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Doggy Sex Slave

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“Schlap, schlap, schlap” over and over again I heard as I came to. I could feel the familiar pressure in my ass that I’ve come to recognize all too well. I could feel the cool metal encircling both of my wrists and ankles, and a gentle tug on each appendage confirmed that I was unable to move from my current position.

I opened my eyes as I swayed back and forth with the pumping my asshole was receiving from something warm and furry laying on top of my back and hindquarters. My soft dick swung underneath me and my heavy balls danced with the rhythm. Upon seeing the metal bars, my predicament came flooding back into my mind, waving away the fog of sleep.

My family had never been financially well off, and my parents often struggled to pull in enough money to support the three of us. My father worked the odd labor job here and there and my mother was a maid-turned-whore who prostituted herself out to random men on the street at night. When I was younger and my father would be out at work, my mother would take me along on her wicked excursions and I would be forced to sit in the small, dank room with nothing but a creaky bed and a nightstand with a lamp and watch as men fucked my mother with their cocks. Sometimes, if the price was right and the men were willing, my mother would offer up my ass for some extra cash.

The unique pain and exquisite pleasure that is splitting a young boy’s asshole open with a girthy cock is indescribable. While I despised myself for being raised in a situation where I had no choice but to stick my ass up high and take the pounding I was being given, I must admit that having my insides churned and pumped by a larger male was incredible.

On my 12th birthday, my mother and I were prowling the streets looking for men in need of relief. Somehow, I managed to catch the eye of an unusually wealthy gentleman. He was dressed nicely in a black velvet winter coat, black slacks, shiny black boots with brass buttons, and a red silk scarf that adorned his neck. He strolled casually along the sidewalk with his cane at his side in front of us before he came to a stop directly in front of me. He was much taller than I was, and my face came to his belly button. With the butt of his cane he raised my chin to look into his eyes, which were an ice cold blue that held no mercy.

“Who is this boy to you, madam?” he asked my mother.

“That is my son,” she replied.

“Judging by your appearance, I would assume you wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to make an amount of money that will have you living comfortably for the rest of your life?”

My mother froze, wide-eyed, before nodding her head in agreement.

“Your boy here intrigues me, and I feel that he will suit my needs. I will give you $20,000 for him if you agree to sell him into my care permanently.”

My body tensed with his words and tears welled in my eyes. I felt the my gut sink down into my toes as I gazed towards my mother, who was white as a sheet and trembling like a leaf. Her eyes turned to meet mine briefly, and with no semblance of hesitation, she turned back to the gentleman with her hand outstretched.

“Ensure an even exchange and make certain the money is in my possession before you take him. Then he’s all yours.”

The gentleman smirked, pulled out a wad of cash from his coat pocket, before shaking my mother’s hand and delivering her the money. Without even a hug from my mother, the gentleman grabbed my shoulder and steered me toward him and my new life as his sex slave.

Snapping out of my memories, I took in my surroundings. I’m forced to sleep in a metal cage at night, my wrists and ankles adorned with permanent metal cuffs which were currently affixed to the metal bars. A leather collar was firmly fixed around my neck, and a leash was clipped to my collar and tied to one of the bars above me, ensuring I was unable to move.

From the moment I was sold, I was trained to be the bitch of the gentleman’s dog, Angelo. Angelo is a massive Doberman with sleek black fur and strong muscles that rippled as he moved. Of course, the part that I was most acquainted with was his 6 inch girthy red cock, with a knot that swelled and stretched my asshole to its absolute limits, forcing me to take every ounce of hot doggy cum that he gave me.

Every evening, I was shoved inside the cage and bound to the bars with my dog lover who bred my hole every chance he got. For hours on end, Angelo would pump his cock in and out of my abused asshole over and over again. My cock no longer got hard and is wrapped up in a little pink bow “fit for a bitch” as my master says. I can only have anal orgasms as Angelo fucks my ass, and I’ve been trained only to cum after Angelo’s knot ties in my asshole.

Every morning and every night, my master comes to the front of the cage, pulling down his pants and shoving his cock through the bars of the cage; my signal to suck his cock. I service him the best I can with my neck affixed to the cage by the leash, but I’m usually able to successfully wrap my lips around his dick and suck him sufficiently until he spurts his thick, salty cum down my throat.

“Lick up my cum, bitch, and don’t spill a drop or you’re servicing my horses today.” My asshole clenches around Angelo’s knot at the thought of a massive horse cock splitting my ass.

I lick my master clean, and in that time, Angelo pops out of my ass and gives my hole a few good licks to insure his sperm remains inside of me. I’m then unclipped and let out of the cage to piss and shit outside like the bitch I am, and am leashed to the dog house outside so I can be used by Angelo whenever his cock needs servicing by my trained mouth or asshole.

Sometimes, master takes us on a walk around the neighborhood, where the neighbors can see my stretched asshole leaking dog cum and my cute pathetic little dick swinging as I walk on my hands and knees. Many of the neighbor dogs are prized breeding dogs and we frequently meet them and their masters on our walks. Angelo is more than happy to show them what a good bitch I am, and master forces us to stop and makes me lift my ass high in the air so the neighbors can watch every thrust of Angelo’s cock in my boy pussy. They frequently have me suck their cocks as Angelo pounds my ass, and they cheer him on and tell me what a dirty little bitch slut I am for loving cocks and hot cum in my holes.

I hear master talking about a wedding for me and Angelo, to further affirm to me that I am nothing but a dog slut, with a surgery for me as a gift to Angelo. It seems master really wants me to be Angelo’s breeding bitch and make him happy with lots of puppies, and the surgery will do that. For now, I am nothing but a cum slut to this dog, and my asshole is more than happy to continue taking pounding after pounding from Angelo’s thick cock. I am no longer the boy who grew up listening to his mother’s moans as she was pleasured. I am a boy bitch.

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    This is sooooo good. Part 2?