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Workers Revenge – Preteen Rape Ordeal (Part 4 – conclusion)

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Here it is. The final part you’ve all been waiting for!

Ayesha was still trying to free herself, and screaming as loud as she could into her gag, but there was nothing she could do.

Mik grabbed hold of Niza by one arm, and pulled her towards the bed. She staggered drunkenly due to the coke flowing through her veins. She was awake, but was unable to comprehend what had just been said to Ayesha, and what was about to happen to her.

Mik picked the 10 year old up (she seemed as light as a feather) and threw her onto the bed, and within a second, the four men, all with renewed rampant erections fell on her naked body.

Ant pulled her body nearer the end of the bed, and kneeling on the floor, he pushed her legs apart and without any foreplay stuck his mouth over her immature bald pussy crevice, and began to tongue her out. Mik, Jak and Stan were licking her body all over, paying particular attention to the pointy nipples on her flat chest, and all the way down to her clit.

The men devoured the girl. Flicking her nipples with their tongues, licking her all over until her body almost shone with saliva trails everywhere. They kissed her in turns hard on the mouth, and in her mouth, all the time, Ant was abusing her preteen cunt with his mouth, causing her to squirm at the feelings he was giving her, causing her to start getting wet. All she could do was watch as the four men took advantage of her.

It was like being in a dream where she was aware of what was happening, but could not do anything about it. The drugs made her so weak, and her head was so foggy she couldn’t put up a fight. She just let them do whatever they wanted. She could not do anything. Niza was slightly enjoying the sensations between her legs, but this would soon change, not that she knew this.

From where Ayesha was dangling, she could see Ant with his arms wrapped around her sister’s thighs, pulling her slit wide with his hands, and he wiggled his head between Niza’s legs as he tried to get his tongue as deep as possible into her vagina. He lapped up the juices flowing involuntarily out of her. Ayesha could see the other men almost eating her sister alive. She could see reddening teeth marks all over her chest and stomach as they went crazy with sexual desire.

After about 5 minutes Ant finally pulled away, and smiled at Ayesha with an evil smile with cunt juice glistening on his face. He them placed the palm of his hand on Niza’s pussy and squeezed firmly, and without a care, made sure Ayesha could see him putting first one finger inside the young girl, then two. The older sister struggled more and shouted at him to stop, but all that came out was a muffled and slurred grunts.

Ant finger fucked the 10 year old, causing her to writhe about, coating the man’s hand in her body secretions. The other three men were watching what was being done, making them as horny as hell. When they saw Ant pull his fingers out of Niza, and step across to her sister and smeared the little preteen’s cunt juice across Ayesha’s face, and down her body they couldn’t hold back any longer. Ayesha winced at what Ant had done. She could feel and smell the fluid he had wiped onto her as it dried in the warm bedroom atmosphere.

The men turned Niza on the bed so she was on her front. Stan lay down next to her, and lifted her onto him so she was facing him, naked body to naked body. Full grown naked man’s body against a little immature 10 year old’s naked body.

He grabbed her buttocks and pulled her down so her moist pussy was pressed against his rock hard cock and began to make her rub up and down along his shaft.

Niza didn’t know what to do. Even if she was strong enough, there were four of them, and only one of her, but her drugged brain and body were too weak to put up a fight. In a strange way she was enjoying what was being done to her. There was a slight tingling sensation between her legs as Stan’s manhood rubbed against her slit. Her cheeks were flushed red, and her breaths were increasing in speed as she started to join in with the back and forward motions Stan was forcing her to do. She could feel the increasing wetness of her cunt making a slurping sound as their bodies moved in time.

Without thinking Niza pushed down harder against Stan, as the feelings increased, but Stan wasn’t interested in the girl’s pleasure. All he was interested was his own pleasure at her expense, and her sister’s expense and at their father’s expense for what he had done to all the girls he had abused. Stan had seen the videos and photos. He still wanted Ravi to pay a huge price for what he did to Sacha and the others, many of them the same ages as Ayesha and Niza, and some even younger. Ant was back on the camcorder filming close-ups of everything going on, while the other two took photos on their phones of the action on the bed and pictures of Ayesha dangling from the hook as she watched terrified.

