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Workers Revenge – Preteen Rape Ordeal

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This is a 4 part story. The first part is a bit of scene setting, but from then on it gets nasty.

It had been another hot day on the building site, and the men had finished for the day, and were ‘rehydrating’ as they liked to call it in the local pub. There were four of them, all eastern Europeans, but were all speaking in English as they had been in the UK for a couple of years now.
There was Antoni (known as Ant), Jakub (known a Jak), Stanislaw (known as Stan) and Mikolaj (known as Mik).

Even though they had been working most of the day, they had been down the gym for an hour toning up their bodies, which were also tanned dark from working hours in the sun in shorts and with their shirts off.

“I think we will be finished soon. Hopefully Ravi will have something else lined-up.” said Ant, referring to his boss Ravinder.
“Hopefully so” said Mik “though I’m sure he’ll make us sweat a bit at the end as he usually does so we don’t get too demanding on our shitty wages when starting a new job the little fucker”
“Yeah” agreed Jak “I bet he’ll want us to finish that job on his roof before starting anything else. It’s dragged on for ages and I bet his wife’s kicking up a stink about it”
“Nah!” said Stan “have you seen them together, she wouldn’t stand up to him in a million years. Rav’s got her right under his control.”

At that moment another man they knew came in and they waved happily to him. He saw them, but went straight to the bar and ordered his drinks. The four others were a bit perplexed as Igor was a good friend, and he often invited them all round for barbecues and drinks with his family every now and then.

They watched Igor with puzzled looks on their faces, and saw him as he downed a large vodka, and then took a large gulp of his lager, before drinking another vodka and then turning round to his four friends. He smiled at them, but they could tell it wasn’t a real smile, and something was badly wrong.

Igor took a deep breath as he sat down with them, looking down into his pint glass, as if working out what to say.

“Igor.” Ant was the first to say something “what the fuck is wrong with you?”

Their friend took another deep gulp of lager and another deep breath as if he was fighting within himself on what to say, or say nothing. As he had decided to sit down with his mates, he came to the conclusion in his mind that he needed to speak to someone about his problems and started.

“I….I….I” he stammered “I need to tell you all that I’m moving”
“No Igor you can’t mate. Where are you going?” asked Jak
“I….I…. I’m going home to Warsaw next week. All of us” meaning him and his family
“No you can’t do that” said Mik “Why, what’s happened? Someone ill?”

There was a long pause as Igor tried to build up courage to say more, and after another long drink of beer, he went on.

“It’s……It’s Carly.” he finally said, referring to his 14 year old daughter. “She’s been disappearing after school for a couple of months. She said she had been round a friend’s house, but I saw that she kept coming back with some nice clothes and jewellery on.”

Igor stopped again before continuing.

“Then the day before yesterday she came home in tears, and it took me and Sacha (his wife) ages to find out what was wrong.”

He looked around his friend’s faces who were waiting to hear more, but not in a prying way, just out of real concern.

“Well… Well she said she was pregnant and she had been a complete idiot. I asked her who the father was, but she wouldn’t say. Sacha made me leave the room as I was getting more and more worked up.”

Igor looked around again, and leaning forward to make sure no one else in the pub could hear.

“Sacha came downstairs and told me what Carly had said, but made me promise not to do anything. Carly had said the same…….” and after another big gulp of beer he went on “Well she said that she didn’t know who the father was, coz it could be any of a dozen or so of Ravi and his mates”
“No!” exclaimed the four friends all at once.
“Yeah” went on Igor “now you see the problem. If I say anything, Ravi will fire me immediately, and will also tell the authorities I’ve overstayed my visa, and that I’ve been dodging taxes. So I have to go now, and start things again back home to get away from all this. I can’t afford to live here long without a job, and if I get a criminal record I’m totally fucked both here and back home. I have to get away to make a clean start”

Igor went on for a few more minutes about Carly, and what she said the men had done to her. First giving her nice things, and then demanding repayment, and blackmailing her into taking drink and drugs so that they could take sexual advantage of her. Igor finally sat back in his chair looking a completely broken man.

They all sat in silence for a while. Jak went and got everyone another drink, and when he had sat down, Ant spoke.

“Look Igor. Your our mate, and mates stick together” and everyone nodded. “I know we can’t change your mind on this, but we will find a way to get back at that sick fuck Ravi and his mates, that’s a promise. You go back to the homeland, and we will fix this” to which Jak, Stan and Mik nodded. Murmuring their agreement. “Leave it to us, and we’ll work something out”
“Please don’t do anything stupid” said Igor “I don’t want you to get into trouble”
“Don’t worry we’ll be careful, but we can’t let him get away with this” said Ant with a sly smile on his face. “You may have promised to Sacha and Carly not to do anything, but we certainly haven’t”

Igor finished his drink and left the pub, almost shuffling out like an old man.

The four friends huddled together, and over the next few hours until closing time they hatched their plan for revenge.

They were patient with what they planned, and about a week later they were on a job when Ravi came up to them.

