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The Great Place – Pt1

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This story is a fantasy, what happens here is not connected to my other stories. Enjoy let me know if this story is worthy of a part 2…

I am now 18 years old, after getting myself some money from my temporary 9-5 job, I decided it’s time to leave home and try to go out on my own. I didn’t really have a plan, but I new that everything would go alright. I told my parents that I would be leaving the city and moving out to live in Sudbury. i told them that I already have a place to stay,

My parents were worried about the sudden event but I assured them that every this would be fine. and that even if anything were to, I know that my Cousins would take me in. So after everything was said and done, I packed up all my belongings and began my journey.

I dropped my bags inside my truck that I was given after my grandfather passed. it was around 8pm when I started my journey. When I left the house, it was still very bright out, sunlight everywhere, but it very quickly became dark as time passed. About 30 minutes down the highway and it was already pitch black, with a few lights going down the road.

It was 3.5 hour drive and only about an hour in, the weather started picking up, it got worse by the minute and after about 10 minutes, it was a full on snowstorm. I continued down the highway and stopped at a gas station. I stepped out and the cold instantly took effect, i wend inside to buy something hot to drink and got myself a coffee.

When I returned to my car, I decided that I’d change into something warmer. I quickly got changed out of my jeans and shirt, and grabbed whatever was in my clothing bag. changed into some leggings, and stockings underneath, and a crop top. while I already had panties on, I decided to put on a bra too. after I finished changing, I put on a very warm, very fluffy fur coat.

While my car is old, the heating doesn’t work, but it is well insulated. now again, I was warm and on my way to my new life. The snowstorm wasn’t getting any better, actually, it was getting worse. it started becoming hard to see the road.

After about 20 minutes of driving, the road was now completely covered in snow, with all tire tracks no where to be seen. I decided to pull over, turn on my hazard lights, and wait out the night. I don’t remember when it happened, but I woke up with the front for my car headed towards a tree. I braced for impact and hit the tree and flipped over. fortunately I didn’t get hurt, aside from a few scratches.

when I undid my seat belt, another guy was opening my door and was pulling me out. I got to my feet and was wide awake. the shock of it all made me forget that I was cold outside. the guy, who looked to be in his late 40s began apologizing profusely. he told me that by the time he saw my car, it was too late.

I looked away from him and towards my car, and saw that it had caught on fire. I sighed and and looked back at the man. he apologized again and told me that he lived a little bit more up ahead and that I could stay for the night and that he’d repay for everything.

Now normally I’d be pissed about something like this, but the fact that I didn’t die kept me humble.

At this point, the adrenaline that I had was wearing off and I started feeling very cold. he led my to his car and I got into the passenger side. He started up his car and started driving forward. He then began to introduce him self.

“I still haven’t gotten your name, My name is Carter, what’s yours?” “Mark.” I replied, “That’s pretty great, my fathers name was Mark.” Carter said back, as he turned on the heating. I unzip my coat and let the hot air blow at me.

“So what’s with the outfit? looks kind of girly.” we looked over at each other. “Oh, I meant nothing my it, just curious.” Carter added. “It’s more comfortable, that’s all.” I answered. “yea, looks like it.” Carter said with a snicker.

“So where were you headed this late?” carter asked me. “Well I decided that I wanted to live away from my family and try something on my own. I was on my way to Sudbury but the storm was too much, so i decided that I would wait it out until morning.” “That’s a neat story, I did something similar when I was younger.” “Like what?” I asked. “I moved out and stayed with a few friends out of state, well everything went better that expected and we all did well for ourselves.” he replied “Ah, looks like we’re here”.

I looked outside and saw the biggest house I hade ever laid eyes on. it was huge. we parked his car in his garage and we both got out of the car. he led me towards the front door and he asked if I could take my shoes off before walking inside.

As I got inside, he took my coat and hung it up on the coat rack.
I was a little relived that even though my car was totaled, this guy has more than enough to pay me back.

We walked towards the living room and we sat down on the couch. “say, are you hungry at all? i know i am.” Carter said getting up. “um, yea. that would be nice.” I said back “Cool, I’ll finish cooking in about 45 minutes”.

“Hey, does anyone else live here with you? I asked. “Not anymore” Carter replied from the kitchen. “May I ask what you mean?” “Long story short, My wife was unhappy, and My daughter wanted to stay with her mom, so they both left together.” Carter said back. “I see, I hope things are going better for you now.” “Don’t worry about it.” Carter said, “As long as their happy. That’s all I want. I’m sure they’ll come back, some day”.