Niza was just a rag doll against Stan, not knowing what she was doing. Ayesha was still unable to help her little sister. She knew what was coming, and tried again and again to warn Niza, but her muffled cries couldn’t be heard beyond the walls of the top floor room. The party below was in full swing now, and still drowned out any from above.

Niza felt Stan take his hands off her ass and slid them round between them.

“God! This girl was so light.” Stan thought as he easily lifted her up off him.

With one hand, he raised her off him slightly, feeling the dampness of her wet slit, and used his fingers to spread her cunt as wide as it would go.

Niza looked down between their bodies to see what he was doing. She could see him prising apart her narrow pussy, and with his other hand he positioned his raging cock in line with the opening. She could see it was shining in the low light with her juices, and some liquid was oozing out of the top of his penis, adding to the wetness and lubrication for what was going to happen next.

For an instant, Niza had a flash of clarity on what was happening. Her mind raced to the things she had been taught at school about the basics of sex education, and what happened when people wanted to make babies, and the darker side of things about what to do if some strange man tried to do ‘naughty’ things to young girls and boys. Her brain was desperately trying to focus, as her eyes were as well, but her strength was not there to resist, and all she could do, as Ayesha screamed as loud as she could, was watch Stan begin to push the purple head of his cock into her sister’s young body. His ramrod dick was almost pulsing with lust. Big blue veins bulged out along its length as his cockhead popped into the 10 year old’s tiny slit.

Ayesha could see everything that was happening. She struggled more to try to get free, but the knots around her wrists were too tight, and were hurting. Ant panned in close to the scene of the action to capture the moment of the penetration of the pre-teen girl, before turning away briefly to show Ayesha struggling and shouting, still naked, and still with sperm dripping down her legs and chest.

Niza’s eyes went wide as she saw her body being forced down onto the man below her. She started to let out a scream as Stan pushed hard again, forcing a couple of inches into her, but Mik slapped his hand across her mouth before any sound came out, and to stop any more sound, he turned her head to the side, prised open her jaws and forced his cock down her throat and began fucking her mouth.

“Gluck, Gluck, Gluck” was the sound that came out of Niza’s mouth just like her sister earlier as Mik made her give him a blow job, but she wasn’t very experienced at it. Without thinking she seemed to make sure she didn’t use her teeth, but partly this was to make sure she didn’t hurt the man, as she was sure he would return the pain.

But pain was all Niza could think about. Luckily her body was so drugged that she wasn’t tense, and so Stan continued to invade her vagina with his cock. His meat was pushing her cunt wall aside as he went deeper. She pulled away from Mik’s cock, and started to puff out her cheeks as she took short quick breaths. Her face was contorted in concentration at what was being done to her. Stan kept going into her lubricated tunnel until he hit her cervix, causing the girl to give out a moan through her clenched teeth. She felt so full. It was as if she’d had a really big meal and her belly was almost bulging with food.

Stan let his head slump back onto the bed, savouring the sensation of his dick being almost strangled by the tightness of the 10 year old’s pussy.

Jak now moved closer to the action, and squirted a large dollop of baby oil over Niza’s back, letting dribble down her ass crack. Ayesha could see what was happening, and struggled again at her bonds. Jak looked her in the eye and smiled. Ayesha shook her head frantically and pleaded silently with her eyes not to do what she knew was on the man’s mind. But it didn’t make a difference.

Jak shuffled forward, and rubbed his cock in the oil until it was completely coated. He then aimed his rampaging erection at the target he had selected and pushed.

Again Niza’s body was too weak to resist, and to Jak’s surprise he managed to penetrate her asshole without it trying to clamp shut. Niza didn’t realise what was happening immediately, but as Jak pushed deeper into her bowels, she could feel both men’s manhoods filling her insides. Her jaws went wide in shock, and Mik took the opportunity to again fill her mouth with his cock.

