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My daddy cured my lesbianism

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I am a Japanese girl, 4’10”, long black hair, pale skin and pink nipples, tight little pussy and decent sized perky tits. I discovered porn in kindergarten because my daddy wasn’t good at hiding it, he would just watch it loudly when mommy wasn’t home. When he left it open to clean up his cock after fapping, I would come and watch a bit alone and play with my pussy until my panties were soaking wet. But what turned me on wasn’t the cocks but the women and their fat tits and how they made out and fingered each other and fucked each other with strap ons.

When I got older I caught mommy masturbating and I started playing with my pussy and tits while she was moaning and fucking into her pussy with dildos or vibrators. I kept masturbating to her but eventually she caught me and made me join her and we had a secret affair until I was 11.

My daddy found out then that I was a lesbian and had sex with mommy and he punished me by letting our dog rape my pussy for days while he knocked mommy up. Once mommy got pregnant he took care of me and fucked me until my pussy took his cock’s shape and knocked me up as well and mommy took care of the dog. He then filmed us pregnant and made me suck mommy’s lactating nipples. I am so happy daddy found out about my disgusting lesbian tendencies and fuck them out of me right away because now I can’t cum without a cock inside my pussy and ass anymore. I still love mommy but my true love is cock 💕 tomorrow grandpa, my uncles and daddy’s colleagues will come over for playtime I am sooo happy thanks daddy!!

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  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Hi Ayumi,
    How old are you now? Maybe we can get into touch with each other.
    Therefore email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Rockin Strings ID:fx7ith8rd

    A good base but you need more details.

  • Reply Mimic ID:2o4ap02j8k

    Tell us more about the dog please

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I hope you let us know what happens when they all come round to play