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The Kevin chronicles: Kevin’s girlfriends daughter

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Kevin picks up his girlfriends daughter from school. Forgetting his wallet Kevin turned around to go get and got more than his wallet

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any acts of incest, sex with minors or other illegal sexual acts. This story is nothing more than erotic literature of a very taboo nature and should not be taken seriously. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Hi I’m Kevin and here to tell you another taboo tale of a day in my perverted life. As I’ve explained in my other story’s an average everyday guy who also happens to be a pedophile. If you haven’t already, make sure you read my other tales.

Knowing what I am, and having been down that rabbit hole once already I’ve always stayed clear of dating women with children, especially little girl’s. That is until I met Amber. I had my eye on Amber for a long time and really liked her. I knew she had two daughter’s but that wasn’t why I was interested in her. I genuinely liked her and wanted to date her. We went on a few dates and really hit it off. We had dated for awhile before I even met her kid’s. She and her ex had split custody so I was there on the days she was childless. Her kid’s were 8 & 10 when we met and we hid put relationship from them.

After awhile it had been long enough that her daughter’s figured out that we were together on their own. Her daughter’s were very beautiful, sweet little girls. I don’t mean that from a perverted point, they were genuinely very beautiful and sweet children who I got along with very well. Alexandra was the oldest and we called her Alex. Tayla was the youngest and we called her Tay. From the beginning I was very attracted to Alex. She was absolutely beautiful. When it came to Tay though I wasn’t attracted to her really at all initially.

Tay was a little Tom boyish and marched to the beat of her own drum. She was a bit of a wild child too. Unfortunately she was also a grubby little thing. Bathing her was always a fight for Amber. She always smelled funky, her shoe’s stunk up the room when she took them off, her room was always a total disaster. She was just a foul, grubby little slob. I might be a pedophile, but I do have standards and hygiene is one of them. Tayla was a cute girl when she was cleaned up but most of the time that wasn’t the case so I wasn’t very attracted to her.

As relationships tend to go Amber and I settled into a loving relationship. I will admit I was very attracted to Alex I loved watching her body change when she started to hit puberty and I had jerked off with her panties and bras a few times. It was very hard not to sneak into her room in the middle of the night, pin her to the bed and force my cock into her petite developing body but I fought off the urges. There were times when I was fucking Amber snd fantasizing that I was balls deep in her beautiful little girl which would make me cum very hard.

Tay and I were more like friends and I still wasn’t very attracted to her. That all changed one spring day after about 2 years of Amber and I dating.

I had recently been working on a big project at work and was mentally worn out. The last few months had been very stressful. Days were grinding on as we were under deadlines and such. Needless to say this had taken a lot out of me mentally. I had taken a few vacation days as I needed a little time away from work to decompress and relax.

Around this time Tay had grown tired of being the target of some pretty mean kid’s who had picked on her for how she dressed and for being on the grubby side. She had began to turn a new leaf. On weekends she was still a little dirtball but when she went to school she had began paying attention to how she dressed and her hygiene.

The day started out pretty normal. I woke up, showered and got ready for the day. I had some work around the house that had been neglected due to my long days at work as well as some personal errands that I needed to do.

I was just getting ready to leave home and start the day when my phone rang. It was Amber, we texted often but Amber never called me while she was at work unless it was something important. I answered what’s up? Hey you busy she asks? Not at the moment… why what’s up? Can you do me a huge favor please? Sure I said what do you need? She said she had gotten a call from the school nurse that Tay wasn’t feeling well and asked if I could pick her up from school.

I didn’t want to protest the favor but I asked Amber where she wanted me to take her as I wasn’t able to babysit a sick kid I took days off work to relax and get things done. Amber asked if I was going anywhere far or if I was going to be around home? I said I would just be around home but I’d be in and out all day. Amber rephrased by asking if she needs something can will you be close enough to home that you can run by and check on her? Yeah I said. Amber said then just take her home. She’ll be fine by herself as she’ll probably go to sleep. I didn’t need to necessarily babysit, just be close by if she needed something or that I could randomly stop by the house and check on her. Sure I said that would be fine. I just really needed to get stuff done.

I stopped by the school and signed Tay out and asked her what was wrong? She said she had a headache. She got them on occasion and typically because she was playing her games and forgot to eat. I’m used to doctoring her kids up with these minor ailments. So I gave her two advil I had in my car and asked if she was hungry . She said she was and I suggested that we get her something to eat. She picked McDonald’s. We hit the driver thru and got her some food and I had her eat a little something before she took the advil. I then began to driver her home.

