
“Yes I do now, ever since my husband died last year”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that” John said rather sheepishly.
“Don’t worry it’s fine. But I have been getting lonely recently, and need a man about the house to help me out a bit” to which she grinned in a way that John didn’t quite understand.

John finished collecting the bits he needed in a basket and took it to the counter. Mrs Dixon counted up the prices, and John paid the money. They then both walked to the door, Mrs Dixon in front, which John thought meant she was going to open the door for him, but she stopped as she got there. She looked out, up the street one way, and then the other, turned the sign on the door to ‘Closed’, and to John’s surprise, she bolted the door and turned off the lights.

Mrs Dixon turned to John now, and before he could protest about being locked in, she said to him
“Well young man, as I am so lonely, I need someone like you to ‘help me out a bit’.” and with that, she unbuttoned her dress, and let it drop to the floor, then she undid her bra, and threw this to one side, before bending down to pull down her underwear.

Although John was shocked, his cock began to give away how he was feeling as Mrs Dixon pulled him close and kissed him hard while massaging his groin area with her free hand.

“Oh god! You don’t know how long it has been since I had sex. I have waited so long, and as soon as you came in the shop, I knew what I needed. Now let’s get these things off you”, and with that she pulled off John’s shirt, and undid the buckle on his trousers.

John couldn’t hide his arousal, and as the woman pulled down his underpants, his erection sprung free causing Mrs Dixon to gasp as she looked at it closely, and squeezed the hot flesh. Over the last few days, John had seen and done things he never imagined would happen, and he was wondering why women had suddenly found him attractive. He didn’t think about that for long, as he was now rampantly horny, and he didn’t mind how he was to get sexual relief. He just had to get it!

Mrs Dixon pulled him over to the counter, and leaned over it wiggling her ass at him.
“Fuck me now young man” she didn’t even ask him his name “stick your young cock inside me. It’s been so long”

Mrs Dixon was not unattractive, and John smiled to himself as he remembered what he had always been told by his adopted mother and father, to be nice, and do what older people ask you to do without question. It was a matter of being helpful and polite. Obviously they had never thought this situation would arise, but John was always polite and helpful, so didn’t question.

He rubbed his dick against her wet pussy, and pushed his manhood into this willing woman. He was an animal now, taking advantage of the female in a wild mating session. He rammed home his huge shaft, as deep as it would go, and began thrusting in and out causing Mrs Dixon to gasp and moan and shout. He quickly became hot, and savored the sounds she was making along with the sounds of his fucking as their flesh slapped against each other.

John was the rampant dog he had watched back home in the city, just fucking for the pleasure into a willing female of the species. He was thinking evil thoughts as they both lost control of what they were doing. Luckily the sun wasn’t shining in to the store, otherwise people outside would have been easily able to see what was happening, though they probably could if they had their noses to the windows and shaded their eyes.

John got even wilder. He was almost a blur of a fucking frenzy. He held Mrs Dixon down over the counter. Her head was to one side, with John’s hands pushing down on her neck and back so she couldn’t move while John continued with his punishment. Both of them were breathing fast now, and the woman below began to shake and tremble as her first ever orgasm hit her. Her late husband of many years had never done anything like this to her as she let the waves of pleasure wash over her as she was soundly fucked by this young stud who could go on for ages longer than her husband ever did.

She let him go on for another five minutes, in which she orgasmed three more times, loudly proclaiming to the world that she was enjoying being fucked again. However then realisation began to dawn on her that this was very risky, and to become single pregnant woman in such a small town would be difficult to explain. She hoped that John had not already leaked out too much pre-cum, but she was hoping the copious amounts of her own fluids would have washed this away.

Without explanation, she pushed herself up off the counter to John’s surprise, causing his rock hard shaft to pop out of the woman’s slippery pussy. Standing there with his cock pointing at the ceiling, Mrs Dixon knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. This was something John had never experienced before from his mother or from the short time Susan did it to him, but it was like nothing before. He had seen Nancy do it to her uncle, but now he was going to find out what it was really like.

Mrs Dixon had been made to do it to her husband. He had directed her on how to give him the most pleasure so she knew what to do, but had never done it for love before, just as a marriage ‘duty’.

