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My friends were forced to rape me

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This is a true story. Happened to 2 years ago and would have ruined my life if my parents didn’t move. It’s a pretty long story so I’ll try not to leave anything out. I was 14 at the time this happened. It was a late Saturday night. Maybe like 1030 and we were out running the streets like we did every weekend while our parents hoped the bar. Lots of times we’d meet at whatever bar our parents went to and catch a ride with them into town, then we’d just wander around breaking into cars and taking whatever.. mostly change tho. We call it car shopping.
Tonight I had my dad drop me off at my girlfriend’s house. Her mom worked 3rd shift so a bunch of us met up there. Me, my girlfriend Lexi. Her brother Nick. Tyler and Kevin. And my best friend Dylan. We were pretty far from the bar parking lots. So we just started Walk ng alleys. Breaking into cars. A couple dark drive ways. It just wasn’t the same. I remember our frustration. Then Dylan popped a garage door open. We ram sacked the 1zt one quick. There just wasn’t much inside. The second garage I wish we would have left alone.
It seemed like a great score at first. There was Soo much cool shit in there. A old Chevelle, Harley, a bunch of toys. Then I just remember hearing the door slam shut and everyone panicking.
“He’s got a gun”
People freaking out.. feet scoufoling. I stood up from behind the Chevelle to see what was going on.. there was this guy holding a gun pointed at lexi. The guy motioned me to stand with everyone else. I came out from around the car and stood by Lexi.. holding her hand, while the guy spazzed on us. Pointing the gun at each of us.
“None of you little fuckers are going anywhere! Or I’ll fucking kill someone!”
We all just timidly watched the guy. Fucking terrified.

“Think your gonna rob ME? I don’t fucking think so!”
He noticed me a lexis hands as he kept on
“You little fuckers are going to do exactly what the fuck I say”
Then he reached out and started smacking Tyler with the gun saying “GOT IT?? GOT IT???!!!”
“YES” Tyler yelled thru sobbs. He covered his face and cowered away from the man.
” Good” the man said while directing Tyler next to me with the gun. Tyler stood next to me.
” Now I want you to pin him to the fucking floor”
He pointed the gun at me.
Tyler went to take me down. As I braced, the man waived the gun at Kevin Dylan and Nick.
“Pin him down!”
The four of them took me down pretty easily. I didn’t really fight them. Didn’t want the guy to hurt them or me.
Lexi wasn’t watching motionless, then he turned to her
” Give me your phone and stand in the fucking corner”
Lexi went and stood in the corner and the guy went into her Facebook and started a live stream. He gave her the phone back.
” Your the camera girl, you fuck it up I’ll shoot you in your fucking face” tears ran down lexis face as I watched her point the cell cam down at me.
Tyler and Kevin each had one of my arms both held down above my head. Dylan and Nick each pressing down on a thigh.
The guy pointed the gun down at us and cocked it
“spread his fucking legs!”
Now I was panicing. I think I knew at that point I was in real trouble. Nick and Dylan grabbed the backs of my thighs and pushed them up to my chest and pulled apart. I couldn’t help it fight it. My basketball shorts rode up and I could feel the cold air on my white ass. My fucking cheeks were hanging out the bottom of my shorts. I looked at lexi. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me as I lay there spread eagle, the bottom of my ass hanging out of my shorts. I continued struggling against they’re hold.
“Take off his shorts”
I stayed still as the man pointed the gun at me.nick and Dylan grabbed my shorts at the waist and teamed them off me while holding me down. My little hairless dick was limp. My butt and crack were smooth. I shave the little hair I grow. .

Everyone on live could see my smooth white bubble butt. I felt Soo violated. Like a girl getting raped.
He put the gun to Dylan’s head
“Now fuck him!”
I fought as hard as I could as my best friend slowly stood up and removed his pants and underwear. His dick was semi hard. His hard dick confused me at the time. I was Soo scared. I guess I was hoping he’d refuse. I don’t know what I was thinking. It just didn’t seem real. I never thought my friends could get horney seeing me naked. I felt like a girl.. like meat.
My heart race as Dylan knelt between My spread legs.
“No stop” I cried between tears.
But he just crawled between my legs.. looming over me.
I clenched my butthole my friends spread my legs as wide as they could.then I felt it! The hot tip of Dylan dick poking my buttcheeks. I opened my eyes to Dylan over my. Staring me in my eyes. With a little hip pump, he push between my cheeks and up against my asshole. “Noooo” I cried. “I’m a boy” I was in total disbelief. I was about to be fucked in my ass.
Then he started to push into me. My little ass hole stretched to take he head.i hurt Soo bad.i looked down and Lexi is behind him with her camera inches from My butt. Dylan thrust again. Slipping the whole head in my ass..I lay there helplessly spread eagle while my girlfriend live feeds my friends raping me. I gave up the fight, and leyed limp. I started Dylan in his eyes while he started a humming motion, each thrust pushing himself alittle further in me. He wouldn’t look at me while I starred him down. Each pump making me squeel and taking my breath away..

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    Oh come on now! Being raped up the bum at gunpoint on live feed and you pretend not to be turned on! It’s a dream come true!

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    Nice idea but poor syntax