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Cult Of The Rahum (Chapter 2-3)

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It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes only a Rajah to turn one into a slut

***Chapter 2***

A few days after, Rajah was on his daily walk and he came across patch of Gingko and Maca plants. He smiled, as it was exactly what he was looking for to teach the girl a lesson in respect. Gently pulling them by the roots, the bright flowers came out with and audible snap. He placed them and others in his small sheepskin bag, gathering as many as possible for his mixture. Spying a wide leaf, he grabbed it and squeezed, happy of its juiciness as it would add wetness to his makeshift cream. Finally, he went to the stream and grabbed a large rock and flipped it, revealing a nest of worms. After finding the queen, he smiled and squeezed it also, before dropping it in his bag and heading back to his camp, his cult, his home. When he returned, he looked at the girl in the box, and the stains around her mouth hole from when they fed her last night. After admiring her for a moment, he went into his large tent and began crushing his herbs together in a stone bowl. He sliced the worm in half and squirted it’s bright blood into the bowl, happy he found it for its properties. It was closely related to the leech, only it didn’t suck blood initially, it somewhat magnetized it, bringing thousands of blood cells to wherever it planted itself. It then pierced its prey with its incredibly sharp tail, and began to then suck it’s blood in clots. He juiced more of its blood into the bowl, then once again began smashing and mixing. Once done, it transformed into a cream like substance, with a green, oily, topping but thick and smooth under texture. He then stood as he heard a clattering of spoons and her box being knicked. He exited his tent and saw a member trying to feed her thick tree sap, but was failing as her tongue flailed around in here mouth and hit the metal spoon. The Lord Rajah clapped once and the member instantly dropped to his knees, did his ceremonial sign to his Lord and left. Rajah shuffled for the pick in which to open the box, and jammed it into the lock once he did. It swung open fast, and a scream erupted from it as the girl tried to run and jump, out, only to rip the prongs out of her nipples and mouth. Her legs gave out and, he quickly grabbed her by her hair. Her body was dirty from being in the box all night and her nipples where swollen from the prongs. She looked up with him with tears streaks through the dirt on her face, and he looked back down at her evilly. It was time for training to begin.

***Chapter 3***

Screams echoed throughout the camp when he started pulling her into his tent by her hair. He threw her onto his conichkim, (translated from the Ra language to bed) and closed the flaps on his tent. She quickly scrambled back into the corner of the bed, trying to hide herself. Just as he got closer a foot flew out and smashed him in the jaw, and it dazed him, and she got up and started running. It was all in vain, as he quickly picked up her squirming figure and tied her to the bed. He grabbed two safety pins she had in her skirt that the cult had confisticated from his conichier, also translated as “desk of wood” and pierced each one into a nipple. Blood leaked and she cried out as it scissored into her skin. The Rajah drew close to her face and spoke: “That’s for your disrespect you dirty little slut.” She struggled harded and tried to spit in his face, but her mouth was too dry. He noticed. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you something to drink.” Then the tower that was the Rajahs’ manhood quivered, and he got his mixture and rubbed it vigoursly on his growing erection. It grew thicker and larger than before, extending to a monstrous size. He smiled at his tool and grabbed a plant on his table. Poison ivy. After being in it for so long, he had a immunity to it, but some city girls pussy didn’t. He ground it in his fingers and pushed it into her red and soggy adolescent cunt. You could hear the agony all throughout the camp as her vagina burned and itched from the poisonious plant. He laughed and swatted her pussy hard, and juices started to pour. “Even through all this humilation, you still are getting wet from your Lord treating you like a defiled bitch. What a young and dirtry whore.” He layed his dick on her lips and starting moving back in forth rhythmically as he worked the poison ivy into her wet little fuckhole. As he pushed his dick across her lips, the little ten year old caught a whiff and gagged. It was rancid, and although she didn’t know this, the Rajah had purposely not bathed for the past two nights, as he was planning and preparing for this day. He smacked her face and she slowly opened her mouth, to accept her daily throat rape, and to take his dirty cock into her mouth. Once she did, he groaned in pleasure as her small mouth tightened around his manhood like a vice grip, and as her eyes continually poured water onto his leaf pillow. He pushed farther into mouth and he felt her throat constrict as bile threatened to raise. She had been trying to keep it down, but his dick smelled and tasted so bad, that she just couldn’t anymore. He slammed into the hilt as vomit splashed from her throat, smothering her airway against his shrubbery. “Swallow.” She made deep, vile choking sounds, but he didn’t pull out until she swallowed her own disgusting puke back into her throat. He pulled out and reared his hand like a piston, before slamming it into her face so hard that her slimy spit flew out of her mouth. It left a bright red mark, which immediately began to bruise and change to a dark blue color. “Didn’t I tell you not to puke onto my dick slave?” She slowly nodded, not daring to say a word. He wiped his cock on her chest and got on top of her. He lined his putrid cock up with her mouth and let all his weight slam it deep into her throat. So far where he swore he felt her organs through her esophagus. It was there where he let loose his cum, filling and pooling deep into the pits of her stomach while she gagged and tried to scream around his erect penis. After filling her up he felt something else coming on, something much more humilating. Quickly he pulled out and pissed all over her face and open mouth, soaking her hair and sliding down her widened throat. He smiled at his creation, as he knew this memory would scar her for life and make her into the young cum dump he needed. After he was done, he commanded her to swallow and she did, with much difficulty. His mouth pulled into a smile before he leaned back and grabbed his sheepskin canteen. He poured it all over her perfect little face, practically drowning her and washing all the piss off. She was trying hard not to cry again from his treatment, and she was doing horrible at it. She did though, until he told her what he was going to do next.

That’s the end of chapter 2-3! Shoutout to RawAnalony, Piti and Andfor being the first to give my story some attention! Ezekiel was me on incognito lol
I’m already working on 4-5, which will include Rajah teaching her burning pussy who’s boss, and making her love his cock brutalizing her ass. I really enjoyed making this story, so if you want more leave a comment, or email me at [email protected]. I’ll reply to my email as soon as possible.

BTW, should my next installment feature a foot fetish or a armpit fetish? I also plan on a gangbang later on, so don’t worry, tag team pussy and ass destruction will soon ensue!
To my homies, {:

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      I was gonna do that, but I didn’t know if it would be too unrealistic. I’ll definitely add in later installments! Sign up for installment reminder by emailing me at [email protected]

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