Ayesha was sobbing uncontrollably now as she saw her little sister being violated in every orifice. The three men began to start building a rhythm of fucking the young girl. Mik went faster than the others fucking her throat. The other two took it in turns to thrust into their chosen hole. One after the other. In and out. In and out they went. Pushing in a deep as they could go. They could feel their cocks rubbing against each other, divided by the thin membrane as they raped the girl’s ass and cunt.

Mik reached the point of no return first. For the second time in the last hour Niza tasted a man’s spunk as warm jets of cum spat out of his throbbing cock directly down the girl’s throat. Amazingly she didn’t choke, but swallowed it all down without thinking. What was going on behind and below her was taking her mind off the slimy, musky, salty liquid that had been dumped in her mouth. She grimaced slightly as the aroma of the cum permeated into her nose, and she shivered at the thought of all those millions of swimming sperm that were now in her stomach and around the inside of her mouth. Tears were pouring from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. With his final few spurts, Mik pulled back and sprayed his cum over her face and hair.

Jak and Stan weren’t far behind as they were turned on by the sight of Mik shooting his load into Niza’s mouth. Jak let out a low moan as he thrust in on last time into the depths of the 10 year old’s rectum and began blasting away at her insides. His orgasm seemed to last for ages as Niza’s ass seemed to involuntarily clamp tight around the jerking manhood, and milked him dry. After about a minute, enough blood had drained from Jak’s cock to allow him to extract his dick from the vice like grip, and he collapsed sideways onto the bed completely spent. Ant zoomed in with his camcorder to get a close up of Stan pumping away at the young girl’s cunt, and could see spunk oozing out of her ass and down over Stan’s balls, making a sticky mess.

Ayesha could now see it all as Ant pulled back to pan along Niza’s body to show the face so there was no doubt she had been well and truly ass fucked.

Stan’s pace now increased as he in turn reached his peak. With all his remaining strength he thrust upwards, as his hands pulled the girl’s hips down onto him, pushing his cock past her cervix which massaged the tip of his member as it penetrated deep into her womb and began to fire away like a machine gun. What seemed like gallons of virile sperm blasted away at Niza’s womb like it was receiving a warm jet wash. She could feel his penis pulsing as it ejaculated wad after wad of cum, filling her immature womb with spunk.

Stan held the girl tight, and kissed her hard on the mouth, tasting the slight odour of Mik’s cum as they slowly came down from their ecstasy, but it was nearly all Stan’s ecstasy. Niza was sobbing into his chest as he stroked her hair, but Ant didn’t let up with his filming, panning up and down, and getting a close up as Stan’s deflating manhood popped out of her little cunt, followed by more male baby making fluid which dribbled down her legs onto the sheets. She was now the youngest girl in her school to have all her virginity gangbanged away within an hour. She had been deflowered in the most brutal way, and it hadn’t ended yet!

Ant passed the camera to Mik, who had now recovered a bit and pulled Niza away from Stan onto her back on the bed. It was almost as if he’d had to peel her off. Stan and the girl were almost glued together with sweat, spit and spunk.

Niza was beyond caring now. She didn’t make any effort to cover her flat chest or her cum covered pussy. Her legs were wide open, and Ant moved forward and pushed inside her abused cunt. He towered over her as he began fucking her in a missionary position. His erection was rock hard, and he couldn’t resist looking down between their bodies to see his cock sliding in and out of the tiny body below him.

Ayesha was still crying out as she tried not to watch, but had to keep looking to see if she could give some comfort to her sister. However all she could see was Ant almost covering her completely, and all she could see was Niza’s young thin legs waving in the air either side of the man’s hips as he thrust into her.

Ant had stamina. Ant was strong. Ant loved to have sex. Ant had no shame. He kept up a steady rhythm as the others watched in awe at his staying power as he continued to rape the young girl. Ant kept pounding away. The room was filled with the sloppy sounds of Ant thrusting into Niza’s spunk filled vagina and his full dangling balls slapping against her thighs. Little squeals escaped from Niza’s throat at each violation. She tried to push him away, but even at full strength, it would have been a wasted effort. She turned her head to one side, trying to blank out what was happening, only to see Mik with his camera pointing directly at her.

