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Caught my brother stuffing mom on thanksgiving break

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My name is tina,and i am away at college.my dad travels a lot on business and my younger brother sean is on his last year of high school and lives at home still.i am a splitting image of my mother gale.wavy blonde hair, hazel eyes, great bodies and asses to die for.i was due home for thanksgiving break two days before thanksgiving, the same day my dad was due back.we got out actually a day even earlier.i was going to call home and break the good news to mom but decided to surprise her and my brother by just going home.i arrived around 7:00 pm so it was dark out.it looked like all the lights were out except i could see our parents bedroom light was on upstairs.letting myself in quietly to surprise them the lamp was on in the living room, heading towards the stairs i heard actually fucking sounds and voices.as i crept up the stairs slowly,now i’m hearing a bed creaking and a voice saying,”oh god sean stuff it.”i fuckin’g love it.that was my mom’s voice and my brother is sean.oh my god i thought as i really walked slower down the hall.was my brother really fuckin’g our own mom.they were in our parent’s room and on their bed.i slowly but surely looked in and our mom’s legs were spread wide and she was wearing black stocking’s with the seam up the back with gold high heels.my brother was on top pumping his long huge cock in and out of mom.it had to be at least 8 inches or more.mom’s pussy juice was coating his huge cock as it sank deep on every thrust.i was just in total shock but was getting so fuckin’g hot watching them.this was real, oh mother i love it my brother said as he stayed fuckin’g her.watching our parent’s bed creak and shake while looking at my own brother’s ass cheeks pulling almost out and going balls deep up mom’s juicy hole over and over.my brother then said to our mom ” i want us to fuck all we can mom before dad and sis get home.”mom then said to my brother you had my pussy stuffed since 3:00 this afternoon and its going on 8:00.just hearing my mom say that about how long they have fucked already almost sent me over the edge.my brother then said as he went way up our mom’s cunt again,”and i am going to keep it stuffed for hours more mother.”that did it right their.i had two fingers up my box and thumb on my clit.i had the biggest orgasm of my life.i was so loud my brother jumped off my mom and said what the fuck.his huge member was sticking right up to the ceiling.what a cock he had,no wonder mom was fuckin’g him.i came so hard i almost fainted.i tried not to let them know i was their i just could not help it.i’ll let you know what happen’s from here.

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  • Reply Sugarbud16 ID:c8aw7949b

    Part two, would be nice to complete thi beautiful incestuous love between siblings and parents..;)

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    Incest is so good

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      Absolutely best sex ever

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    Plzzz part 2 Tina

  • Reply Tim and Litka ID:1e2cdg8727e7

    We loved this story thanks. Mom son incest is always hot, but if sis joins in it’s even better.
    Can’t wait for a follow up to see brother and sister fucking while mom fingers herself and cums watching them!!

    • Bisexual incest couple KatNJay ID:2xbw0ornzrb

      Incest is best…me and my husband both grew up with incestuous families…closer kin deeper in is a very true statement

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    You should’ve went in and join them

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    Yes please.. blackmail your brother to fuck his sister part 2

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    I finger fucked myself to a huge orgasm reading this.

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      Tell us all more Ashley.
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      We agree too, and would love to hear more!

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      I came reading this as well…so did my husband…we usually read these together as I sit on his lap with his hard cock in my ass or pussy

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    Yes I want to know please