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Fuckmeat Teacher – 3

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Amanda’s degradation begins at the hands of her teenage tormentors. Does she have the stomach for it?


The degradation those boys put their teacher through made her start to dissociate. Part of her was a strong, educated, morally virtuous, independent woman on track to a successful career in education. Changing lives and building a family at home. The other part, the current part, was a cum receptacle for young boys.

Not that they just filled her face with semen. They also spat on her, pissed on her, and made her perform all sorts of depraved acts for their purile entertainment .


One evening, while Chester’s mother was away, the boys had her strip naked in his living room
and gave her paper and pencil. They ordered their teacher to write an essay contrasting being fuckmeat for 13 year old boys and teaching. They ordered her to persuasively argue in favour of fuckmeat being the preferable role.

Chester and Donnie played video games while she worked. Her work was punctuated by random commands from the boys.

“Come here and kiss my cock, I just pwned Chester at COD. Congratulate me and call me lord of pwnage.” They laughed and laughed as the 28 year old attractive and physically fit woman, taller than both of them, crawled over, utters swinging, to fish this perverted fat slug of a kid’s pecker from his jogging pants to gently plant a kiss on its head and proclaim him a lord.

Chester often shouted at her to “get back to work fuckmeat! You’ll never amount to anything if you keep slacking”. It was hard to tell which of them hated her more. She was beginning to think as lowly of herself as they did. The humiliation was compounded by each act of subservience to the boys.

Her essay was well written. Her late nights studying theory, practise and revising reports Allowed her to hone her ability to write eloquently about how her digestive system should be mainly employed as Kleenex for young boys ejaculations.

“To conclude, I am a useless cunt whose only purpose is to service boys. My joy and my purpose is in sucking Chester and Donnie’s magnificent cocks and thanking them for allowing me to swallow their delicious cum”.

Miss Amanda did not get a standing ovation but she was of course ordered to swallow a couple more loads before Chester ordered her to re-write it to remove her bias against Donnie. Apparently she was not humble and appreciative enough of their leniency.


They railed her several times that night in Chester’s race car bed. They had her jump out of Chester’s window when mom walked through the front door.

“Fuck that bitch” Donnie said and they high fived.


A few days before her wedding the boys parents were all at home so they arranged for Amanda to make up an excuse to be absent while they cut school to go to the arcade. As soon as Martin left for work, as ordered, the slag teacher drove to pick the boys up in Donnie’s neighbourhood.

She was dressed as requested in a skirt and tube top and wore no bra or panties. She knew to do exactly as Donnie ordered. Didn’t matter if anyone saw her or what they neighbours would say. She learned the hard way what happened when she did not listen and follow instructions precisely.

She did not know what the boys had in store for her that day. She knew it wouldn’t be bowl of cherries, however.

Donnie ordered her to drive to the arcade where many kids from the high school hung out between classes.

“As our property, you need to start earning us some passive income”. Chester instructed her “so when we get to the arcade, you will go straight to the boys washroom and set up shop in the last stall on the left side”.

Donnie “we’re gonna send in boys, paying customers, and you will do whatever they paid us for. That means any hole is there’s for the right price”.

“But what about protection? I’m not on the pill!” Amanda should have known not to ask.

Donnie grabbed her by the hair and told her to pull over. He was almost tearing out her beautiful brown mane.

“Listen you fucking useless cunt” the boy snarled “you are a piece of trash. You are worthless except for our continued interest in using you for our amusement. I don’t give a shit if you walk out of there pregnant with some 14 year old geek’s kid or if one of those black boys rips your anus open and you bleed out. You will do what I say or you know who will hear about it and then goodbye life, bitch”.

He let go of her hair and she tearfully started back on course. She had been defeated again by this short fat bully kid, half her age, half her wits, and a foot shorter. This wasn’t how life was supposed to work out for her. How could she go through with this and still be an honest wife for Martin, she pondered.

SLAP! “Turn here stupid!”, Chester yelled at his fuckmeat property.

The five dollar blowjobs were the top selling item that day. She spent a total of roughly 5 hours in that smelly stall, mostly on her knees in front of teenage boys sitting on the can looking down at their fantasy. A few recognized her as the new teacher from last year. Not many could resist fucking or cumming on her tits. Those who disliked her were extra rough and made sure she felt their revenge.

“You remember me, Miss Amanda?” one Victor Ramirez asked “You called me lazy in front of my friends”. Amanda knew that was a lie. He had no friends he smelled bad and no one liked him, instead of applying himself in her class he just mostly sat there with his mouth open, “a real mouth breather” he once heard her remark to a colleague.

“Now look at you. On your knees with your big ass titties out. You want this dick? You want my cum? You need to work for it”

He slapped her face with his four inch dick as he spoke. He made her apologize over and over again while kissing the helmet. He stunk. She felt like what she was, a degraded whore unworthy of this shitty kid’s semen in her stomach. He came on her tits and he had her lick it up, show it to him in her mouth and thank him after swallowing.

This scenario played out as nauseum. She swallowed so much teenage cum that her stomach grumbled. She almost passed out at one point. Her vomit would have looked like creamed pearls. She rode bareback on the hard penises of five 14–6 year olds. All of them scum compared to who she used to be. She made believe she liked it, smiled for them, told them how much she liked it. They all came very quickly. They would all never have a chance with a woman like her ever again.

As she staggered out of the arcade behind the boys, one of fiancée Martin’s young workmates spotted her. She made brief eye contact with him but couldn’t be sure if he recognized her. He probably just assumed she was some sort of hooker. Why would a mature, award-winning educator be dragged out of an arcade dressed like a slut?

Her ass still remained unfucked. That was the only highlight of her day.

They made her wear her character award sash on the drive back home. They stopped once so the boys could piss on her by the side of the road.


Amanda Baker, 28 year old teacher, future bride of Martin Miller got up from her teacher’s desk and slapped her bully student in the face.

“Did I hear what I think I heard just now young man!?” She screamed.

For a moment, just a moment the possibility that he’d been had flashed in Donnie’s mind. Was this some elaborate prank?

No. She just didn’t know that he would be her new dominator. Her new owner. She was in shock. He would let it slide this one time.

Amanda fought her breath. She tired to negotiate, she tried to bribe him, she even apologized to the young boy who stood one foot shorter. Donnie was silent.

“Take off your blouse”

A few seconds passed. He apple the word. She had no choice. She knew what happened if she ignored him or even delayed. This 13 year old bully owned her. She was a beautiful 28 year old woman who men sought for her strength, intelligence and beauty. But now she belonged to her thug student. He hated her. She hated him.

She took off her blouse.

“Now the bra and then get on your knees and get my cock out”

She knelt before her teenage owner, releasing her EE orbs. She had only shown her magnificent chest to a very few men and boys in her life. It was a sacred and intimate act.

Donnie grabbed a handful “nice tits, teach. I’m going to enjoy those”

She was disgusted by this boy. He was no where near worthy of any of this. She pulled down his stained jogging pants and underwear to reveal a very erect 3 incher.

The woman was at eye level with the boycock. She looked up at Donnie. He recognized that look.

“Blow me teach. And don’t spill one drop”

He recorded the blowjob for his buddy just outside the classroom. Her next class would begin in five minutes so she had to work quickly. Donnie obliged.

Chester would get his turn. And, the boys would make sure the week leading up to her nuptuals would be memorable.

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