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Indian teacher getting fucked by her students

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This happened some years back. A new teacher got transferred to my school. She was really young but mother of two at 28 years of age. Within one year she became everyone’s favourite and everyone’s dream fuck toy. She is a good singer and because of that she took charge of my school musical group which includes me and 5 other boys from tenth standard. And we all became really close to her. We all loved to check out her ass and boobs all the time.
As the days passed she became really friendly with the 6 boys. One day, after we had our practice, she invited us to her home. “Do you guys want anything else?” She asked us as she served tea. She bend down to put the tea and sweets on the table and gave us a view of her beautiful cleavage. She noticed Arijit staring at her deep cleavage and quickly covered it with her hands. “I will go and change my clothes, this is really sweaty”. We all stared at her ass as she walked into her room.
“Damn man, she have some huge boobs” Arjit said. “Why did you stare?” Rahul asked “I think she’s mad”. “How could I man? She had huge boobs” Arjit replied. “And you all stared too”. “I wish we had a chance to fuck her” I said that as she came out of the room wearing a long skirt and a shirt. “Have some sweets guys” she came over to us and said. Everyone was struggling to look at her face because of her huge boobs. “When will your kids come back from school ma’am?” I asked. “They are staying at their grandmothers” she said “their father took them to the village yesterday”. The six of us looked at each other with something common in our mind. “I will be back in a minute” she said that as she walked to the kitchen. “Do she have something in her mind?” I asked in a low voice. “I dont know” Kiran replied in an anxious voice “do you think so?”. “I don’t know either” Arijit replied. Everyone went quite for sometime. “Let’s fuck her” I said in a determined tone. “What are you saying man?” Everyone got anxious. “What do you guys think about this? She invited us all on a day when there is no one at home.” I asked. “He’s right. Let’s fuck her. I really want to fuck her too” Rahul said.
The six of us walked into the kitchen and saw her washing dishes. She noticed us and said “wait in the living room guys. I’m coming”. I went behind her and grabbed her by the waist and pressed my body against hers. “What are you doing?” She yelled
“leave me”. She struggled to push me away as i grabbed her boobs and squeezed it harder. She pressed her hand against the kitchen counter and arched her body to push me back. I humped on her ass with all the force and pushed her into the kitchen counter. “Do you guys want her or not?” I yelled at the five standing at the door. Rahul and Arijit came to the scene and pinned both of her hands to the counter. I spanked and felt her ass through her skirt. “Noooooo….” She yelled and cried. Kiran started to record all of this. I pulled her skirt up and squeezed her bare ass. “Noooo……Please leave me” She cried as I felt her pussy. I grabbed her neck and pressed her against the cold kitchen floor “you are going to obey us today” I said “do you understand?”. “Nooo… Please” she cried. I spanked her ass harder. I felt her ass all the way to her pussy. I pushed my middle finger between her pussy lips and moved it up and down. She jerked forward as I touched her clit. Her body twitched when I pinched her clit softly between my fingers. She came quickly. Rahul and Arijit laughed when her body shook as she came. I pulled my pants down and my cock jerked out of my pants. She layed there sobbing unaware of what is going to happen next. I pushed my dick into her pussy. She tried to get herself up. But the boys pressed her down. I struggled to push my dick deep into her tight pussy. “Ahhh….. ” She cried. I slowly pushed the full length of my dick into her pussy. As I slowly increased my speed, she stopped resisting and sobbed. The two guys lightened the grip on her hands as I fucked her harder. I pulled her hair and she arched her body backwards towards me. I groped her boobs from behind. “I want to see her face”. She tried to ran away as I pulled out my dick from her pussy. We made her sit on the counter facing me. I ripped her shirt open as I pushed my dick back into her pussy. “She don’t wear anything inside guys” I laughed and grabbed both of her bare boobs. All of the other five wanted to jump in to grab and squeeze those melons now. “I’m going to enjoy her first since no one helped”. She stopped resisting and moaned along sobbing. Her dark nipples got pinched between my fingers while I fucked her pussy. Her eyes rolling back as my dick slammed into her pussy, she went into a mind numbing orgasm, squirting all over the place. I continued fucking her pussy. “Give her to me man” Rahul said “you have been fucking her for almost 45 minutes”. I ignored him and fucked her hard. Her tired body gave up all the resistance and layed on the kitchen counter. Within a minute i came inside her pussy. “Who’s next?” Before I even completing the question Rahul pulled his pants down and started to fuck her. He pushed his dick into her ruined pussy. I sat on the floor as he fuck her. He made her lay on the floor and fucked. All the other guys came in and started to enjoy her body. Arjit kissed her lips. He bit her lower lips while sucking her lips. Kiran gave the phone to the other two and sucked her tits. Arjit stopped kissing, he took his dick out and pushed ito into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and made her suck his dick as she sobbed again. “Make her eat your cum” I said. He made her choke and he cummed into her mouth. “He wanted to cum inside her pussy” he said that as he fell on the floor. “You can have her again if you want” I laughed. All of a sudden her maid, a middle aged petite lady with a dark complexion, came into the kitchen. “Who are you?” She yelled “oh my god. Leave her”. She came into the kitchen to help the teacher. But I grabbed her and tackled her to the floor. “Continue guys. I’m going to fuck this bitch too” I said to them. She was wearing a saree. I pinned her to the floor and lifted her saree. I teared her panties and slipped my dick into her dry pussy. I spat on her pussy and started to fuck her. I held her petite body, giving her no chance move at all. She didn’t cry but moaned. My dick teared her pussy while the other guys fucked the teacher. I made her kneel and I fucked her like a dog before I cummed inside her and left her on the ground. All the guys finished inside the teachers pussy and mouth.
“Let’s take them to the bedroom” I said. They took both the girls to the bedroom and layed them on the bed. Tired and used the teacher was asleep already. “If you don’t mind, you can fuck me again”
The maid said. I grinned.

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    It’s clear that dirty cunt of a teacher wanted the boy’s dicks inside her twat and mouth.

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      Ki would love to be treated like that
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