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My Wife and College Rival

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My college rival is now my wife’s boss and he sends me pictures of him fucking her and make me a cuck , it’s a secret from my wife that he send me pic

So I am married; we married about 6 months ago. We were friends since our childhood and eventually got together when we were looking for a partner for ourselves.
We were not really close friends; we lived in the same area, so we had a lot of common friends. She was not a very popular girl in the school. She started getting attention when she was in college. I was always jealous of her due to that. All the boys in our area were very attracted to her, just because of her body. She became a fine female; her starts were identical to those of Janhvi Kapoor. Her face was not similar, though.
She had a boyfriend in school as well as a couple of boyfriends in college. I wasn’t in the same college as hers, but as she started to get hot, boys started to keep tabs on her.
So I was sure she wasn’t a virgin; she was very open about it and told me everything. She told me that she would have a job and would earn as well. She would also do some cooking here and there. She’s not a virgin; she’s had 4 boyfriends, and all of them have fucked her. I was shocked when I heard that. I asked her again, and she said it. I asked, “When did you do it on our campus?” She said, “I was not so popular, so many boys had a chance with me, and I gave one boy a chance, and he banged me.” I asked her who he was, and she said it was a boy from another class.
I was thrilled to marry her. I wasn’t a sex maniac; I wasn’t as obsessed with sex as my friends or any other man would be. I watched porn, but just for a small masturbation break, and the thought of sex never came into my mind till the next time I watched porn. It was the main reason that I didn’t use any social media, as it was all sexualized. I had an account, but I didn’t follow or do anything particular.
Our families were good friends, so the pressure was on, and we both liked each other well. We both saw a good companion in each other and got married.
Our wedding night was good; I wasn’t that awkward; she guided me very well; she was the one in control. It’s safe to say that I am submissive. She fucked with me, and we slept. I just have a 4-inch dick; I didn’t know if she was satisfied with it or not.
We had sex two times a week at the beginning, but eventually it got down to one time a week and then one time in two weeks. I was fine with it, as my fantasy was just to masturbate.
She was getting frustrated, and it was clear from her face and her attitude towards me. She started to get more aggressive and sometimes even started calling names. It was making me horny more than humiliated.
And one fine day, she went to her office, again frustrated, and in the evening, when she came back, she was really happy. Her frustration was all gone; she was all happy and satisfied. She ate well, she talked well, and she had a very good sleep. I asked her the next day what happened, and she said she got a new project and her boss might raise her salary. From that day onwards, she never had any anger in her, and I used to masturbate to her pictures. I used to edge all day and then cum in the night.
I asked her for sex as it had been 3 weeks, and she didn’t even touch me, nor did she even hug me. She gave me a hug and said, “It’s ok, we will have sex tomorrow.”
I made a social media account and started to use it more as I had plenty of time on my hands. I added some of my school friends, some college friends, and everyone, and many people who I have known added me. I accepted everyone. One day, an unknown ID added me, and I accepted it, just thinking it was someone I knew or something like that. But it wasn’t.
He was a college friend, kind of a rival of mine. He was a very intelligent kid, and I had a small fight with him over a girl. From then on, we always had an unsaid rivalry, and we tried to be better than each other. not in studies but in real life.
He sent me a picture of my wife, she was with him hugging him, and it was a very recent picture judging by her clothes and hairstyle. I asked who he was, as I didn’t recognize him. He said who he is, and I remember him. I asked, “Where have you been for so long?” and he sent a picture. It was my wife, naked, with a massive dick aligned in her pussy. I got horny and jealous. I acted furious and asked, “Why the fuck are you doing this?” He responded, “She’s my office colleague.” She works for me, and we are at work right now.
And I called my wife; she picked up the call and said she’s at work and in the middle of a meeting, and she immediately cut the call. I got another message, and he said, “Don’t call and ask her; just be a cuck like you have always been and enjoy it.” It’s a secret between you and me; just be a cuck and enjoy seeing your wife like this. And he sent another series of pictures of her getting fucked. She wasn’t looking at the camera; her face was in another direction.
He said, “She doesn’t know I am sending you these pictures, so just masturbate and enjoy these pictures.” I was at work, and I had to rush into the bathroom. I was so tired that I was thinking I had cummed in my pants. I was right. My underwear was wet. I wiped it with my hands and washed it.
My wife called me after about an hour; she asked what happened, and I told her it was nothing. And he cut the call. When I met her at home, she was ready to have sex. She lay down, and I started to push my dick into her. The pictures were going through my mind. I wasn’t able to get that out of my mind. She wasn’t feeling anything, so she was using her phone while I fucked her, and she then slept.
I pulled out and masturbated for some time, then went to sleep myself. I enjoyed it and then started receiving those pictures every single day she went to work. It was just between him and me, but sometimes she even had her face in the pictures, knowing the pictures were being taken. I don’t know if she knows that I am enjoying it and am not responding, or if she is just not aware that the pictures are being sent to me.
Either way, I am enjoying this, and she even stayed at his house for 2 days, and he sent me a ton of pictures. I masturbated so much that my dick was in pain. I had pain in my kidney area, but I was still erect.
I was leaking coffee all over. It is going on and on; I don’t know if she’s ever going to do it in front of me or not, or even go so far as to tell me the truth by herself.
She’s been gang-banged by the office colleagues, and everyone has used her like a cheap 10-rupee slut. It was most arousing seeing cheap whore written all over her body and even on her legs and hands with markers. She has to get home with that in public; it was really hard to hide, and he was documenting this all and sending me until she entered the door of our house.
I was in the house, and she rushed in the bathroom first, even before meeting me, so I didn’t get a glimpse of what was written, but I had seen the marker marks on her body while she was sleeping.
I cummed twice that night just looking at those marks and the cum stains on the bed from her pussy. It was still leaking; I couldn’t imagine how much they had put in her. I was denied sex for almost two to three months and am still going. She always said I could just masturbate and left me at that. I enjoy it more, and I appreciate the guy sending me all the pictures of her for the fap material.
I am hoping she would include me as a cuck at least. But still, I am fine being like this.

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  • Reply Krishna ID:5ri3n32oii

    Sagar just confront her by fucking someone. It will encourage her too leading a competion of bodycount between you and her

  • Reply Insecure hubby ID:ndoolecoic

    I left my wife cause of something like this. But went back to her. We borrowed money from my wifes boss for an urgent operation for my wifes mother. The guy is older and he told us tbat he will give us an interest free loan if i fucked his wife. It was sttange for me and wife but i agreed and i fucked his wife. He secretely recorded it. Then he threatened to charge me for raping his old bitch unless my wife agrees to fuck him. Eventually wife agreed. He insisted i watch and he made us consent on camera. He had a huge thick 9 inch monster. I had a 6incher.
    It was obvious wife enjoyed it. He made her do things with him she never did with me. She never sucked me or let me suck her. But he fucked her in her mouth and made her swallow and suck him clean afterwards. Lots of stuff happed. Eventually it affected my self esteem too much and i left her. But came back to her

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      There’s a reason he is the boss. Take what you can get. Let the boss use her as he sees fit. He knows how to fuck like a real man.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I find this exciting. Want to hear more
    How they start fucking in front of you. Making you clean up, and maybe fucking you

    • Df ID:1d3u9orkxpbu


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    Good stuff! My ex-wife used to entertain a group of big muscular black boys when I was at work. When I came home, she would show me pictures of her being fucked and the boys sitting on her face while she rimmed their big black asses! She finally ran off with a 16 year old black lad who’s now pimimping her out.

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