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Marla and Mary

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I was 14 my two step sisters were Marla 12 and Mary 10. I was sleeping and Mary snuck in. She was tiptoeing through my room. She lifted my covers and tried touching my dick over my underwear. I grabbed her and pulled her under the covers and tickled the shit out of her. I cop’d a feel on her crotch. She got free and ran away laughing. I went in Marla’s room and asked her what that was about. She denied any involvement.

“Oh you did not put her up to it?”, I asked “Why were you standing by the door watching until I grabbed her?”

“That was a dream!”, Marla said.

“Why are you lying to me? I am not going to tell.”, I said

“We were talking about boys and I told her boys have dicks. She wanted to see one so I told her to look at yours.”, She said.

“Ugh! You two are a pain in the ass! You are lucky I love you both!”, I said.

“So why me? You can see one easy enough on the internet.”, I asked

“She wanted to see one up close.”, She said.

“She or you?”, I said.

She squeezed my cheeks with her hand. “Why would I do that?”, She asked playfully and smiled.

After this I asked Mary to meet me in the storage space in the attic. “What were you doing this morning?”, I asked. She stayed quiet. I stared at her.

“Am I in trouble?”, She asked

“No.”, I said.

“I just wanted to see one.”, She said.

“And Marla put you up to it?”, I asked. She nodded.

“Turn around and close your eyes.”, I said. She did. I opened my pants and took my dick out. “Turn around now.” She gasped. “Touch it.”, I said. She petted it. She giggled. I went and sat down. I grabbed her hands and put it at the base. She slowly worked her way to the tip. She saw it was softer and squeezed it. I tapped her forehead with it. She giggled. Open your mouth and put your tongue out. I touched my dick to her tongue. She squirmed expecting it to taste bad. She licked it again. “Now put the tip in your mouth.”, I said. She did. She ran her tongue along the tip while in her mouth. I took it out and and I tapped her head with it saying, “Good.” I tapped her again, “girl!”. She laughed.

“Watch me.”, I said. I got it hard. She was in shock as it grew. I jacked off for her. She watched intently as I rubbed it up and down. I started rubbing it hard and felt my nut coming on. I arched my back as my cock shot off. “Uhhhh uhhhh ahhhh ahhhh”, I said. As my cock erupted. She let off a loud gasp as my sperm shout out. “Come here.”, I said. She stood by me. “Take some and taste it.”, I said. She got a sour face and shook her head. “Come on! You owe me for this morning!”, I said. Poor thing was shaking as I took some on my finger. “Come on! Open up!”, I said. She did. I swished it on her tongue. She giggled and swallowed it. She grabbed my dick and licked the rest off. “Thank you! Sweetie. Now go and tell Marla everything we just did. Just never tell anyone else ok? Tell her I said this is her punishment.”, She nodded.

We were swimming in the pool. Mary was getting out of the pool. I was checking out her cute little ass. She motioned me to the garage. When I got there she said “Thank you for this morning. This is what I got.”, I said. She pulled down her bikini bottoms and showed me her slit.

“Wow!”, I said. “Thanks”

“You can touch it!”, She said and giggled.

I rubbed her slit hard. Her mouth dropped and her body started rocking with my movement. She moaned. “Errrr errrr errrr errrr!”, She said. After a little bit she grabbed my arm and squeezed. “Mmmmmmm errrrrr”. Her legs locked and she bent forward. “Errrrr mmmmm”, she said. She giggled and hugged me. “Thank you!” She said for her first orgasm. She pulled up her bikini bottoms and went back and jumped in the pool.

Marla came up to me. “My sister is telling me the things you two have been doing together. Did you ever think I might want to do that stuff too?”, She asked.

“Did you ever think I don’t like being woke up?”, I asked.

“I did not wake you! Mary did!”, She said.

“Whose plan was it? Sorry but you are being punished.”, I asked.

She grabbed my swim trunks “Show it to me!”, She said. I ran away from her and she chased me outside. We were both laughing. She tackled me in the grass and was hitting me lightly. I rolled her over and put my hand down her bikini and quickly touched her slit. I ran into the house and upstairs to the storage attic. She came in we were both out of breath. “Together?”, I asked. She agreed. We exposed ourselves. She eyeballed my dick as I looked at her cute pussy. “Let me see your tits!”, She showed them to me. They were just small bumps but we’re cute.

“Jack off for me please. I wanna see the sperm fly out!”, She said.

I suggested we kiss first. I showed her how to make out. She touched my dick as we did.

I sat down and let her feel it up. She was refusing to put it in her mouth until I told her Mary did. She put her tongue out as I touched it with my penis. She put the head in her mouth. “See it is not that bad!”, I said

I jacked off for her. Her mouth dropped open as my sperm shot out. I told to taste some but she refused. I chased her until I caught her. I rubbed it in her mouth as she was laughing. She hit me. “Jerk!”, She said.

I had her sit down and lie back. My ex-girlfriend taught me how to eat pussy. I wanted to try it on her. I touched her pussy but she was nervous and her legs locked. “Hey Marla, relax. Big brother ain’t going to hurt you.”, I said. Mary scared the fuck out of us as she walked in. She gasped.

“What are you two doing?”, She asked. Marla yelled at her to leave. I let her stay.

I said in a fancy accent, “I my dear am fine dining!”, I said. I spread Marla’s pussy with one finger and danced my tongue across her clit. She moaned. Her hips were rocking slightly. Mary watched intently as I ate out her older sister. I slid my finger in Marla. She made a gasp. She was loving it. After a short time her legs closed on my face as she rocked her hips against my face. She opened them and closed them tightly across my head. She moaned loudly as she squirted her pussy juice onto my hand. “Errrrrrr…oh man…..errrrrr”, she said and collapsed. I kissed her pubic mound, up her belly and chest, sucking each tit and then kissing her. “You like?”, I asked. She nodded just staring at me passionately.

She just laid there relaxing. Mary slapped me “You could have done that to me first!”, She said. I laughed.

More to come.

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