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All in the family 2

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How I continued to fuck my sister. NB: sorry for the late (very late) update.

The next morning I woke up with a huge morning wood. Without thinking I started to rub my dick, until I noticed that I wasn’t alone in the bed. Next to me was the naked body of my 10 year old little sister.
I looked over and her back was turned to me and her little ass was facing me. Without hesitation I moved closer to her and spooned her. When our naked bodies made contact, I could swear my dick got even harder.

I took all of my will power to not attack my little sister’s young body and fuck her hard just there and then. But, I knew there was no need to rush, I had plenty of time to enjoy my little sister’s pussy and all her small body.

As we spooned I had my cock in between her legs and was rubbing ever so slowly enjoying every moment. I had my hand groping her fresh young body, I started with her tits (more like her chest really, just barely existant tits), then occasionally I’d moved down to rub her belly, and then move on to her small firm ass. I loved squeezing her butt. Then I’d move back to her tits and the cycle would continue for a while.

At the same time I was also kissing her sweet neck and as time went on I was basically making out with her neck. If someone had walked in the room at that very moment,  they would either be really aroused or be very disgusted. A grown man all over a tiny little girl, groping, licking and fondling her every curve. What a sight it was.

After a while I started to her sniffling sounds. I look over and saw tears running out of my little sister’s eyes, she was silently crying.  I think she hoped that yesterday was all a dream. But, to her dismay it was all real. Her older brother was taking advantage of her young tiny sexy body and he loved it.

After hearing that my sister was awake I decided to take things a little bit further.  I reached in between her legs and started rubbing her young hairless pussy. As I began rubbing her clit she began to involuntarily move her hips and let out little soft moans. Although she might have not like her older brother touching her inappropriately,  her own body was betraying her.

She was getting wetter by the minute. Soon she was so wet it was leaking and coating my hard cock in between her legs. As time went on her breathing was becoming faster and faster and her moans were louder and louder. I could tell she was closer to an orgasm, so rubbed her pussy and clit a little faster and harder. Minutes later she reached an explosive orgasm, that she closed her legs shut and trapped my cock in between her things and she began shaking uncontrollably. After a while she came down from her orgasm.

If she hadn’t stopped shaking when she did, I would have came, as I was basically fucking her thighs. After her orgasm I turned her to lay on her back and I got ontop of her. She looked so tiny underneath my big frame. But, that didn’t matter as i was about to fuck her real good.

As i got ontop of my 10 year old sister,  i looked in her teary eyes and said “man I’m gonna enjoy fucking your young pussy”. I could see it in her eyes she was begging not to fuck her. But, I was so horny there was nothing that could stop me from claiming my little sister’s young smooth hairless pussy.

I put both her legs on my shoulder to gain full access to her pussy, as I began to align my dick with her pussy entrance. I rubbed my dick on her wet pussy to get it all nice and wet. Then slowly I began to enter my 22 year old cock, into my 10 year old sister’s pussy. Inch by inch I put all of my dick in my sister’s pussy and began to slowly stroke.

After a few minutes of slow stroking I began to increase the tempo, I was going faster and harder. I was in heaven and nothing else in that moment mattered. I was pounding this young pussy like nobody’s business. My sister’s squealing moaning and the sound of my hips and balls smashing against her ass were the only sounds that filled the room.

After about 15 minutes of this pure bliss I was about to come. As my orgasm reached I began pounding harder and harder,  until I exploded deep in my sister’s pussy, filling her with my baby making juice.  I collapsed ontop of her tiny body and lay there for a while. After a few minutes I got off her and pulled my now flaccid cock out of my sister’s tiny pussy, and my cum began to leak out of her pussy.

I looked over to my sister’s night stand and saw the time on her alarm clock.  “Ohh fuck” I suddenly remembered that my little sister had planned a play date with some of her friends and they would be here in about 40 minutes. I got up and told my little sister to go take a shower and get ready for her friends.

While my little sister was in the shower,  I went to the kitchen and made her breakfast, while I was still naked. At this point I quite enjoyed being naked in the house.  But, I knew I was gonna have to cover up when my little sister’s friends got here. On my way to take a shower I popped by my sister’s room opening the door without knocking. She was still getting dressed and the only thing she had on was her panties. When she saw the door open unexpectedly she instinctively tried to cover up her barely existant breasts.

When I saw this I just smiled and told her I made her breakfast for when she’s done dressing. And then I went to shower. When I came out to the living after showering and all dressed, I saw that my little sister’s 4 friends had already arrived for their play date. Looking at all the little girls in the living room, I felt my cock twitch a little.

The one that caught my eye was the youngest of them all.

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