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Trained by Soccer Boys

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A heartbroken slutty college girl gets trained by a group of young hormonal boys

This happened when I was in my senior year of college. My boyfriend of five years broke up with me for a freshman cheerleader. I was devastated and went into my hoe-phase. I would let any fit, confident, horny guy use me like a slut.
One day, I was walking along a school soccer field when a ball rolled towards me. It came from a group of four young boys, they motioned to me and I attempted to kick the ball back to them only to fail miserably. The ball flew off course to the right and not even more than ten meters out. I laughed with embarrassment.
“Sorry, I’m so bad.”
“It’s ok, try again.” The boy ran after the ball and kicked it perfectly towards me. When I kicked again, the ball went straight, but not far. I facepalmed still embarrassed.
“Want us to train you?” The boy asked looking up and down my body.
“Please, I probably need it.”
The boys looked at each other and smiled. They motioned a welcome to me to join them. For the next hour, they had me practice my kicks while all standing either closely behind me or physically moving my leg themselves to show me the correct motion. I was getting turned on from their hands feeling up and down my thighs and legs. They also had me run short laps, this gave them full view of my tits swinging up and down. I could hear them whispering and giggling to each other each time I pass them. My pussy was tightening up and getting wet from giving these boys a show.
“You know, this training isn’t free right?” One of the boys asked.
“Oh, how much do I owe you?” I asked them, knowing I do have money to pay them. “I don’t have any money on me.” I notice the boys surrounding me.
“You can pay us with this.” He reached out his hand placed it on my cheek and stuck his thumb in my mouth expecting me to suck it. I reflexively pull away, but he pushes me and I trip over one of the boys on the ground behind me. I fell unconscious as I got the wind knocked out of me.
When I came to, I was getting slapped around by one of the boys waving his dick in my face. I could hear them laughing at me. Next I felt him straddle my body as I sat against a brick wall of the school building. He sticks his tip into my closed lips prying my mouth open. I try rejecting him with my hands but they are instantly held down by the other boys. The boy in front of me grabs a tight hold of my head and shoves his entire cock into my throat. I gagged for air each time he would thrust into my throat. His belly would slam into my forehead followed by his balls smacking my chin. His moans indicated that he was about to cum but he pulled out instead and plopped his throbbing cock across my face. I was being degraded verbally this whole time, but could barely focus on what they said.
“College girls are such whores like in porn.”
“Damn you really fucked up her face.”
“Guys she’s 21 and letting us hit.”
“Take off her fucking shit, I wanna see her tits and pussy.”
They start tearing at my clothes, but I stopped resisting. I was so turned on by how confident these boys were. My tits were fondled as soon as my shirt and bra came off. They slapped, squeezed, and pinched forcing me to react from pleasure.
“Look at how much she likes it.”
I look at them one more time before being turned around and bent over. My jeans were undone and pulled down along with my panties, exposing my bare ass to the boys. They spread apart my cheeks for a humiliating view of my exposed pussy and asshole. I then felt three different fingers pry around and explore my holes while I let out moans.
“She’s so fucking wet, I call first.”
“Then me.”
“I’m after.”
“Just don’t cum inside her pussy.”
As they were calling turns, I let out in my most submissive voice.” Just stick it in already”
“What did you say bitch?”
“Stick it in me, I wanna feel your cocks inside my holes.” I whimpered out.
“She said holes, I wanna fuck her ass first.” One of them says as he shoves his cock straight into my ass. I scream from the initial pain.
“She’s so fucking tight bro.” He says as he tries to thrust and jackhammer my asshole.
“Let me fuck her pussy while you got her ass.” One of the boys lays down on the grass and the one with his cock buried in me guides me to straddle on top of the one laying down. Pretty soon, I had two cocks going in and out of my holes. I was in a bliss, these boys were ravaging me like I was their plaything. I noticed one of the boys was recording from a slight distance, this made me want to put on more of a performance. I let out my most seductive orgasmic moans, that only motivated the guys in me to fuck me harder and eventually dump their loads inside of me.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ja Schlampe genieße es Gefickt zu werden lass jedes deiner drei Schlampe Löchern so oft und von so vielen Schwänze füllen wie du Lust hast und sei den Männern eine gute Hure

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1dkbt8huvgz3

    Babe I am so fucking proud of you for getting over your asshole of an ex and for opening up your sexual horizon