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Tight little sister

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perfect. shes laying perfectly still with her shirt creeping up her stomach and her panties clinging to her perfect little pussy, my little sister Tayla is 10 shes so cute. my mom called me and told me to wake her up from her nap so im going to do it now. i walk over to her, shes on her back laying still. i dont rub anywhere before her pussy because if she wakes up i want her to know what is happening and stay fake sleeping. her pussy is so small compared to my hand only one can fit while i rub her panty covered clit. i push my finger hard and she lets out little moans/ whimpers, its sexy. i can feel her wetness through her panties so i move on by taking them off. i carefully remove her panties and start massaging her bare little clit now and putting my other fingers at her pussy hole being careful to save her for my deflowering. i can barley contain myself but i carefully get up, remove my boxers snd stroke at the sight of my beautiful baby sister. i slowly get back in bed and im so excited that when my 6′ cock brushes against her leg i feel like im gonna cum so i begin quickly dry humping her leg blowing a load on her thigh. i take a minute to regroup what just happened but not much time before my dick is hard again i touch her pussy to make sure its still wet, it is so i position myself between her legs and into her pussy i start to push. its hard at first and she starts to move around. after a few fast thrusts its in but shes waking up. “David what are you doing oww that hurts” i am not slowing down and she begins realizing whats happening. she starts kicking her lags and throwing her arms ot me so i pin her down so she cant move at all thrusting harder and faster the more she resists “ohh David please stop your hurting me” when i dont stop or slowdown she starts screaming so i cover her mouth.
”no uh one gu can uh hear you uhhh” i know im about to cum so i get faster slapping against my baby sisters tiny body shes crying and i blow my load deep inside of her letting out a big moan.

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  • Reply aron montano ID:1dqbrxfpnks9

    Hot story 10/10 🙂

  • Reply Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

    Wow, hot story. Id love to wake your little sister. Goldenbiguy on kik or wickr to chat

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Wenn du mehr Inhalt in die Geschichte bringst kann sie richtig gut werden also erzähl uns was du mit deiner 10 jahre alten Schwester noch alles machst

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Too short of a story. Poor spelling, no details or descriptions

  • Reply Daddy ID:161qjo7dk0a

    Need one
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