John’s cock was shiny and wet as she licked it from top to bottom before engulfing it in her mouth and began to suck hard. John couldn’t believe the sensations running up his shaft as the blood was sucked into it causing it to throb with lust as she ran her tongue around the head, savoring the taste of his cum that was oozing out. This oral punishment was more than he was able to contain, and within a minute, he knew he would not be able to hold back any longer. He was unsure whether he should shoot his load into a woman’s mouth, and whether she would find it disgusting, but he was beyond the point where he cared.

John needn’t have worried, as Mrs Dixon had lost count of the number of times she’d had to do this to her husband, and lost count of the gallons of his spunk she had swallowed over the years, and it was while she had been doing this the last time, when he had his fatal heart attack.

She could feel the tell tale sign of an imminent male ejaculation as John’s hips thrust forward, and she could feel his cock swell even more than it was already. She squeezed his balls and ran her nails along his scrotum, intensifying the final act which even though she was so experienced in oral sex, it took her by surprise. With one long groan, John emptied the contents of his balls into the mouth of the woman below him. Spurt after spurt of warm salty liquid were deposited into her willing mouth, and was immediately swallowed down. Mrs Dixon had forgotten how it felt and tasted as it hit the back of her throat. This was different from before. Even though she had not had the boy shoot his load into her vagina, she was happy that he was happy as she looked up to see him looking at the ceiling breathing hard with an open mouth.

John’s cock continued to pulse, throb and twitch as Mrs Dixon pulled back and flicked her tongue against the underside of the head causing three more powerful spurts to fly over her head and onto the counter top.

She slowly let his deflating penis drop from her mouth, and she wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she stood up.

“There that’s better isn’t it? I hope you can come to do more shopping some time soon?” she said in a deep husky voice as she looked John in the eyes. All John could do was nod, but after a moment he grinned a wicked smile.

“Thank you Mrs Dixon your shop is most delightful, and the staff are most helpful to my every need. I will definitely be back, and will recommend any other young men to come and help you out when ever they are in town.”

With that, John got dressed, and was walked to the door by Mrs Dixon, who stood to one side out of sight as she opened it, giving John a sneaky kiss. She was still completely naked. When she had re-locked the door she turned back to the shop, and got out her broom and cloth, and still in the nude began sweeping the floor. When she got to wiping the counter, she couldn’t resist bending forward and licking the splats of sperm that had landed on it before wiping it with a damp cloth.
She could not help thinking to herself that she will never be able to look at this place in the same way again. She gave a contented sign as she saw John walking across the road to the pier, and watched as he climbed on board and sailed away.

“You were a long time” Susan said when he got back to camp.
“I was having a chat with the storekeeper in town while getting the shopping” John replied trying to hide his face which may have given away the truth.
Titty and Susan had prepared the fish they had caught, and they had a nice meal with some of the bits John had brought back for town.

They were just clearing up when there was a whoosh sound, and an arrow embedded itself in the trunk of one of the trees holding up the tents.

“Hands up!” said a voice.
“Who’s there” John shouted

With that, a girl stepped out from behind a tree together with another girl a few feet away.

“You’re the pirates we saw earlier” said Titty, cowering behind John
“Yes we are. I’m Nancy, and this is my sister Peggy, and what are you doing on our island? This belongs to the Amazons”
“That’s us two” added Peggy pointing to herself and Nancy
“It’s not your island, anyone can stay here” said John “Anyway, put that bow down, and lets talk”

They sat around the fire for a while, and the Walkers got a better look at the two girls. John and Susan knew Nancy already, but didn’t let on that they had seen her naked and being fucked by her uncle. Peggy was not as tall as Nancy She had short hair and was slightly more chubby, but strong looking.

“My uncle is rather mad at you for stealing his typewriter and the pages of the book he was writing”.
“We did nothing of the sort” said John “and as the most senior person here, I will go and see him in the morning to sort this out”.
“He still won’t be happy, and who put you in charge?” said Nancy
“I’m eldest, so I’m in charge” said John in his most bossy voice.
“We will see about that” said Nancy and Peggy together before Nancy continued “I say that we have a duel, and I think the best way is for us to declare war, and the first crew to capture the other crew or boat wins, and then they decide on who is in charge. Starting tomorrow”.

With that, they shook hands to seal the deal, and the Amazons walked away down to the beach, where their boat was tied up. The Walkers had only seen it from a distance, but close-up now, they could see the nameplate “The Amazon”, and it was of a similar size to the Swallow.

“We will see you tomorrow losers!” said Nancy to the others.

John leaned forward out of earshot of the others.

