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2nd experience with a preditor

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The first time I met a man cruising for boys, I ended up with cum all over my hand and felt like I should have done more. This time I would

I was on my newspaper route again on a Sunday morning. It’s dark out and hardly anyone one the streets. I was 6 blocks east of were I jacked off the stranger a few weeks before.
As I am riding down Poplar street in Denver, a guy is walking next to the road. I stop at the stop sign at 13th street and he said to me, Do you know where Monaco is?
I thought what is this guy an idiot? Yeah, it’s 6 blocks that way. I turned away from him as I pointed. When I turned back he had his coat open and was nude underneath. I’m thinking the first guy must have told this one that there’s a cute 12 yo blonde boy who delivers papers out here and will jack you off. It’s three weeks after and two pervs come up to me? What are the odds?
He says, how big is yours?
I look at his cock. It’s not as big as the first guy. If I remember correctly it was probably about 5 inches. Bigger than my 3 inch dick.
It’s not as big as yours, I admit.
Can I see it?
Why? It’s just little. I don’t even have any hair.
Good. That’s what I want. I like young boys. Even younger than you.
Okay, if you say so. There used to be a big hedge at that house between it and the street. We went behind there and i pulled down my pants. My little weenie was sticking strait out. He touched it. It felt really good having someone touch me. He got down on his hands and knees and took me penis in his mouth. He sucked it which felt great. He played with my tiny balls and then he licked his finger. As he stuck my dick back in his mouth he pushed his finger inside my asshole. I had put things in my ass before (different story coming up), but it somehow felt better as another person did it.
Does that hurt?
No. I like it. Do it more.
He pushed his finger deeper inside me. It felt really good. But, I hadn’t exactly planned on having anal sex. As he fingered my ass I realized that I had to shit.
I told him that. Ok, he said, just squat here and do it on the lawn.
Yeah, they will just think a dog did it.
So i squatted and dumped a load in the grass.we moved a couple feet and he continued to finger my now shitty ass and suck me off. I felt like I was coming. I told him. He sucked me harder. I came, but nothing came out.
Then he said, do you want to try sucking mine. I said, Definitely.
He stood up and I took his tool in my mouth. He held my head and pumped in and out. I was gagging, but he kept going. I couldn’t breathe very well and i was drooling like a dog. Soon he came in my throat. I swallowed it all.
He got dressed and i said I do this route every day. But I never saw him again

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  • Reply Cum_in ID:1epg65x4t7ux

    I was 12 yrs old when I tasted my first cock and omg I loved it

    • Johnny ID:1db7z9i78zei

      I was 11 when I sucked a man first time

  • Reply Tom ID:1bfepuyz6ik

    Boy’s need learn too please all men

    • Aras ID:14s76leq6ia

      I know right, and I miss having sex with the first guy who I let fuck my boy pussy back when I was 13.

  • Reply Aras ID:14s76leq6ia

    There you go sucking a man’s cock is delicious huh? I’m glad he also sucked you off too! It’s a shame he didn’t return and fucked you the next night! But now you’re a certified bottom now!