We arrived and I got her settled onto the couch in front of the TV. She said the food and advil helped as her head was starting to feel better. After she was settled I told her I was leaving to get things done but I was close by and if she needed anything to let me know and I’d come back home if she needed.

I had left and started to head to my first stop the post office. After that I had to go pay a few bills, stop by the bank, make a daily apparence at Walmart to grab a few items.

I had just left the house barely 10 minutes when I realized I had forgetting my wallet. I made a quick U-turn and went back.

As I walked through the door my jaw hit the floor. Tay was laying on the couch completely naked! She had her left knee bent up and her right foot on the floor. One of my porn movies played on the TV while Tay was vigorously finger blasting herself. For the split second I saw it, it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Her eyes squeezed shut her mouth open in an awe, her perfect flat chest with her tiny pale nipples, her flat washboard stomach with her little six pack flexed tight.

Oh no she screamed then jumped off the couch and ran to her bedroom. Tay I yelled, it’s ok… I turned and walked towards her bedroom. I opened her bedroom door and she was curled in a fetal position in the corner of her bed sobbing.

I approached her speaking with a soft reassuring voice, hey hey calm down Tay it’s ok. She began apologizing. I’m sorry please don’t tell mom. I wrap my arms around her in a hug it’s ok Tay I’m not going to tell your mom. It’s ok you’re not in any trouble. Still sobbing she said I know I’m bad I’m sorry. Bad? Why do you think your bad Tay? She said because of what I was doing I know it’s bad.

Who told you it was bad Tay? She looked at me searching for an answer. It’s not bad I said, everyone does it. If it were so bad then no one would do it, right? I guess she said. I asked if she knew what it was called. Playing with yourself she answered. Well thats one name for it. The proper name is masturbtion I said. She looked at me as if she were doubting my claim, and everyone does it? Yes I said everyone on the planet does it. It’s normal and natural. She asked then why does everyone say it’s bad or dirty? I explained that it’s just how our society is and sexual stuff needs to just be kept private. It’s just something you never talk to anyone about because everyone is so judgemental.

I asked her where she got the movie from and she said from my drawer. She asked if I was mad. I smiled and said I can keep a secret if you can.

At this point Tay realized that she was still completely nude, and truthfully so did I. As I stood up I also noticed my cock was rock hard. Tay noticed too as I was trying to adjust to hide my election. She pointed to my cock and asked why I’m like the guy in the movie. Through the fog in my brain I said it gets like that when I’m around very pretty naked girl’s. I noticed her eyes were glued to the buldge in my jeans. She asked if I really thought she was pretty? Yes I said. I brain was screaming to get out of that room but my body wouldn’t move. I was staring at Tay while she was staring at the bulge in my pants. When she subconsciously licked her lips it pushed me over the edge…

You want to see it Tay? What she asked? My cock that you keep staring at? She looked up at me. It’s ok I said. Do you want to see it? Yeah can I she asked. I said yeah but before I show you I said… this has to stay between us. You cannot tell nobody about it. Not your mom, you sisters your bestfriend… nobody can know or else we’ll both be in a lot of trouble. Ok she said I won’t tell anyone.

I reached down and undid my belt and jeans. I slide them down to expose my rock hard cock. Tays eyes grew big. Have you ever seen one before Tay, I asked? Just in your movie she said. You can touch it if you want to. Tay reached forward and wrapped her hand around my cock.

Tay was sitting on the edge of her bed and I was standing in front of her. She sat with my cock in her hand examining my manhood. I went into straight pedo mode. All rational went out the window and I took control of a naturally submissive little girl. I grabbed both sides of her head and started to pull her face towards my cock. Open your mouth baby, Tay did as I said. I pushed my cock into her mouth and slowly started to face fuck her.

As I pulled my cock from her mouth Tay was shocked and speechless. I pushed her onto her back and told her I was going to eat her pussy. I licked my tongue across her flat chest and sucked her nipples into my mouth. I worked my way down her stomach to her little virgin cunt. I opened her lips with my finger’s and sucked her clit into my mouth. Tay lay motionless as I assaulted her pussy with my tongue. Her breathing was heavy but she lay still. I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to take her virginity. She was still a few years away from puberty so I knew cumming inside of her way safe.

I looked up from her pussy and told her I needed to fuck her. She said do you mean sex? I said yes Tay baby I’m going to have sex with you. Don’t worry I know you can take me. It’s going to be uncomfortable for the first few times that we do it but once you’re used to having me inside you you’re going to enjoy it.