“I don’t think so” before adding “When this is all over, I hope we can get to know each other better, just like your uncle on his houseboat”.

Nancy was taken aback for a moment, but whispered her response.
“Okay you got me there. I love to fuck, but so do you, and with your sister you dirty fucker”.

This was something John had not expected.

“Okay you got me there” John whispered back copying what Nancy had said “But I’m willing to show you a good time you sexy fucker, and your sister if she wants a big stiff cock stuffed up inside her tight cunt”
“We’ll see shall we. She may not be that much into boys” Nancy said to throw John off guard again, before she climbed in the Amazon and sailed off.
All the fresh air and sunshine of the day had made the Walkers very tired, and although John had hoped that Susan would make another night time visit, they had all fallen asleep very quickly, and did not wake up until morning.

The next day dawned sunny and hot again, but much to their disappointment, there was practically no wind, so their was not much chance of the ‘War’ commencing today. There would be no way the Amazons could get from the end of the lake to Wild Cat Island without being seen during the day, especially with no wind, so the three siblings decided that the short crossing to the smoke in the forest would be possible by rowing.

They set off straight after breakfast, with Susan rowing to start with, and Titty steering, but Susan and John swapped over half way, and they got across to the bank in about 40 minutes. They tied the Swallow to a tree, and made their way into the forest, climbing higher all the time. There was a path, but it was overgrown, and the forest made it very dark at ground level. Finally they could see and smell the smoke coming from a clearing a little way ahead, and suddenly the sun was shining down on them.

There were three men working on what looked like mounds of earth, and to one side, there was a tent like a teepee, which Titty guessed was where they lived. When they got closer the men noticed them approach, and were friendly. The Walkers talked to them for a while about that they were on holiday, and wondered what the smoke was in the trees, and the men explained that they were charcoal burners. They cut down trees, and burned the wood, but under a mound of earth so that there was very little oxygen. This created charcoal if left for long enough which they sold in the town as a low smoke fuel.

Titty found this very interesting, and asked lots of questions, and while talking about the town, the men talked about some strange men they had seen in the pub. They were strangers, but didn’t seem to be tourists. They kept asking questions like Titty did, mainly about the man on the houseboat. They all had a laugh when Titty referred to him a Captain Flint, but they turned serious when the charcoal burners said to avoid these men as they did not look as if they could be trusted.

“Don’t worry.” Titty said “I can look after myself, and I have a sharpened stick to fight anyone who come too close”

They all laughed again before one man mentioned whether any of the walkers had seen a snake. They all replied that they had only seen ones in a zoo, and at this, one of the men said there was one in a box in their tent. They could see it, but one at a time as it was venomous, and could be scared into striking out if they all crowded round.

Titty went first, followed by John. The snake was an Adder and was about 2 feet long with diamond patterns on its back. One of the men held it tightly by the head while the children took a closer look and stroked the shiny skin. Then one of the men offered to take Titty and John to see a tree being cut down which would be used next in the burners. He said he may let them have a go with the axe if they were good. He seemed to be much older than the other two, and was probably the boss or the father of the others.

When John and Titty were out of sight, it was Susan’s turn to see the snake. The tent was very gloomy, and the smell of smoke was all around causing her eyes to water a bit.

“So you want to see the snake do you?” to which Susan nodded “Well have you ever seen a one eyed trouser snake?” Susan shook her head having never heard the phrase before “Well come over here, into this corner, and I’ll let you touch it”

The corner was dark, and there were some straw mattresses on the ground. Susan heard some rustling.

“Now close your eyes and reach out with your hand” said the man.

Susan heard the other man come in from outside, and there was more sound behind her. Even though it was a strange request especially when there was a venomous snake around, she did as she was told, and reached out.

Now having touched John’s cock a few times now, she knew straight away what it was when her hand touched something warm and soft, completely wrong from what Titty had said the snake felt like. Her hand recoiled, and she opened her eyes immediately. Susan turned to get out of the tent, but her way was blocked by the other man.

