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Intruder Forces My Daughter To Take Daddy’s Cum

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Something horrible happened to our family recently. At least, I want to feel like I think it is horrible. But the more I think about what happened, the hornier I become.

It was a cold night. Pitch-black darkness outside. Me, my husband and our daughter were sitting in the living room. I heard the small pops from the fireplace as I drank my tea. My husband was reading something on his tablet, and our daughter was doing final preparations for a high-school exam.

All of sudden we were shaken up by the sound of a window breaking. Before we had even gathered our thoughts, a masked man stood inside our living room. He had a gun. He pointed it first at my husband, then at me, and said not to try anything funny or he would shoot. He sounded like a black man. He had a deep, somewhat rusty voice. His frame was massive. He was a very scary individual.

He calmly explained the following to us. “I have a sexual fantasy of raping a daughter in front of her dad. This was the house I chose by chance. I’m sorry, but I guess it had to be this way.” We were dumbstruck. My husband wanted to attack the guy, but quickly remembered the gun. I had no thoughts at all, and our daughter just looked shocked.

He told me to get a chair. While I got the chair, he told my husband to get undressed completely. He made my husband sit on the chair, and made me tape him to it. He was stuck. Naked and stuck. I could see his slightly fat belly and his rather large, flaccid cock. “Why was I even looking at his dick?”

Then he grabbed our daughter. She shouted and screamed. My husband wanted to do all kinds of things but couldn’t. I didn’t dare go up against this behemoth of a man. He told my daughter, “I am sorry, but you are going to have to take off your clothes. If not, I’ll have to hurt your mother.” I was surprised by how calm and friendly he sounded. Aroused, almost.

Then our daughter got undressed. He instructed her to bend over the back of the couch. I was sitting in my chair, frozen, looking at what happened before my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I saw my naked husband taped to a chair and my teen daughter bent over our couch with a giant man undressing behind her.

The man took off everything but the mask. His cock was already hard from his excitement about fulfilling his fantasy. My husband was still trying to get out of his situation, but he would never be able to. In all honesty, part of me didn’t want him to. Part of me was excited by the thought of our daughter getting pounded by this massive guy.

He placed himself behind her, and slowly pushed his cock in her. My daughter must’ve been a little wet at least. He wasn’t rough, at least not yet. He took his time, and even seemed to care about how our daughter felt. Seeing our daughter getting fucked gave me a weird mix of feelings. I was angry, sad, but also very aroused.

I laser-focused on what happened with my daughter. I forgot all about my husband. When I snapped out of it I looked over at him and couldn’t believe what I saw. My husband was sitting there with a rock-hard cock and pre-cum glistering at the tip. The intruder followed my gaze. He now saw it too.

“Look at your daddy,” he said to our daughter. “He’s enjoying the show.” After saying that he started fucking her faster, and I started hearing some moaning from our daughter. First softly, and with a sense of guilt. But the harder she got fucked, the louder and less apologetic the moans became. This turned me on tremendously, and by the looks of it, my husband got more aroused too.

Then it happened. The intruder said some words I’ll never forget. “Maybe we should shove your little mouth over that rock-hard cock over there.” My husband started his futile protests again. Even I mustered a no. But my no wasn’t really persuasive. It sounded more like the “no” that women use when they are dying for a guy to continue. And so he did.

He brought our daughter over to my husband, who now even more frantically tried to move away. He then pushed her head towards her dad’s cock and said, “open up.” Obviously she didn’t listen, so he said it again. And again. And then he threatened to hurt me again, and my daughter reluctantly opened her mouth.

He then pushed her head slowly over my husband’s cock. I was looking at my daughter being raped by a giant man while forced to suck off her dad. Everything in me should be protesting, but instead I found out I was superwet.

In the hopes everybody forgot about me, I put my hand inside my sweatpants and started rubbing my pussy. It was amazing. I had never been more horny. The guy looked at me but decided not to say anything to my daughter or my husband.

My husband stopped his efforts to get away and was enjoying the blowjob fully against his will. His whole body screamed no, but his cock remained hard and throbbing inside his own teen daughter’s mouth. After a certain while I could see him get closer to orgasm. He didn’t want to, but it was the inevitable consequence of his cock being inside his child’s warm mouth.