I slide up her body until my cock was at her virgin pussy. I pushed my weight into her pelvis. She started to wince in pain as I felt her cherry pop. I pulled out a little then back into slowly fuckkng my cock into her. Ow it hurts, it hurts Tay wined. It’s ok baby were almost all the way in. Tay began to cry from the pain of taking an adult cock into her small child body.

I knew I wouldn’t last long as she was far to tight. Tay was not enjoying her first fuck but I knew before long she’d love it. While she never asked me to stop she was a trooper and took all of my cock and with no protesting or begging me to stop.

I felt my balls tighten. I was about to cum. I pulled all the way out and slammed into Tay as hard as I could. Tay yelped in pain and moaned ouch loudly. After.6 or 7 powerful thrust I completely drained my balls deep inside the petite little girl. I withdraw my cock from the girl. She rolled onto her side into the fetal position softly crying. I spooned in behind her wrapped my arms around her and told her she was a good little girl. I reached my hand down and rubbed her sore pussy. It won’t hurt as bad next time baby. Soon you’re going to love having my cock in you. I kissed her neck and she squeezed my arms as I held her tight.

Soon her sobs stopped and I asked her how she was. Tay said she was OK just very sore. I told her that doesn’t last long and I can’t wait to fuck her again.

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    You sexy, hot pedophile!!!! Those young girl cunts loved being fucked by you while they were sniffing lines!!!! So fucking hot. Please keep telling about your wonderful sexual experiences. I love reading them and masturbating, honey.
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    You must have enjoyed emptying your load in her so much

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    I was in toilets and heard some couple fucking in cubicle and she was moaning and talking like such a dirty cunt and obviously was a turn on hearing them having sex etc …. and rhen door opened and this guy walks out and then you see the girl come out and then have a line of the side… and honestly shocked to see its my step daughter from old girlfriend…. and she spotted me and shes was just 14 at the time …. and was surprised by her reaction and response lol….

    She just unzipped my jeans hand in started wanking me and because so taboo and kinda wrong was just incredibly hot and huge turn on …. and she certainly experienced and as she took co k out I couldn’t hold.back I pulled her outside and got in back of mates car and I made up 4 lines about half metre each and she instantly sniffed 3 up and then the 4th lol…. and then light cigarette up took drag etc… so I told hwr lay back she ripped knickers off and then I blasted up her fuxk her really viciously hard she was loving it… and then after good fucking I pulled her out car put on bonnet and legs right back and I filled note with coke and put in her ass blew coke in and then after couple of minutes she was groaning and trembling said coke in ass driving her insane lol…. so grabbed her face kissed and spit her mouth …. then said never done anal so as pushed tip in she said hurts but feels so good too so I thrust up and she started whimpering at first but I just savagely fuxked her …. and then opened car door her head fell back to zee my mate and his cock slammed down her throat and….. she started fingering own ass so … as we spitroasted her and proper disgusting slag lol told me that she’d been doing coke and smoking since was 11 and that when me n her mom were asleep etc …. her sisters husband just went her room and smells smoke so shut n locked bedroom door and he got in her bed pued covers back and then put light cigarette in hwr mouth and she woke up surprised took drag and then he

  • Reply Golden ID:36tkqzgcqr9

    That is such a sweet story. Did she get to loving it? Goldenbiguy on kik to chat….

    • Young coke whore ID:2kyhpc18rd

      Well when its a random slut woman or girl you have no cares for etc …. love it lol…. because this blonde pregnant girl was getting pissed lol infront of boyfriend etc and so I whispered and showed her bag of coke and then she was going out for a cigarette and I said you want a line she looked round and said God id love 1 yh… so I went in the smoking hut and she looked and just sniffed up insanely gigantic lines 3 them and I did mine and she light cigarette up and as took drag said to me what you doing as put hands up her dress and I grabbed round throat and violently kissed her and said … bend over she obeyed and then as rubbed cock on pussy lips teasing her she getting bit angry sexually and so I got pregnant belly out and savagely rammed cock up her and she loudest moan and then after while I put coke all over cock and she pushed it in her ass and as fucking her etc she rubbing clit and started finger blasting herself… so I just grabbed wine bottle and started fucking her with it in pussy as cock in ass and got caught lol so ended up bareback group fucking lol me , 2 guys in 70’s and also 2 lads age 17 etc and the oldest guy who was 78 yh…. was worst lol…

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