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5th grade teacher 2

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Jessica knew she was flashing me, and she didn’t care

Yeah, i definitely liked the maze grinding but it wasn’t the corn that I liked, it was the beautiful girl grinding it.
I’m glad you liked it. I didn’t know that I was showing everything like that. I’m glad it was you that saw it and not one of the other teachers or kids. That would have been really embarrassing.
But, you weren’t embarrassed by me seeing you? I asked.
No, I don’t mind. I’ve seen you looking down my shirt before in class. It doesn’t bother me. It actually makes me feel good. I’m glad you like my boobies. They’re not very big.
They are the biggest in the class. Believe me I look at them all.
She gave me a shocked look and smacked my arm.
You better not look at any other girls, she said quietly.
Oh, just you?
Yes! Just me silly.
I looked into her eyes and saw she wasn’t kidding.
But, an occasional glance isn’t enough to keep a boyfriend.
We can do more.
My hands started shaking.
Eyeing her was one thing. But, she was taking it to another level.
You are being a bad girl, I said. I think you need after school detention.
Okay, she said with a smile. We both looked forward. Then I felt her hand slip into mine. I’m sitting on a school bus with 60 kids, holding hands withan 11 yo girl. I looked over at her, squeezed her hand and smiled. I moved my gaze up and saw Amanda in the seat across the aisle looking at us and our hands. She just smiled at me.
After School that afternoon, everyone was filing out I said, Jessica, don’t forget I need you to stay.
I didn’t forget.
Amanda smiled at me as she passed my desk. She definitely knows something is happening.
When they left I locked the door.
Ok, young girlfriend, let’s have a talk.
Let’s kiss instead.
She ran over to me and jumped up.
I caught her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me.
I’m so happy to be your girlfriend. But, you can’t have anyone else remember.
I stopped kissing her long enough to say, Who else would I be with?
That slut Amanda. She is always saying how she wants to fuck you.
She let go of me and slid to the floor.
Do you want to fuck me or Amanda?
You. I want to fuck you.
With that she pulled her shirt up and over her head. Those beautiful perky titties were now right in front of me. I reached out and cupped up, then bent to kiss it. I sucked on it and she let out a small moan.
I started to rub her pussy through her panties, under her skirt. She said, fuck me now.
I stopped and took off my clothes as she finished undressing. Her beautiful pussy had just a few soft hairs around it. I picked her up and set her on a long work table. I spread her legs and licked her sweet pussy. I ate her for several minutes then stood and looked at her with my hard cock poking at the entrance to her pussy.
Fuck me, do it. Fuck me.
I pushed into her. It was so tight it hurt.
I fucked her slowly at first as she adjusted. After a few minutes, i went faster and deeper. Soon I filled her young womb with my sperm.

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