“Smile for the camera” Mik taunted her “Keep going Ant you’re doing great. Rape the little bitch who has a pedo father. Give her the same as he gave those girls he fucked”

This seemed to spur Ant on more as he thought about what had been done to his mate’s daughter. He increased his pace of fucking until he was almost a blur. He breaths came quicker and he was moaning and gasping for air with the intense effort. Sweat poured from him in the warm room, coating his strong muscular body in a shiny layer and with it dripping off his forehead down onto Niza’s face, mixing with her salty tears.

Ant pistoned into Niza like an F1 car at full throttle, but sometimes the engine can’t stand the strain, and explodes, which is what happened to Ant.

Through his gritted teeth, he hissed out a final groan as he arched his back with one deep final thrust. Semen poured into the young girl, mixing with the load already in her tight womb. Jets of cum splashed against her insides as Ant filled her up to overflowing. His fucking slowed slightly as he blasted his sperm into the 10 year old with each push of his hips caught in detail on camera.

Finally spent, Ant rolled off to one side to catch his breath. He couldn’t move from all of the effort he had just put in. It had been like an intense workout at the gym. Sweat was dripping off him as he tried to cool off. He propped himself up as he watched the other three taking pictures on their phones of both girls, before Stan untied Ayesha, and flung her onto the bed. She massaged her wrists for a moment to get the circulation going again, and then pulled Niza up, and hugged her tightly.

The sight of two naked preteens hugging made Mik, Stan and Jak’s semi hard cocks stand out hard and highly sexually aroused. Stan looked at his watch.

“About time we packed up lads. We need to be out before the party finishes” he said
“I think we have one last present to give before our party finishes” added Mik

The girls on the bed were a mess. Their hair was everywhere. There was dried cum all over their bodies. Spunk was drooling out of their ravaged cunts and asses. But they just knelt there sobbing and trying to comfort each other.

The three once again virile men stood on the bed which groaned and creaked at the weight. Mik steadied himself by placing his hand on the ceiling and began to masturbate. The other two did the same as Ant took up his camera once again to capture the scene.

Frantically jerking themselves off, the men stood over the cowering girls for a couple of minutes. Even after all of the evening’s exertions, the men were so turned on, they still had copious amounts of semen left in them. But not for long!

In turn they began to ejaculate. Jak came first. Ayesha winced as she was hit in the face by his now slightly more watery cum. This dripped down her face, and onto her sister’s head which she was cradling just under her chin. Stan was next, and to his surprise managed to fire quite a number of strings of cum over both girls, closely followed by Mik who just added more spunk to the cum soaked underage girls below him.

The men stepped back onto the floor, admiring their handy-work, as Ant began packing up his equipment and began to get dressed. The other three did the same, and put everything they could think of back in it’s correct place apart from leaving the two girls on the heavily stained bed.

When they were ready to leave, Stan bent down to Ayesha.

“Now if you want to make sure these pictures and film are never seen by your family and friends” he said, waving a picture on his phone of her face dripping cum from a cock next to her “you need to get those memory cards we know your dad keeps in his office. You’ve got two weeks to do that, which should give you a bit of incentive, otherwise we will be back for you both for some more ‘fun’ and then the film goes viral. Got it!” he sneered as he almost spat the words into the scared girl’s face.

Nervously Ayesha nodded and turned away to comfort Niza as the men climbed out of the window onto the scaffolding and off into the night without any of those at the party noticing a thing.

When she was sure they had gone for good, Ayesha hauled Niza out of the her bedroom into the shared bathroom and sat her down in the shower cubicle and turned it on. The shock of the cold water made Niza squeal for a moment until the warm water came through. Ayesha got down some shower gel, and made Niza start to wash as the older girl massaged in shampoo into her the younger girl’s hair, trying to unknot all of the tangles and wash out the spunk that was almost gluing her hair to her scalp.

As Niza slowly recovered, and began to wash herself, Ayesha tiptoed back across to her bedroom, and stripped her bed of sheets, duvets and pillowcases, and put new ones on. Thankfully the bed still had a mattress protector on which she turned over, and would put this in for a wash at the next opportunity. She then sprayed air freshener around the room to disguise the rank smell of sweaty bodies and sex.

