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Friends little sister

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She watched her little sisters pussy getting torn apart.

I have been friends with Lakshmi since my childhood. And we had our own intimate moments too. We had our first sex when we were 10 years old when her mom went into labor. Over the course of the years, I saw her grow from a flat chested tight cunt to a huge breasted whore. And she saw my dicks growth too, from 6 inches to 9 inches. I fucked her whenever I got a chance, even when she had a boyfriend. But I always had an eye on her little sister Karthika too.
She was 12 years old when this happened. I went to their house on the weekend. I saw Karthika playing outdoor, wearing a blue frock. I went into Lakshmi’s room where she was waiting for me in a t-shirt and tight leggings. She was laying on her bed, boobs pressed against the bed, in a perfect position for a hardcore fuck. The PC infront of her was playing some random porn. I went behind her and grabbed her legs. She giggled as I pulled her towards the edge of the bed and stripped her leggings. She stood on her knees to make my job easier. Her pussy was dripping wet. “It looks like you have masturbated all day long” I laughed. She looked at me seductively “It’s been two weeks since we last fucked. I thought of you all day long.” I pulled my pants down and she stared at my dick with lustful eyes. I pushed my dick deep into her pussy without any delay and thrusted hard. “Ahhh…. Fuck me” She moaned loudly as I pumped my huge dick in and out of her pussy. Her tits jiggled inside her baggy t-shirt. I grabbed her huge boobs and squeezed it harder. “Fuck me…. Ahhh” she cried. “Shhh……” I leaned towards her neck and said ” someone will hear your screams” I said that and covered her mouth with my hand and pulled her body towards me. She arched her body forward and stood in the perfect position for my dick to reach her pleasure spot. She twitched as my dick thrusted her sopt. Eyes rolling back and her legs started shaking, she went to heaven for a moment. She squirted all over the bed. I laughed and continued fucking her pussy as she fell to the bed. I leaned forward and pressed her neck against the bed. As I slowed down for a second and looked at the door, I saw Karthika looking at her horny sister being used by her best friend. The thought of Karthika watching made me fuck her harder. I increased the speed of my fucking as Lakshmi barely recovered from her last orgasm. “Ahhhhh….. Fuck me” she cried. I looked at Karthika with different emotions on her face. But as she noticed me looking at her she ran away from the room. I continued fucking horny Lakshmi. I made her lay on the bed facing me and fucked her in missionary. I lifted her t-shirt and sucked her boobs. I sucked her erect nipples while my dick ruined her cunt. After almost an hour of fucking I came inside her. She looked at me lustfully as I layed on the bed thinking about her young virgin sister. I did nothing on that day and waited till the next day. Their parents were at their grandparents’ house and it was just the two of them at home.
When I went their next day Lakshmi was gone out with her boyfriend like I have expected and Karthika opened the door. She looked down shy and scared. “sister’s not home” she said and tried to close the door. But I caught the door and went inside forcefully. “Where are you going?” I asked as she ran to the living room. “I don’t want to see you” she said “you are bad.” I laughed and ran behind her. I caught her upstairs and pressed her body against mine. “Leave me” she yelled “leave me”. I tightened my grip on her body. “What happened to you?” I asked. “Is this because what you saw yesterday?” She said nothing but continued her struggle to escape from me. I layed her forcefully on the ground and ripped her shirt. She had a flat chest like her sister when we had our first sex. I held her two hands tightly and took my thick dick out. I lifted her skirt and saw her tight pussy. Hands pinned to the floor, she struggled helplessly to escape my strong grip. I spread her legs forcefully and inserted my dick into her tight cunt. There was no blood. Either she was not a virgin or she didn’t had hymen at all. The later was the most probable. She cried loudly as the tip of my dick pushed into her. My dick was thicker than her hand and it seemed like I’m toring her apart. She kicked me when I pulled my dick out and tried to ran away from me. I grabbed her hands and tied it with her torn shirt. I took her to the bedroom and thrown her to the bed. “You are going to listen to me or it’s going to be really bad for you and your sister” I said “do you understand?”. She cried laying on the bed hands tied. I went towards her and spread her legs apart. I pushed my dick into her tight pussy. She cried loudly “ahhhh….. Leave me.” I inserted the tip first and slowly inserted half of my dick into her pussy as she cried. “Please leave me….Ahhhh.”
I increased speed of my fucking as she stopped resisting and layed there helplessly. Her tight pussy was squeezing my dick as I fucked her hard.
I took her petite body in my hand and fucked her in the air. She held on to me as my dick went deeper and deeper into her womb. “Ahhhh….” Her legs started to shake. Her body was twitching. I increased my speed and fucked her like a sex toy. She cried for her dear life as I fucked her violently. I slowed down as my balls are about to burst with cum. I thrusted into her with full force each time. My hot load of cum bursted into her young womb. I thrown her to the bed like a used toy and fell to the bed. She layed there, cum dripping from her pussy. As I turned my head and looked at the door I saw Lakshmi, standing there and rubbing her clit…….

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    I got raped at 11 by my daddy and I loved it I even helped him rape my sister. Made her lick me while he pounded her

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    I love looking at my daughter’s naked bent over ass. I think of her young virgin cunt taking the tip of my tool everytime I get a good look.

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      Just let her see your cock all the time by accident get her used to seeing it

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    This story is so hot and horny . I hope there is more to come

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    watch her tight teen ass get torn open next!

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      Yeah, RIPPED wide apart!!

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    Good story I really like reading it I hope there will be a part two in the near future

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    Part 2 please

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    And breed them both

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    Part 2 where you make her sister fuck her