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Vik’s sexual adventures – Vid 1

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We found some old memory cards with videos from our childhoods. Recordings of our sexual adventures together.

This story involves me, Vicky (aka Vik), my big sister, Melanie (aka Mel), and her ex-boyfriend, Sean.

I went around to Melanie’s house early this week to help her clear out her attic, because she was getting insulation put in next week, and while going through all the boxes and bags, we found an old make-up bag with lots of memory cards and a pink DV camera inside, it was old, the one we used when we were kids.

That evening we sat down and decided to see what were on the memory cards, we played the videos and were laughing our heads off, the video were of the three of us, in lots of sexual situations, we still remembered what we did as kids, and often talked about it, but we’d both completely forgotten that we had recorded it on the camera, it was like finding hidden treasure.

We dug through the memory cards and went right back to the beginning, put them in order, then saved them all on to a memory stick, then plugged it in to the TV, poured out a glass of wine, turned out the lights, shut the curtains, and watched them all.

This story is about the first video, where it all began, I was 9, Mel was 15 and Sean was 17 and we were home alone.

I remember wanting some cookies, but they were on the top shelf and I was too short to reach them, so I went upstairs and burst in to Mel’s bedroom, I wasn’t expecting to see them both naked, Sean laying on his back near the bottom end of Mel’s bed with his feet hanging over the end, Mel kneeling on the floor at the foot of her bed, Sean’s cock pointing up the ceiling, and Mel tugging it up and down.

When I came bursting through the door and saw what they were doing, it took me by surprise, and my brain went all screwy, for some reason my legs buckled and I fell over on to my hands and knees.

They both looked at me then Sean quickly grabbed a pillow to cover up his crotch, and Mel stood up and ran over to me, “Vik – Oh my god – Why didn’t you knock?” she asked, helping me to my feet.

After helping me up she just stood in front of me, naked, I couldn’t help but look at her boobs, which were almost at my eye level, right in front of my face, she covered herself with her arms, “What did you want?” she asked.

“I just wanted help getting the cookies down.” I said.

Mel spun me around and marched me towards the door, “I’m a little busy right now, I’ll come down and help you later.” She said, pushing me out in to the landing and starting to close the door.

“Why were you playing with his cock?” I asked.

She opened the door again, “What?” she asked.

“Why was it so big?” I asked.

“You saw Sean’s cock?” she asked, I nodded in response, she looked worried, then she grabbed me and pulled me back in to her room and shut the door, “You can’t tell mom and dad, okay – promise me?!” she said.

“Okay.” I replied.

She looked relieved, then she grinned and looked at me strangely before telling me to wait where I was and she went and whispered something to Sean, she walked back over to me about a minute later and leaned down so her head was at my level, “Would you like to play with us?” she asked.

I was very curious about what they were doing, and I really wanted to see Sean’s cock again, so I said yes, then she held my hand and walked to around to the bottom of the bed.

Mel took the pillow away from his crotch and I saw his long cock, laid flat against his stomach, Mel reached out and lifted it up, it looked huge to my young eyes, it was longer than my entire head for sure, then she took my hand and placed it on his cock and closed my fingers around it, it was like holding a broom handle, but it a bit thicker, and it was warm.

“Wait…” she said, and she started to remove my clothes, “…You need to take your clothes off, like us.” She added, so I did and then we were all naked.

She put my hand back on his cock, but I didn’t move it at first, I was too shy, nervous and a little scared, Mel instructed me on what to do with it, “Just stroke it up and down. Good. Tighten your grip a bit. That’s it – good girl.” She said.

I smiled because I liked being praised for what I do, and it was kind of fun stroking his hard rubbery cock, and Sean laid back looking relaxed, groaning occasionally, and making happy sounds, my arm started to ache so I held it and stroked it with my other hand at the same time.

Mel stood up looking happy, “I have get this…” she said, running over to her dressing table, she picked up her pink DV camera, turned it on, sat it down on the dressing table pointed towards us, “…I’m videoing this.” She said.

And that’s where this first video starts, showing Sean laying on the bed, and Mel and me kneeled on the floor at the end of the bed, me with both hands on his cock, stroking it up and down.

