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Little princess is our new fuck toy

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11 year old virgin princess is getting fucked by horny pirates.

Princess Emelia woke up to the sound of metals clanging above her head. She layed on the bed rubbing her eyes and her chemise idly pulled to her thighs. There were cries all over the place. As she stood up, she saw the door knob turning and a huge man opening the door. He was bigger than every man she have seen. He looked at her, forgetting he was in the middle of a sword fight.
“Look at you.” He said walking towards her “you are better than any loot we could hope for.” He chuckled. His evil chuckle was ended by the kick of one her men from behind. He looked at her with lust in his eyes “Let me finish this first sweetheart. We can have some fun later.” He took out a knife as the men behind him swung his sword to the floor. He kicked him on the groin and planted the knife on his stomach. Emelia yelled on top of her voice as she saw one of her men getting killed. She fell to ground unconscious.

Muffled voices of men surrounded her. As she opened her eyes slowly, she saw her mother Agnes getting fucked by an ugly short man standing on a stool. Agnese’s hands were bound and her gown lifted up to her ass, she layed there crying and moaning. The men surrounding her cheered as her mother cried. She have seen this before. She have had seen her father and brother fucking her younger maids and other woman in the palace. There were parties that are forbidden to her in the palace where young beautiful girls were brought from all over the country or from war. One time she have seen her father fucking a girl about her age in the middle of a party held at palace.

“Move aside” another pirate pulled the short man away from Agnes and pushed his dick into her pussy. But the short man hadn’t had enough. He slapped the other pirate and said “I will stop when I want to. Make her lay on her side”
Agnes yelped as the short man pushed his dick into her tight ass. The other pirate fucked her pussy harder. Even though he was short he had a huge dick. She started to cry as he pushed his dick deep into her tight ass. “Mother….” Emilia started to cry as she saw her mother’s tears.
“Capitan, look…” an excited creaking voice announced “your prize is awake.” Lustful stares pierced through her chemise and tickled her nipples. A hush spread through the crew as a huge man walked towards her. She recognised his face. Tears flowing through her cheeks and standing there on her knees she saw the man of her nightmares. He pulled out his huge dick. It was bigger than her hands or legs. He held her hair and pushed his dick into her mouth. She cried as she struggled to take his dick into her mouth. He pushed his dick deep into her throat. He pulled his dick out as he saw her fainting. He took her in his hands and placed her over his dick. It seemed like his dick would tear her apart. He pushed his dick into her tight pussy. She yelled loudly as the tip of his dick entered her pussy. “Oh myyy!!!” He struggled “she’s…. She’s really tight”. He held her tight in his arms and pushed his dick deep into her with force. Blood spilled all over the deck. Her cries echoed all over the place. Blood dripping through his bare skin, he pulled out his dick and pushed it deeper into her. He started to fuck her harder. Her cries turned into a muffled yelping as he increased his speed of fucking. Her mother cried silently as her three holes are filled with dicks. Emelia’s eyes rolled back as her legs shook. It felt like she was passing out. But as his dick pummeled deeper into her, she woke up again. He fucked her like a little cocksleeve. After an hour of hard fucking, the captain cummed inside her. He threw the little fuck toy to the floor. “She’s all yours.” He said “Do whatever you want with her”
She laid there, cum dripping from her pussy. She felt the hands of a hundred men over her body.

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    It was weird to see my name in a story like this. But I loved it. :3

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      Love the name BunBun is it male or female wickr me.

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    Wer möchte nicht seinen großen harten Schwanz in eine kleine enge unbeharte fotze rammen und ihr enges Arschloch zerstören bevor er ihr alles in den Hals spritzt

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      I with i could fuck a little girl

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      I want it 🙁

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