“Hi fellas” he said with his thick Pakistani accent “As you will be finished here tomorrow, I need you to come round to my place to finish my roof extension before my wife goes on at me any more about it. I’ve got some mates coming round Saturday night for a celebration, and I want them to see the work nearly done.”
“Fine, We’ll be there.” said Jak, and added almost as a joke “We invited to the party as well?”

“Nah! Sorry.” said Ravi “Your far to lowly, and my friends are discussing a few private matters anyway”

Jak was seething at the ‘lowly’ jibe, and he could imagine the private matters being the group’s little secret of abuse against local teenagers. Putting that to one side without getting angry, he added.
“Oh and while you’re here, can I borrow your phone to order the bits we need?”

Ravi had an account with a local builders merchants for his supplies with which he had negotiated a hefty discount, much to the owners annoyance.

“Fine” said Ravi as he handed it over, and took out another phone to make another call. He always seemed to be on the phone. “I’ll be back in five minutes” as he walked away across the building site.

Jak quickly made the order, and then he walked quickly across to his car and connected up a small box which he had been shown how to do by Stan’s nephew. The phone was unlocked, obviously, so he could place the materials order, so after a few clicks, he downloaded all of the files on Ravi’s phone. Jak was sweating as he watched Ravi from behind the other side of the car while the download edged slowly from 0% across to 100% just a Ravi finished his call.

“Here you go Rav. All done” said Jak, and muttered under his breath so Ravi didn’t hear “And I hope you will be ‘done’ very soon”

Later back at his flat he plugged the memory storage box into his laptop and downloaded the info from the phone.

Most of the info was rubbish, but he scrolled through most of this down to the photos and videos.

He clicked on the first file and was shocked at what he saw. It was a photo of a young girl, who was obviously drunk or drugged with heavy eyes and smeared mascara. The shocking bit was that she was naked, and appeared to be no older than twelve or thirteen, and had what looked like semen dripping from her mouth and down her almost flat chest.

Other photos were at different stages of whatever was happening. Jak recognised some of the men gathered around her, who appeared to be cheering and shouting.

Jak then went on to the videos. What he saw was not nice. Ravi appeared in the third video he clicked on, along with probably five of his mates, and over the next few minutes Jak saw what depraved men they all were. There seemed to be no limit to what they would do to young girls. It was then that Jak, who was almost too shocked to notice, that the girl in the third video was Carly.

“Motherfuckers! Those fucking cunts are going to pay for this!” he shouted angrily at his computer screen. He couldn’t see how any of the girls could have fallen in with Ravi and his mates. Most of them were fat and ugly, but guessed they had been flattered by the group over a few months and showered with gifts until they wanted something in return.

Jak got on the phone to his three buddies and sent them the photos (not the video), which showed Ravi and his mates ‘having fun’. He sent about fifty photos, which was more than enough to enrage all four of them to boiling point, and then he told them about the Carly video. He said he saw the room, but didn’t recognise the scenery out of the window, but he did hear Ravi say something about placing a bet on which girl would get pregnant first. He also said something about having another great video for the blackmail collection. Jak saw Ravi’s camera phone swing round the room, catching sight of one of his mates with a camcorder. He knew there must be a number of tapes somewhere that he kept safe.

A short while later he got numerous texts from Ant, Stan and Mik using much the same language he had used, and a few choice eastern European expletives in addition.

At work the next day, up on Ravi’s roof extension, they talked quietly about what they had seen, and what they were going to do, and they decided Saturday night would be the best time to put things into action when Ravi and his wife were occupied entertaining his pals.

Jak and his friends seethed all week. It was a struggle to be pleasant to Ravi, but they bit their lips and carried on work knowing their revenge for their pal Igor was coming soon. They were going to destroy Ravi.

Some of their plans involved locking Ravi and his depraved mates in a room, and setting fire to the place for them all to burn, but this was too risky, and leave Jak and his pals open to being found out. What they had finally decided on would be complete an utter humiliation for Ravi, his ‘friends’ and his family.

Saturday came round slowly for the Eastern Europeans, but it gave them time to prepare.

It was a warm evening, and it stayed light until after 9pm. Mik and Stan were watching Ravi’s house from the park over the road, and they texted Jak and Ant when they guessed all Ravi’s mates had arrived. They would all be occupied, so it was time for them to act!

The other two arrived and they moved across the road towards the side of the house. All the guests were either in the big back room, or in the garden. They could be heard laughing at each other’s stories, and having drinks and snacks brought to them by Sumi, who was Ravi’s submissive wife.

Out of sight of everyone in the garden, or from anyone passing along the road, Jak and his pals climbed the scaffolding as quietly as possible up to the walkway around the roof. This was due to be taken down early the next week as the work had been completed. They peered over the edge down at the back garden. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and no one would be looking up, or coming upstairs for quite some time, if at all that night. One man he could see was making an obscene gesture as if he was fucking something, but he couldn’t understand what was being said. The actions and the way he was boasting enraged them more.

Ant was muttering under his breath many swear words as he took off the small rucksack from his back and took out a small plastic tub. He opened the lid and took out a syringe filled with a cloudy liquid.