After a few minutes Mel took my hands off and she took hold of it, “Try this.” She said, then she leaned over and put it in to her mouth, then she stopped, “Give that a try.” She said.

I shuffled across the floor, closer to the bed, and I had to sit right up on my knees to reach it, I opened my mouth and moved my head towards it, but I didn’t know what I was doing, and showed my teeth like I was going to bite it, Sean lifted his head up and shouted in a panic, “Hey – No!” he said.

“Stop!” snapped Mel, they both scared me with their shouting, “Not like that. Don’t – Don’t bite it.” She said.

“Sorry. I’m sorry.” I apologised.

“That’s okay. Like this, watch…” she said, and she sucked his cock again, showing me how to do it, “…Like your sucking an ice-lolly. Don’t use your teeth.” She instructed.

“Okay.” I said, getting back in to position, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put it around the top of his cock, I had to really stretch my mouth open to get it in, but I didn’t use my teeth, and I started to suck the top inch of his cock, moving my head up and down, just like sucking on a ice-lolly.

Sean relaxed and put his head back down.

“You’ve got it. You’re doing it. Good girl.” Said Mel, she stroked my head praising me, it made me want to do it good and I just kept sucking and stroking his shaft up and down.

After about 10 minutes of this, Sean’s legs started to twitch, “Is it time, babe?” asked Mel to him.

He groaned, “Yeah – Yeah, it’s coming.” He replied.

“Okay stroke it real fast, Vik.” She instructed to me, “As fast as you can.” She added.

So I did, I put both hands around it and stroked it as fast as my little arms would let me, all while suckling on his tip.

Sean sat up on his elbows and look down at me, he lifted his legs and placed his feet on the edge of the bed, “It’s coming – Ooaaarh!”, the tip of his cock got wider, it swelled up, then I felt something hit the back of my throat.

It made me jump and I took my mouth of his cock, then he ejaculated and sperm came shooting out of it, it went all up the front of my face, it was in my hair, in my right eye, up my nose and all over my mouth, there was so much of it, Sean was grunting as it gushed out of his cock.

When it was over, I let go of his cock, my hands were also covered in something that was like sticky white glue, I opened my fingers and it formed strands that looked like cobwebs between them, Mel and Sean started laughing at me, because it was all over my face.

Mel picked up the camera and brought it over to get a close-up shot of my sperm covered face, “It’s not funny.” I protested, but there laughter made me also laugh, and it was actually really funny, even though I had no clue what the stuff was at the time.

“Give me your hand.” Said Mel, so I held it out for her, and she put my fingers in her mouth and sucked the sperm off my fingers, then she pointed to my other hand, “Try it, its nice.” She said.

I was a bit reluctant to put something in my mouth that had just come out of a boys cock, but Mel looked like she liked it, so I thought what the hell, I licked it off my finger, it wasn’t the nicest tasting stuff I’d ever tasted, but it wasn’t horrible either, I licked the rest off my hand, Mel scraped it off my face and ate it, then used a towel to wipe the rest off of me.

The video ends with Mel pointing the camera at herself, “That was my little sister sucking on my boyfriend’s cock. Vik, I’m saving this and I’m going to show it to your future husband.” She said, then she turns off the camera and that’s where that video ends.

But that wasn’t the end of it, we did a lot more stuff together, hard-core stuff, and we have a lot more videos to get through, maybe I’ll tell you about the rest, if you liked this story.

Bye for now.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald3

    Fantastic, I love to hear of a young one’s first time and at 9 even better. Sex is completely natural and as sexual being’s we all need and want sex. My best friends daughter is 9 and can now suck like a pro making me cum in 5 minutes. She loves it in every hole and all over her body rubbing it in like lotion. I have fucked a lot of young ones and she has the hardest most intense orgasms i have seen aside from Simone in the 90’s.
    All young females deserve all the orgasms they seek out and any time they want it.

    Loved the story!

  • Reply Rockin Strings ID:fx7ith8rd

    Give us the next one.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I loved the story . It certainly got my 65 year old cock nice and hard . I hope you write some more about your fun with Mel and Sean .

  • Reply skimofkr ID:29khf7dt0d

    thats pretty hot.