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Anything to pass class ANYTHING

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I had my first bbc in college a few months ago

Am not gonna sugar code it, I hate school but you have to make sacrifices to be something I guess. But trust me if there’s an easy route i always take it. Last semester I chose my classes, sociology being one of them. In that class the teacher made us pair up in two’s. That’s where I met Max, a skinny 6’ or more tall guy. He was 23 with black hair and hazel eyes. We started talking, and it seem that we didn’t have anything in common. We liked video games that was pretty much it. The teacher then suggested to trade numbers with that person in case of an emergency so after class he texted me almost like we were friends the usual, “WYD”, “can I FaceTime you. ” I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t sure, but he was flirting. He then revealed later, about a month in our friendship that he had a crush on me. I did not like him at all, to be honest, I thought he was annoying. As weeks past, I wasn’t doing so well in the class, the only saving grace would be that in major exams the teacher allowed us to partner up, and I would always choose him because he was very smart. (like I said, I do anything to pass). The final, however, was coming up, and I wanted to manipulate him in doing the whole exam for me. two days before the final since he was so infatuated with me, I told him that I would give him a blow job. If he would give me the answers for the final. Of course, he said yes, so that same day I went over to his house.

We got to his room and I immediately got on my knees. He started pulling his shorts down. I guess he was waiting for me because he was already hard. It was roughly maybe around 9 1/2 inches. So I started licking his tip, then I would run my tongue down the whole underneath of the shaft. I then started to suck his dick. He kept pushing my head, making me gag and cough I would try to go all the way down, but I couldn’t. But after a while, I started to get the rhythm and I remember I was happy that day because I learned how to Deep Throat. soon enough I was deep throating, his cock while having my tongue out, to make sure not to miss any part of him. He started face fucking me, and even though I hated him I was in love he was feeding me his cock. He pulled me off and grabbed a hold of my hair as he jerked furiously. And like a lustful slut, I had my tongue out he then throws his head back and moans as six shots of hot cum paint my face, hair and tongue. As soon as I got up, he grabbed my shoulder and asked where I was going. I told them that I was done with my part of the deal. Well, he must’ve known I was kind of using him because he told me that if I wanted the answers he had to fuck me. I told him no, because the deal was already established, but then he told me he was going to help me anymore in class. That’s when I decided I did not want to retake that class, so I told him ok. As soon as I said that, he grabbed me and pushed me on his bed.

He was hard again I’m ready to go. He got some lube out of his drawer put some on his cock and then my hole, still covered with cum, and took some from my face and rubbed it as well. I was on all fours as a felt his head push, it went in nice and easy thanks to the lube. He was halfway in and was fucking me softly. I then told him to lay down as I got on top of him facing away. (reverse cowgirl. ) I wanted to let him watch as I took his entire cock down to the base. I felt so full, I started riding him, then grabbed his hands and put them on my waist ,signaling him I wanted more. I started thrusting harder, and I would go all the way up to meet his thrust as I would sit on his cock. I remember, moaning and begging him to keep fucking me. He had pushed me on all fours again, and kept going. After a while, he said he was going to cum come. I told him I want him to cum on my back. He pulled out and moan deeply as the first shot went all the way up to my neck and proceeded to keep cumming on my back. After that was done, I cleaned up and left, and the day of the final I passed. Sadly, I don’t talk to Max anymore. I sometimes miss his cock, but at the end he served his purpose and I passed my class.

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