“Now girly” the first man said, standing there with his trousers around his ankles and his dick standing out in front of him “We have been here for months, with only a few trips to town, and we need something that only a woman can give”.
“Let me out of here” Susan demanded, hoping John would hear.
“We won’t until we have had some relief” said the other man “It’s you, or we do this to your sister. She looks very pretty as well.” he sneered.
“Ok Ok” stammered Susan “Please don’t hurt her. I’ll do as you say. I won’t tell on you”. Hoping she wouldn’t regret saying that in a while.
“You had better not, or we will find you and your family and do things that won’t be nice. So do as your told, and we won’t hurt you, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

The two men who were both naked now closed up to Susan. She could smell the smoke on their bodies and alcohol on their breath as they started to fondle her all over. They were smiling, and were very horny as she could feel their erections poking her from the front and behind.

She could then feel four hands undoing buttons on her blouse and skirt before they were pulled off and thrown to one side. Then her bra clasps were undone, and finally the man in front of her slid his hands down her waist and hooked his thumbs into the sides of her knickers. He kissed her on the neck, before slowly bending down, pulling her panties down at the same time, letting his tongue slobber down her chest, and flicking one of her nipples as he passed.

Susan still hoped the others would get back soon and rescue her, but from the fondling, licking and kissing, even though she was scared about her situation, she was slightly turned on.

Both men came round to face her, and they both stood back to admire Susan’s nubile teen body. Even in the gloom of the tent, they could see her flawless skin, perfect breasts, flat stomach and beautifully formed downy pussy. They knelt down on one of the mattresses, and each took one of her breasts in their hands and began squeezing and massaging it while kissing, licking and sucking it. Susan was becoming turned on, and cradled their heads like she was breast feeding an infant, holding their hair, pulling them close, and taking in the intoxicating smell of the horny men, and the smoky atmosphere of the tent.

With a free hand, both men began rubbing the inside of Susan’s thighs, creeping higher all the time, causing feelings that Susan tried to suppress given that she was being taken advantage of by two men blackmailing her into performing sexual acts, but failing.

The men pushed their hands further up her legs, and to their surprise, Susan moved her legs further apart to allow them access to her most (and moist!) sensitive areas. They could already feel her involuntary emission of juices as they rubbed her pussy before they both inserted two fingers into her causing her to gasp at this violation. However her arousal was starting to overwhelm her, and she was abandoning all inhibitions to the men. She had only ever been with one man (or woman) before, and the thought of having sex with two men at once was scary, but also sensationally sexy.

The two men kept up their assault on the girl for minutes on end, causing her to dribble love juices down onto their hands and down her legs as they masturbated her and flicked her clit. She held on tight to the men as she started to shiver with and impending orgasm which erupted from her with a loud moan.

“There girl that wasn’t so bad” said one of the men, and Susan hoped that her ordeal was over, but he then added “I don’t know about you mate” he said to the other man “but I think while there is still time before the others come back I want to fuck this young bitch”.
“I’m with you mate. Now on your hands and knees” said the other man to Susan causing fear to rise in her again.

She did as she was told thinking of what she was saving Titty from, knowing what was going to happen from her night of passion with John, but had no idea what was actually about to happen.

One man knelt down behind her, and she felt him rub his cock up and down her wet pussy, which she hoped would lubricate it more. Then he entered her from behind like John did. The man gasped as he pushed all the way in, not believing how warm and tight it was. Susan could feel him going in to the hilt, and he stopped there, savoring the feeling. Susan had her eyes closed tight at this point, and didn’t see the other man kneel down in front of her, pointing his cock towards her face.

She opened her eyes to see the head of a large penis pointing at her, with the man jerking himself off at her face. She was confused, and being so inexperienced, didn’t realise what the man was wanting her to do until he shifted forward.

“Right you fucking slag, suck my cock like one of those back street whores do.” and with that, he took his cock in hand, and pushed it against Susan’s lips.

She guessed what he wanted her to do, but had no idea how to do it. She opened her mouth and took the rampant male member into her. The man began thrusting forward and back, and Susan did as she was told, and began to suck. Unknowingly she was a natural at oral sex, keeping up the negative pressure in her mouth, flicking her tongue over and around the head, and keeping her teeth well out of the way. She could taste the man’s pre-cum in her throat, all salty and slippery, all the while the other man was ramming into her warm accommodating vagina.

Suddenly, as if a switch had been flicked, both men knew what they wanted from the girl. They withdrew from her leaving her gasping for air, again thinking they had finished with her, and she would be free to go. She was wrong again!

The man who was in front of her lay down on the mattress, and she thought she would mount the man like she did when John first entered her. However the other man grabbed her by the waist and turned her over so she was on her back lying against the man below her. The man in front of her pulled her legs wide apart and rubbed her pussy a few times more causing her female juices to flow more between her legs and onto the dick of the man below her. This man then reached down between their bodies and took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down Susan’s pussy a few times.