Now what has not been mentioned before is that Ravi has a large extended family of brothers, sisters and cousins, like many Pakistani families, and his ‘contribution’ to this are his two daughters, Ayesha who was 12 years old, and Niza who was 10 years old. Although Ravi was not very caring and loving to his wife, he was both of these to his daughters and more. He thought the world of them. He spoilt them rotten, and was always looking out for his ‘precious and pure and beautiful’ daughters.

The roof extension had a big double patio doors with metal railings in front. While Ant sneaked over this and through the curtains, the other three stayed outside listening and watching the rowdy goings on down below.

Ant had a torch with him, but didn’t need it as there was a nightlight on in Ayesha’s room. She was fast asleep, and as the evening was warm, she had pushed off most of the covers from her bed. Ant primed the syringe, and injected the contents into the girl’s thigh.

He held his breath as Ayesha stirred and swatted the air around her as if she had felt the needle go in while dreaming, but as the contents were slightly diluted cocaine, she twisted and turned a bit before the drug took effect and she relaxed.

Ant then moved to Niza’s room across the landing and did the same, only this time he carried her across to Ayesha’s room, and laid her down on the sofa she had across one wall of her room.

The three other men then stepped in, and after propping up Ayesha with some pillows and cushions on her bed, Jak gently shook her.

“Oh! Oh!” she muttered “I’m so sleepy” and yawned loudly before she blinked a few times and saw who was there “Jak! What’s happening? Is it morning already?”
“No no” he replied “Everything’s fine, I just want to ask you a few questions”
“Can’t it wait until morning?” the girl replied, looking through her very droopy eyes.
“Err. No. It can’t” Jak replied before continuing after being sure Ayesha was listening. He was hoping that the drugs would make her answer without thinking too hard.
“Ayesha” Jak said in a loud whisper “Does your dad have a special place where he keeps important papers? And does he have any other houses you know about?”

It seemed to take Ayesha a moment or two to work out what she had been asked.

“I can’t think” she said in a drowsy voice
“Please try Ayesha” Jak said a bit more forcefully.
“I can’t think” the girl said again.
“Try again. Think harder” Jak said louder again, and gripping her arm hard causing her to wince in pain.
“Why do you want to know? Are you going to surprise daddy?”
“Yeah, something like that maybe a party or something” said Jak chuckling slightly to himself and relaxing his grip slightly. “So can you help?”

Ayesha took a few moments again. The men could see that she was trying to focus her mind. She furrowed he brow as if deep in thought.
“I like parties” she said “So yes I think he has a place across town above the Paddy Power betting shop”.
“Okay Ayesha that’s good” Jak said soothingly, but what he really wanted was to know if Ravi had safe or cabinet with any “but what about any special place your dad has?”
“He has his office downstairs with a locked set of drawers. It looks really big and strong” said Ayesha sleepily
“Damn” said Jak “We’ll never get that” and after thinking for a moment “Ayesha, can you get into the cabinet for me and see if there are any memory cards in there you can bring to me?”
“No. I can’t. It’s not for me to do. You shouldn’t ask that. Why are you here anyway in my bedroom” she replied with a confused look on her face.
“Even if you don’t bring them to me, if you find some you need to look at them and show them to your mum as your dad is a very bad man”
“No he’s not” Ayesha said firmly “and if you don’t leave, I will scream.”

The loud talking had woken Niza who was looking around now. As she was of a smaller build than her sister, the drugs were making her very drowsy, and she was blinking hard seemingly to try to clear her head and her vision.

Jak and the others were getting angry now. Their plan was not going as they wanted.
“Don’t do that Ayesha otherwise….” he looked around the room “….otherwise I will hurt Niza” he said with a sneer on his face, which Ayesha returned in defiance.
Mik had taken something from Ayesha’s desk in one corner of the room and moved closer.
“Now think again babe” Jak said, gripping the girl hard by both arms “Do this for us, or we will be very angry”
“No I won’t, and you won’t hurt Niza. She’s very young and that would be very bad, so I think I will scream and my daddy and his friends will sort you out” at which the girl started to take a deep breath as if getting ready to shout, but was suddenly cut short by Mik slapping some thick parcel tap across her mouth which he had found on her homework desk.
Ayesha tried to scream, but all that came out was muffled. She looked around the room with now terrified eyes, looking for a way out. Stan now leaned forward, and gripping Ayesha by the neck in one of his his big rough builders hands.
“Now listen here bitch. Your dad has done some very fucking bad things to a daughter of a good friend of ours, and if you can’t help us, all we can do is get our own back the same way.” and with an evil look on his face, he pushed her hard back into the bed.
“I’ve had enough of this fucking shit” added Stan “I agree that we should do our own bit of blackmail. Now put your hands in the air”

Ayesha looked confused as Stan repeated the demand, but this time he said it an inch from her face.

Ant reached into his rucksack again, and pulled out a miniature camcorder and started it as the 12 year old did as she was told, still in a drug confused state of mind not knowing what he wanted her to do it for. It was only a camcorder, not a gun or something she thought.

End of part 1

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