Santa Ho!

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Husband gets up to see what is the noise downstairs.finds Santa Ho!A new twist on night before christmas!

I thought I would drop a Christmas story for you.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,not a creature was stirring except for my mouse.the kids in their beds and me in our room.thoughts of naughty things danced in my head.thinking of ladies in candy cane dresses danced in my head,with my head aglow with naughty.and the misses asleep i reached over to give her a squeeze.then all of a sudden there came such a noise i pulled my hand off her tit to see what was the matter.i sprang from my bed my dick a flying.i ran down stairs to see what was the matter,from a small glow of light from the window did i see a sexy woman in a santa suit came to be.i said hey!and she turned and said ho ho ho.i asked her why she was here and she exclaimed she was santa ho!she then proceeded to drop her bags and dropped her dress and said this is your present this year and before i could react she jumped me and went to town on my wanting candy cane.before the night was over i was singing oh my jingle bells with a loud roar and a thump.i woke the next morning to find santa ho!gone with a note on my cane that said next year when i cum make sure the misses is up too.

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