Asian fun 2

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Anal, suprise, trans, oral………….

Suffice to say my mind was in a very strange spot.. I had considered myself straight..
But truth to tell like most men I had watched trans porn but the thought of meeting one, let alone having such a beautiful one laying on my chest stroking my chest hair with my cock slowly softening inside her tight hole while my coveralls laid in a pool over my feet was a whole new world to me…
She looked up at me and stretched up to kiss me tenderly on my mouth.. It was a soft sensual kiss one of longing that turned into passion very easily… My cock started to show life again and I felt it twitch inside her… She tightened her hole gripping my flesh..
You must really like.. She said to me smiling as she kissed me….
I looked into her beautiful dark eyes..and realised I didn’t even know her name.. I was buried nut deep inside her beautiful hot body.. But I didn’t know her name…
I pointed my finger at her chest gently stroking her beautiful small breasts..
What is your name I asked…. Her English seemed a little better now she was calm..
My name is Ren.. Yours? Bart.. I told her she started to wriggle and my cock was jumping along with her..
As Simpson she laughed at mee..
Lol no as in Barthomley… Don’t ask I told her. Just Bart.. Will be OK…
It was a surreal moment.. Long time since I’ve had a morning where I could not remember a girls name I had woke up with..
She started to move up and down on my cock her tiny hands buried in my chest hairs.. You like fuck my boipuss Bart.. You like me fuck.. My cock was back to being rock hard.. I’ve experienced anal times but nothing like the tight canal rubbing up and down my hardness… Ren lifted herself her small slim body almost to the end of my cock.. Then slid straight back till we were skin to skin.. I wondered how my cock fit inside her.. We carried on fucking and kissing my hands where all over her body.. Especially her tight tiny ass….
Fuck me.. She whispered in my ear climbing off me her small hard cock and tiny balls I could not fully see fit the first time she spread her legs.. Her impossibly small rose bud red and slick waiting for my cock… I came between my legs and she guided my cock in side her… Fuck me.. Big Brad… Give me your cock… I needed no second invatation.. Sliding my cock deep inside her I fucked her hard and fast trying to pound her into the bed…. Eventually my balls told me they wanted to empty and I filled her boicunt once more as she but into my shoulder hard to stop her screaming the place down…
This time I collapsed on top of her my whole body covering her tiny frame..
Do you need go Bart… I thought of my one bed empty apartment and said no.. You want me to stay
Yes I think I like you and not only your cock.. We crawled into a spoon position and I held her wrapped in my arms.. My cock inbetween her tight cheeks… I kissed the back of her neck as we wrapped together eventually drifted off to sleep…

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