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Lady Dog Walker Watching Me Masturbate part 2

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Please Read first part to find out how I got caught masturbating in the woods …

After that first Saturday getting caught by the lady dog walker in the woods she was all i could think about during the week …school dragged by until finally it was the weekend …i got up early and had a quick breakfast before running out the house and heading for the woods and my den

I settled down into my favourite spot and unzipped my jeans pushing them along with my boxers down to mid thigh ..freeing my hard cock to the fresh air …wrapping my hand around my shaft I started to slowly stroke up and down ..watching as I peeled my foreskin down at the precum leaking from the tip mmmmm

I must have been there at least an hour gently masturbating before I saw my dog lady friend heading through the woods with her dog trotting along beside her …she looked every bit as good as I remembered in my nightly dreams and wank sessions…this time she had a skirt on that almost reached her knees with a white blouse on her top half seen as it was quite a warm June day today …

Even from 50m away I could see the swell of her breasts moving with each step she took …I was quite disappointed as she never looked in my direction as I’d hoped she would ..my eyes never leaving her as I pulled on my hard cock watching her dissappear from view …

I laid back against the bank of earth and smiled ..pulling my stiff boy cock up and down rubbing my thumb over the top on each up stroke to spread precum down my shaft….then I heard a cough that made my eyes fly open …

And there she was …my lady dog walker in the field above me looking down at me with a beautiful smile on her face …’Hi there young man’ …’I was hoping you’d be here again today’…’would you mind if I join you down there ‘….I could only nod as I watched her climb down the earth bank into my den ..her skirt riding up her thighs giving me a quick glimpse of her electric blue panties before they were hidden again as she reached the bottom of the bank and stood in front of me with a smile stretched across her face ….

She reached out her hand and said ‘Hi my names Amanda’ …..I stammered a shy ‘Hi’ back and i shook her hand ..smiling she rubbed her thumb against my still wet thumb and I watched in amazement as she lifted her thumb to her nose ..sniffing it first then placing it in her mouth, sucking and tasting my precum …all while looking me straight in the eyes …I could see her mouth turn up into a mischievous smile as with a pop she pulled her thumb from her red lips and I heard a low groan escape her mouth …

All this time I was stood there with my jeans at mid thigh and my hard little cock in my right hand gawking at the woman of my most recent dirty dreams …

Amanda smiled and asked me to carry on playing with my cock ..shyly I looked down suddenly realising that I was stood so close to a grown up woman with my cock still out …I started to stroke myself slowly ..feeling it throb like never before …my knees trembling as I looked up into her beautiful face …seeing her looking down at my cock was just the most amazing naughty feeling ever …I heard another low moan come from Amanda’s mouth and I watched as her hand reached up and cupped her left breast through her blouse and squeezed her boob…my hand speeding up as ptecum dripped out of the tip of my cock ..

Yet another moan came from Amanda as she asked if she could do that for me …once again I could only nod as she reached out and took my stiff 5″ cock in her cool hand giving it a firm squeeze before starting to masturbate me …with her free hand she undid the buttons on her blouse pulling it free from her skirt and exposing her blue bra which was overflowing with her big breasts …I watched open mouthed as she freed one of them and took my hand placing it on top of her hard nipple …and encouraging me to squeeze her soft flesh as she speeded up stroking my cock …I knew I wasn’t going to last very long at this rate ..but if I were to die right now I’d be the happiest little boy in the whole world …

Amanda must have sensed my imminent climax as she sudden dropped to her knees in front of me and I watched spellbound as my rock hard little cock disappeared into the warmest place I could have imagined…Amanda’s eyes never left mine as she sucked on my hardness …I could feel her tongue doing all kinds of amazing things to my 12 year old cock as I shook …she reached behind me and grabbed my firm young ass cheeks in both hands …forcing my cock deeper into her mouth as I felt myself reaching the point of no return …panicking I tried to tell Amanda that I was about to cum but she just carried on sucking harder and my eyes rolled back into my head as I felt my cum blast into her sucking mouth ..her tongue dancing all over me as she swallowed my load

As my eyes opened and refocused on Amanda she let my spent cock out of her mouth with a pop and sat back on her heals grinning upat me ….’Mmmmm that was fun’ she said …Amanda noticed I was staring down between her legs as her skirt had risen up while she’d been sucking me and I could now see her lacey blue panties between her spread thighs …looking down then back up at me Amanda asked if I liked her blue knickers …I could only nod my head like a dummy and watch as she stood up before reaching up under her skirt and pull those ohh so sexy panties down her long legs and stepping out of them …she then held them out on one finger to me and said ‘Why don’t you keep them until next time’ ….before kissing me on the cheek and stepping out of my den ..whistling to her dog and walking away …….ohhh I can’t wait till next weekend

If there’s any females out there that would love to have met me in the woods when I was younger please let me know …

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    I wish that was me

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      And me . So hot

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    This is every boys dream!

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      Can i see your thong what’s your email

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