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My Sisters Cunt – Part 3

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It had been 2 nights since the last time I had eaten my sisters cunt while she was sleep walking. I could still taste her juices in my mouth and smell her scent on my fingers. It had been a month since My first encounter with my naked 27 year old sister as she sleep walked down the hall. Since then I had eaten her cunt 16 times with out her waking up and shot tons of loads of cum out of my young boy cock when ever I got the opportunity to jerk off. Tonight I was laying in bed waiting to see if she would sleep walk again as she did not do it every night. Suddenly I heard her bedroom door open and I peeked around the corner of my door looking down the hall towards her as she walked naked coming closer and closer.
She had that glazed look in her eyes as she turned into the bathroom right next to my room. I had got a great look at her big swinging tits with dark round areoles and protruding nipples. She didn’t shave her dark bush but her labia hung down out of the bush at least an inch or more so I had a good view.
I got out of bed naked sporting a solid hard on and walked into the bathroom where she was sitting on the toilet pissing. She stood up and started to walk towards me not flushing or wiping her pussy and dripping piss drops from her hairy snatch. Fuck I thought that’s hot. I had learned that she would obey certain commands from me while she sleep walked and I told her to sit on the side of the tub and spread her legs wide open, which she did.
I knelt down in front of her and spread her legs wider with my hands, then lowered my mouth to her patch. She had piss all over her pubic hair and I slurped some up, I had never tasted piss before and I thought it was a bit nasty but I continued on anyway, slurping all the piss from her hairy snatch. Then I opened her up with my fingers and sucked and licked her pink folds tasting piss and in a few seconds pussy juice.
My cock needed release and I knew right were I wanted my cum to squirt, all over her tits. I stood in front of her as she sat on the tub and jerked my cock a few times before I groaned and cum shot out of the end of my cock with a force of a hurricane lol. Cum splattered all over her tits and by accident a big glob hit her right on the lips and chin. FUCK ME I thought as I grabbed a towel then sucked in my breath as her tongue came out and licked the glob off her lips and disappearing back into her mouth with it. I couldn’t believe it as she swallowed it down her throat. I sucked on her little clit feeling it swell in between my lips as I sucked and she moaned. I knew that meant she was gonna cum and got my mouth over her cunt just as her juices sprayed out of her cunt filling my mouth. I had no reference as far as a girls orgasming so I never knew not every pussy squirted. I swallowed 3 times as she gushed and then I had to get out of there because she usually woke up after she orgasmed and I had been caught once, before I could get out of the room.
I ran into my room and a minute later my sister ran down the hall to her room as I watched her big ass sway and jiggle as my hand stroked my young once again hard cock.

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  • Reply Strangelover ID:7ylrenmqrc

    Part 4

  • Reply Elk ID:7ylren4oic

    Where do you guy’s come up with your made up shit stories.must be your fantasy.total bullshit.

    • Jack the lad ID:8bvxe15pqi

      I would be up for chat HMU jackthebadladjack at gmail . Com

    • W. Animal ID:3058532v9d

      These ARE Fantasies. You either go along with it or move on if you are looking for a believable story. These are not professional writers – They are people like the average guy who come up with ideas for a story and write it out, including misspellings and grammar mistakes.

  • Reply Her ID:1d1nnqvys2to