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I was taken by men when I was 13

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I was taken from park toilets by 2 men when I was 13

When I was 13 I was in a public toilet in the park after taking as short cut home from school i having a wee when a man came in and reached over and got hold of my cock , I was shocked I just stood as he wanked it had never been touched except by mum as I could not move he wanked me till I cum. I was still shocked when he took out his hard cock and told me do the same I was so scared as I wanked his cock it was massive compared to mine it looked like it was 12 inches when it was hard I was hoping someone would come into the toilets in the park but this time of day not many round in the winter when I heard the door open and in walked a older man about 60 I though please help me, but he said hello John what have we here the other said fresh meat.
I gulped as the other man walked over and took hold of my cock which went hard again he laughed and said John I’ve got my van let’s take him for some fun, I tried to scream but nothing happened I just cried as they zipped up my trousers and walked me holding my hand to the car park.
I was so scared I was sure I was going to get killed as they sat me in the front between them and set off driving. All the way John had his hand on my leg and was saying don’t worry its just going to be fun as we turned up a lane to a farm house .
Don’t hurt me please only 13 that looked and laughed we won’t hurt you if you do as we say and took me into the farm house It was very clean and new inside and they told me sit down and don’t try run away .
I heard John call the othe Harry as he looked at me and said he’s about the right size and he left the room Harry turned and said did I like boys or girls I didn’t k ow I said he then came over unzipped his trousers and popped his cock out it was big too not as big as John’s and he said wank it before we Start i did as I was told and wanked him must of been 2 mins and he cum mmmm lively he said what’s your name he asked I stuttered Tony nice name a boys or a girls name.
John returned holding some clothes and said undress put these on I undressed totally scared and then I noticed the clothes were a dress and bra panties and tights ,they are girls I said just put them on you are going to be our girl he replied I pulled up.the panties I must admit they felt nice electric blue with stars on and matching bra which I could not do so Harry did it then I pulled the tights on and put on the dress it was about big but for some reason it felt nice .
His names Tony said Harry so that’s his girls name as John went over to a cabinet and got out a big gun ,if you try run bang, if your good you can go home later .
Now put on your trainers as we’re going take you out any funny business and bang remember as I put them on and Harry smacked my bum and felt it too come on Toni with a I now as your a girl, Iust admit I do look a bit girlish anyway withy blonde hair and slim as wen went out to the van it was darkish now didn’t know the time but my motherwould be home about 1030 we drive to a place near the woods somewhere and we got out and they opened the back sit in there and I climbed in as they both got out there cocks wank us nicely as I placed a hand on both cocks as I wanked I saw some figures walking over I was hoping to get free but it turned out they were doggers and this place was for young ones to share as 2 men looked at me smiles and patted John and he moved aside as a hand started feeling leg and moved up Harry said only wanks today but you can touch the girl/boy as a hand found my cock under my tights and panties just them both Harry and John shot cum on my dress and my hand were grabbed and put on 2 more cocks and I started again these 2 cum quicker as the they walked away towards another car that had pulled up meanwhile John was at the car and I could see a boy or girl naked and John had his hand I the crotch area and opening the legs and he pushed his cock in it was a girl as I watched him fuck her then I looked 3 men cocks out saying wank me which by now I was just doing I was covered in cum and I had a hard on for some reason and Harry noticed and pulled my tights and panties down and said who wants wank him and a man just grabbed my cock I was amazed it felt good but I wasn’t ready for what he did he put his mouth on my cock it felt wonderful and I cum straight away and the another man put his mouth on soft cock and I went hard and he sucked for ages and I cum all the time wanking all these men .Then all of a sudden John said times up and we left on the way back they said I was good and they would let me go home but if I told band the gun would find me but before I go I had to suck them both and swallow it I did as I wanted to go home . Teallylime When we had finished they let me change except my panties I had to leave on under my clothes and they dropped me off at the park .I ran home and it was still before my mum got home I ran up to my bedroom and stripped off foen to the panties and wanked till I heard her co e in I never told her as i really liked it and hopefully if I went to the park they would take me again.
Part two to follow if you liked

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    Wish it was me

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    Wanking and sucking men off at gunpoint with your cock inside a pair of silk panties. What a dream!

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    I was 12yo
    Wickr Bima69

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    Great story

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    I need part 2 as soon as possible.
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    my first time sucking was 2 years ago , i was 11 and was in public toilets and a cock apeared thru the hole in the wall and a man said suck it , so i did and id never seen cum before but i got some in my mouth and some on my face but i liked what id done and ive been there lots of times now , somtimes i get to suck but other times theres nobody about

    • Janko ID:5azbsczra

      prvi kurac sam dobio od susjeda sa 12 a on 17

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I was probably around 16 when I started sucking cock in public men’s bathrooms

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      After I had done it I wanted to as often as I could

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      hope you both enjoy today.

      i luv getting my cock sucked
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