Okay, Susan thought, “he wants to fuck me as well. I can survive that”.

But the next moment he did something she did not think was possible. His now lubricated cock poked against her anus which contracted involuntarily, but for some reason that she couldn’t understand, he didn’t stop pushing. His penis was as hard as a rock, and with the other man still rubbing her pussy, this feeling caused her to relax, allowing the other man to strike home. There was not as much pain as she thought there would be as Susan was anally violated as the man’s cockhead popped into her hole, and sliding deeper into her rectum. Her eyes went wide in terror. The other man smiled and then leaned forward, and penetrated her vagina with his rampant cock. Susan was completely helpless. The man below her held her tight with his hands on her tits, while the other man loomed over her sandwiching her between them.

The man in her pussy thrust away in time with the other man. He grabbed her hair, pulling her face to his and kissing her hard and pushing his tongue into her mouth. Still holding a clump of her hair he stopped kissing her, and held her head forward, forcing her to watch herself being double penetrated.

Susan could feel both cocks inside her rubbing against the thin barrier between both. The pain and shock had passed now, and strangely now, she was starting to enjoy the abandoned evil fucking she was receiving. As she knew she couldn’t get pregnant, she thought to herself that she could do anything with her body. She knew she was attractive, and could have any man (or men) she desired, and was going to push the boundaries of perversion to experience all there was to experience in the debauched world of sex.

The two men were pounding her holes at a faster pace now. In and out they thrust the sounds of skin slapping against skin increased as they went to the limit of penetration and their balls hit Susan’s thighs and groin. The sounds were getting wetter sounding as pre-cum and Susan’s lubricating fluids mixed and dripped out of her onto the mattress. The men knew they didn’t have much more time, and increased speed again. All three of them were gasping for air and groaning louder as they reached the end of their task. The men didn’t think about the consequences of having sex with this teenage girl, or that they may make her pregnant, or that they could go to jail for a long time. They climaxed at the same time with a guttural roar spitting large quantities of sperm into Susan’s orifices which she could feel with each ejaculation splashing against her insides until she could take no more. With a shaking orgasm, she threw herself out from between the two men, and lay on her back for a minute regaining her breath as semen oozed out of her.

After a few more minutes of recovery, the men got up.

“Babe, you were great.” said one of them “No, you were fucking great. I’d love to fuck you all day and night, but I’m sure we will have company soon”
“And don’t forget our talk earlier!” said the other man in a threatening manner “or we’ll find you and your sister and fuck you both while your brother watches”.

Susan nodded as she was pulled to her feet, and made to get dressed while the two men did the same. This was just in time, as the older man along with John and Titty were just reaching the edge of the clearing as the threesome exited the tent.

“Now did everyone enjoy themselves?” the older man said to everyone,

They all nodded, though some were nodding for different reasons from the others. They said their goodbyes, and started their climb back down the hill to the Swallow.

“What happened out in the forest?” said Susan
“We saw where they store their wood ready for burning, and he used his axe to cut down a tree” said Titty “He even let us have a go, but I could hardly lift it. It takes ages to do. What did you do?”
“Oh nothing much” replied Susan walking slightly stiffly back to the boat. “They showed me two snakes, and gave me something to eat. I’m full up now.” she said trying not to smirk as semen continued to soak her knickers and drip down her legs.
“Sounds great” said Titty “I’d love to see both snakes. I only saw one, and I am a bit hungry and thirsty now and would like something to fill my belly”

Little did Titty know the fate Susan had saved her from and the sordid sacrifice she had made to save her sister from being ‘filled up’.

The journey back down the hill was quick, and the row back to Wild Cat Island was also quick, but the three of them kept a lookout for any sign of the Amazons, but there was none.

“We need to make a plan on how we are going to capture the Amazon” said John as they sat around the fire “We can’t sneak up on them during the day, so we need to do it in the evening or in the dark. We need to find where they have the Amazon tied-up, and get it while their asleep.”
“Okay” added Susan “We can see if the wind picks up later. We can’t row all the way to the end of the lake”.

So they talked until late working out how things would work, and planned their attack as soon as the wind allowed.

End of Part 3. Hope you are enjoying so far? More to follow, and this time Titty is the victim!

Wickr – satan666bad

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