My naughty little cousin 2

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This time was my cousin turn to offer me pleasure.

I know it’s one year of the first story with my naughty little cousin and I decided to write again. This time is summer and as a family, we gather at one nearby beach to swim. We were sitting all on our sea chairs and of course, my cousin sitting on my lap, she was nude at the top only one red down part of her swimsuit, I with one black boxer swimsuit and again hard on.
She carps at me because I don’t do our things, I try to explain to her that there are a lot of people here and they see us but she doesn’t understand the truth was that my hard-on was ready to explode inside of my boxer. I was one teenage boy with one younger but sexy girl with these flat but beautiful tiny nipples believe me it was difficult to keep myself and I swear to not hurt her but damit if you could see her I am sure you could understand.

Her hair is a short black and her brown eyes are one cutie in other words. I whisper to her to follow me, we tell our parents we are going for a walk. After some minutes of walking to almost the end of the beach we found some rocks behind them was enough room and no one could see us here is perfect I say, finally she scream but I stop her, what’s going on we won’t play she ask me with a sad face.
of course, we will play but this time differently ok she says with passion but how she asks again. I start to explain to her that all this time I was playing with her girly area and the right thing was to play with my boyhood she agree but when she ask me again I will show you how I answered I was already hard so it won’t be difficult.
I put my hand inside my boxer and I pull outside my boyhood when she sees it she stays with her mouth open, oh my god this big worm is what I was feeling pressing onto my bum, I laugh with her because she compares it with worm but I tell her yes this is what you feeling all this time.

I was in front of her masturbating she come near to me and she looked at my worm with admiration wow your worm is fat and big, its head is strange and big. you know about worms I see, yes after the rain me my friends and some boys we are going and found worms but yours is different, all boys have worms I tell her, really you mean and my friends have yes I answered her but theirs are smaller, as you promise me are you going to play with it she moves her head positive great I say.
I take my hand off my cock and I take her hand and put it above my cock, I explain to her to do the same as my hand before I don’t want to hurt it she says, of course, you won’t hurt it very simply stroke it slowly at first and she starts, believes me, her hand was so soft and however it was her first time she stroke very well my eyes were close and hear her ask me if I was good, don’t worry continue I tell her, soon it becomes sloppy and she asks me what are these liquids continue I say but faster she obeys and I couldn’t hold myself anymore so one big explode come and her scream AAAAAAAAA, EWWWWWWW I open my eyes and I see her hand with my cum, her face and a little in her chest.

Your worm spits me, it’s disgusting, are they dangerous, of course not you did my worm happily, and spitting you is one way to show it to you. What I must do with its fluids she asks, you can eat them what really, trust me you will love them see me and I do the disgusting thing for some men and hot for others to suck her fingers with my cum which, to tell the truth, I love and after me, she agrees to taste them.
With my finger, I take one good mass of them above her body and I put her suck my finger like Lolipop,damit I know I use her innocence for my dirty thoughts but it was incredibly hot to see her suck my finger we don’t finish, we went further and these times I stop feeling guilty my teen desires win.

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