The guy continued to fuck her hard. She reached an orgasm with her daddy’s cock in her mouth. That was so hot. Seeing her body shiver all over that big cock while her lips were wrapped around my husband’s dick was amazing. I nearly came then and there.

And then my husband started breathing faster. I could also see some muscle contractions. He was going to cum. The same happened to the intruder. He knew what was about to happen. At the moment my husband reached orgasm, he pushed my daughter’s head into his belly, meaning his cock was now deep in her throat. As her teen throat got shot full of cum, the intruder started to drain his balls in her tight pussy. It was an amazing sight. I came to. All three of us were now cumming hard. My husband in his daughter’s throat, the intruder in her pussy, and me – poor me – only with my fingers.

The intruder left as quickly as he came, and left all of us dumbstruck. I untied my husband and put my daughter under the shower. She cried. I didn’t. I was still wet.

Am I a bad mother for liking what happened that night? Is it bad that I still fantasize about it as my husband fucks me?

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  • Reply Scott ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    No it you’re not a bad
    . mom. Welcome to the [email protected]

  • Reply Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    No your not a bad mom,but you did say something,but you left it. There. You said that you thought by the sound of his voice he was a black man, you seen him naked was he?

  • Reply PO469 ID:by3g9iv1

    Good story. You might have had the mother suck the intruder’s cum covered cock clean.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:5nk3wo1zysm

    You need to invite your daughter to fuck your husband and then you fuck her with a dildo

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Such crap.its a crazy world yes but people are not doing this stupid shit.and you dumb fuckers below that get off on this shit.”fuck off”.bunch of perverted losers.fat asses most likely that cant even get layed.

    • ConcernedCitizen ID:1df5stapem5r

      How did you even find your way here?

    • Tina's Pussy Licker ID:2bgosxut0d

      I think you say all of that because you would love to take the place of the daughter.
      You are more than welcome to invite me over and we can do the roll playing that you are dreaming of.
      Do you need your sweet sexy ass spanked for thinking these kinds of things?
      I would be more than happy to help you fulfill all of your wildest fantasies’….

    • Tina's Pussy Licker ID:2bgosxut0d

      When I was just a late teenage boy in HS. An older lady that my sister took care of her very young kids would take me up to her mountain cabin and she taught me how to please a woman.
      I was a very quick study and have since worked at making sure the women I have been a lover to, cum time and time again before I ever get off.

      Maybe that is what you need in your life. Someone who will lick you pussy better than you could do yourself.

      I would love for you to find out what it is like to cum so many times you are at the point of passing out.

      Looking forward to tasting you like you have never been tasted before.

  • Reply Ace ID:1d38zz0qnm4u

    Yes like lauren said. Its all lining up

  • Reply Daddy ID:4keyadv9a

    Very sexy story I know I would have been hard watching my daughter get used like that!! Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    Of course you’re not a bad mother. You’re just a horny fucking whore like your slut daughter. Bet she failed her exam after having her studies interrupted by that big bad black master.

    • Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      We don’t know if he was black or not

  • Reply Mr C ID:yge2dj4zrc

    You noughty person. I bet you “arranged” this and enjoyed it…………………………Another chapter soon?08/12/22

  • Reply Dadsecrets ID:3hw8t8glhrk

    This story looks a lot like the kind of situation I’ve had in mind for some time.
    I don’t know if in this affair there could be a hypothetical conspiracy between the wife and the rapist.
    However, it cannot be excluded that the conspiracy may also have been carried out by the father.
    I hope to read the continuation of this story,

  • Reply Cumhardy ID:1ctidwejcch4

    Other web. Site like this?

  • Reply Ace ID:1d38zz0qnm4u

    Naw enjoy it. Was probably a friend of hers

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlg8z

      I agree with Ace, most likely a friend of hers.
      Hopefully he bred the little tramp and soon you’ll have a have black grand baby to raise. Maybe you wanted him to breed you too, so your husband would have to raise the baby and your daughter baby.

    • Dazza ID:1ew3dk1q

      I was thinking it was organised by hubby but he probably would have had her made to get on top and hump him as well – I know I would have.

  • Reply Wiselittleboy ID:r7f9qkmt8ef

    No your not a bad mother at all its okay to like that

  • Reply Limelight ID:1ah770lfzrb

    Yes you are a bad mother and

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Und du ein Heuchlerisches Arschloch wie hart hast du dich beim Lesen der Geschichte gewichst

    • Scott ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Nobody asked u