By the time she got back to the bathroom she could see that Niza had fallen asleep under the shower. Ayesha pulled her up, and inspected her body. Her dark skin hid most of the bite marks, and although her ass and cunt were a bit red, they were not bleeding. After combing Niza’s hair, she made her put on a clean nightie and tucked her into her own bed. Ayesha hoped that Niza would stay asleep, and think in the morning that their ordeal had just been a nightmare.

The 12 year old then had her shower and washed herself thoroughly all over. She douched her ravaged vagina to try to wash out as much of the sperm as possible before drying herself and finally settling into bed. She stared at the ceiling for a while with thoughts running through her head t what had happened, and what she should do.

Should she tell her parents? Should she tell the police? She couldn’t decide.

For the next few days both girls were quiet around their parents. Their mother was worried for a while, but not as worried as Ayesha who almost cried with joy as her next period started a few days after her sex initiation, and had not fallen pregnant as she had feared.

Two days later, her parents took Niza out to the shops to get some clothes. Ayesha said she had homework to catch up on so stayed behind having been given strict instructions not to open the front door to anyone.

She used this opportunity to put the stained bedding she had stashed away in a plastic bag on for a hot wash, and as that was running she went into her father’s study, and found his cabinet keys where she thought they were, hanging on a hook high up under a coat.

She opened the locked draws and she saw files with girl’s names on, and inside were memory cards, as Stan had said there should be. She left the files in the draws, but took out a number of the cards from the back, thinking her dad wouldn’t miss them if he looked. Ayesha took them up to her room, and inserted the first card into her laptop. What she saw took her breath away. She was watching a young white girl about her age being stripped. As the film went on she knew what was about to happen as it almost perfectly mirrored what happened to her and Niza.

Her hands shook as she scrolled through the images on the card which showed close-ups of the girls being violated in all positions. There were more movies as she changed memory cards of more girls being abused by her dad, and all his friends. There seemed to be nothing they wouldn’t do. They were totally depraved as they raped the girls, threatening them with more pain and to tell their parents if they tried to go to the police.

Ayesha sat back in her chair, her hands covering her face as tears rolled down her cheeks.


A week or so after, a package mysteriously appeared at the local police station. A day or two later there were simultaneous raids made around the area. All the men from the videos were woken early one morning and much to their families disbelief, were told that they were being charged with multiple counts of abuse, rape and blackmail of underage girls. Then in full view of family and neighbours they were roughly pushed into police vans, drawing attention to everyone by the lawmen shouting, and having their blue lights flashing as they drove away.

Ravi’s wife Sumi supported her husband blindly, not believing any of the vile accusations made against him, until the video evidence started to be shown, and some of the victims were gently being interviewed in court behind a screen, or by a video link. Ravi continued to deny everything, but the result was a forgone conclusion once the prosecution concluded its case. Ravi and his gang were jailed for between 15 and 20 years.

Sumi did visit Ravi once in jail, but he was a broken man. He was sobbing and pleading for help as he told her he was being sexually violated nearly every day, just to stop him being beaten up by his fellow inmates. He begged her to forgive him, and help him appeal against his sentence. He was so sorry, and cried for help to get him out.

Sumi listened to him, and at the end of their time together she stood up and told him she never wanted to see him again, and he deserved to be fucked up the ass every day as penance for what he did, and hoped that when he died, he would burn in hell for all eternity. With that she went out of the door without turning back.

Sumi although she was shocked at her husband, and the shame of his jailing was almost too much to endure, she had to carry on the business for the sake of her finances, and her two daughters. Totally unknown to her was that she still employed Jak and his three mates oblivious to what they had done to her young offspring. All four of them often saw Sumi and her daughters around the neighbourhood, and Sumi could never work out why her daughters kept so close to her and always on the far side away from the men. Jak was always polite, and smiled at the girls, but he never got a response unless Sumi prodded them to say something ‘to the nice man’. But Jak and the girls both knew he was not a nice man, but they could never say anything to anyone. They lived in fear of the video of them ever coming to light. Blackmail does work sometimes!

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