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raping the student council president

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blackmailing the student council president and raped her

My name is jay and i am 15 years old and white. I am really horny and want to fuck a girl. But theres this one girl i want to fuck the most named Charlene she is also 15 and she is the student council president she is pretty,hot, has small titsand white.

One day as I was walking back home from school I saw Charlene harassing another student she was apparently insulting and hitting that student. I decided to hide and take a video of her harassing that student.

Then when i replayed the video at home i got an amazing idea and decided to use this to blackmail her so i can fuck her. I could not wait for the next day.

The next day, in recess i approached Charlene who was sitting with her friends in the canteen and I asked her “Could you follow me for a bit there is something I need to tell you in private” Charlene replied “alright” and followed me.

I showed her the video of her harassing that student and she got shocked and asked me to not send it to anyone. I told her if she does something for me I would not. Charlene asked me what i wanted and I replied her to meet me at the boys toilet at level 4 at 5pm today after school. Charlene went back to her friends and told her she could not hang out with them as she has student council work today and it will end very late

It was 5pm and Charlene had reached the boys toilet at level 4. The toilet had no cameras so no one would notice if we went in. I told her to go in the toilet with me and I locked the doors.

I told Charlene to strip naked right now she said she didn’t want too and I told her if she did not I would send this video to the teachers and ruin your reputation. Charlene got scared and started to strip naked.

I went to her and fondled with her small tits I then took photos of her and pulled my pants down asking her to suck my cock. She said she didn’t want to so I told her i would send all these naked photos of you to all the boys in this school. Charlene then sucked my cock it felt so good that i cummed inside her mouth

Charlene asked me if i was done and I told her no and pushed her to the wall and positioned my penis to enter her vagina. It was difficult and she tried to struggle so i forcefully held her hands up and when I went in it was so tight. Charlene told me to stop it and will do anything but that. But lust took over me and i pushed it inside her deeper

I went and fucked her harder and faster for about 10 minutes and i cummed inside her. I told her we are not done yet and fucked her in the ass as well I penetrated her and she started crying. After we were done I took photos of her and told her if she tells this to anyone I will send everyone the photos and video of you harassing that student and that if I ever felt like fucking her again she better comply

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  • Reply wong ID:1d2u9oe2foxn

    that’s cap, “Most schools have recess all the way up till graduation” I’ve never heard of anyone in highschool having recess, just say you got held back 4 times

    • Tr ID:bgggn0bv4

      Every school including highschool in Australia have recess and lunch breaks

    • 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

      All schools in Europe have recess and lunch breaks.

      You truly need to stop thinking that what’s in US is the same as the rest of the world

      You guys aren’t the top 1 anymore
      Nowadays there’s dozens of countries offering far more than the US offers

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Ok story. Not many errors. Good use of paragraphs. Hope you continue to use her as a fucktoy, you should make her wear a collar at school and breed her

  • Reply Von ID:1ftmsxsb0i

    Make her go around school with a vibrater all day then take her home to preform bdsm

    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

      lulul recess is seriously for little kids and “alternative” short bus schools. you don’t do shit like that in high school unless you’re srsly special needs

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    15-year-olds with recess? shit boy, you must go to one of those retard schools.

    • Von ID:1ftmsxsb0i

      That’s a common thing?
      Did you just go to a shit school or somthing?
      Most schools have recess all the way up till graduation

  • Reply None ID:3q4fpapx49a

    Poorly written