After the food was finished, Carter sat me down at the table and we began eating. “Holy, this has got to be the best plate of spaghetti I’ve ever had in my life!” I said “Well thank you.” Carter said Proudly. “I’ve always like to cook” “Say, those clothes your wearing, they’re kind of wet and dirty”

I looked down and checked everything out. “Yea, your right” I said. “Well, seeing as how you don’t mind girls clothes, you can check out my daughters room, I still have everything there.” Carter said. “Are you sure?” I asked “Of course, it’s not like anyone’s using them.” Carter explained. “Come, I’ll lead you to her room.”

He got up and started his way out of the room and up the stairs. I followed behind him. Once we got to the room, Carter told me to take my dirty clothes and put them in the bathroom, then left me to it.

“This room is huge” I thought to myself. I walked towards the bed and rubbed my hand up the bed. “So soft” I told myself. I sat down and began stripping, I first took off my crop top and threw it on the floor. next was my leggings. I slipped them down my left leg, then my right. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. now the stockings, I slip them off and step out of them, I then unclip the bar and pull of my panties.

I bend down and pick up the clothes and carry them to the bathroom. I place them on the towel rack and walk back to the room. I look around and see, a large dresser and a huge walk-in closet. a few mirrors and a large chest

First i check out the closet, I open it up and look around. “Damn, this girl has everything” I think to myself. I’m flipping threw all the clothes, Long sleeved shirts, Short sleeved shirts, no sleeved shirts, Long, Short, and even shorter than short skirts, Gowns, Blouses, Camisoles, Cardigans, Crop tops, Shrug Shirts, Sweaters, T-Shirts, Tank tops, Turtle neck shirts, and dresses. everything in every color. “Sigh, Except damn pants” I said.

I continue looking around, there are many different shoes, boots, and footwear at the bottomed, along with many different sizes and colors of socks and stockings.

I close the closet and walk towards the dresser, I open the top 2 dressers and look inside. just underwear, so many matching pairs of panties and bras, I open the bottom 2 and, same thing. “this girl really has anything but pants.”

I close the dresser and walk over to the chest beside the bed. I open it up and, there was a whole store worth of makeup, and makeup tools. I close the chest and wander back to the closet. I open it up and look around, “what looks the most comfortable.” I asked myself. I reach in and grab a red and black, checkered skirt that went to my waist and down to about 3/4 from my thigh.

Next I grabbed Black thigh High socks, the top of them were just barely visible with the skirt. next was the shirt. I looked around but couldn’t decide, so i picked at random, it was a nice purple turtle neck shirt. I closed the closet and walked to the dresser, opened up one of the dressers, the one that stood out the most was this cute, light pink lace panties and of course the matching bra.

After everything was picked out, I brought them to the bed and began changing. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up, I grabbed my dick and placed it on one side of my legs and positioned the panties in the right spot. they were a perfect fit, tight with a loose feeling. Then I clipped on the bra and adjusted it so it was covering my nipples comfortably.

I then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled up the thigh high socks until they were snug. I grabbed the shirt and pulled it over my head and down, I slipped my right hand inside the arm and then my left. I found that the shirt was the most comfortable, but would constantly pull up just above my stomach, no matter how many times I pulled it down.

I then stood up and grabbed the skirt. As I put one leg into the skirt, there was a knock at the door “Yes?” I said. Carter opens the door and walks in. he sees me slightly bent forward with the skirt only around my knees. “oh, I’m so sorry, I thought you said yes your finished.”

Carter walks towards the bed as I finish buttoning up the skirt in its right place. “Looking good.” Carter said. “thanks, so want did you want to tell me” I asked “Oh right, So I checked the internet and there were a few accidents on the road, the road will be closed for at least 5 days, but there’s a high chance that it will be longer.

“I see” I said “well, to pass the time, how about a drink?” carter asked. “I’ve never drack before” I said back. “If you’ve never had, you’ve never lived.” Carter said getting off the bed and walking towards the door. “You coming?” he asked, “Sure, why not”

We both head down the the living room, i sit down and look at the TV, watching the news. Carter comes back and hands me a glass. “To new friendships!” Carter said. “To new friendships” I repeated.

After a few hours for drinking, laughing, and watching TV. I start getting sleepy. “When your finished, you can stay in my daughters room” Carter tells me “m’kay” I reply. I get up and start wandering around.

Curiosity gets the better of me and I start wandering into rooms and touching things, after looking into many other rooms, I wander into what looks like an office. I walk into the room and sit in the chair and look around, there folders and paper weights on the desk, along with a computer and a framed picture. i pick up the picture frame and take a look. its looks like Carter, his ex wife, and his daughters. after looking closely, I notice that I and his daughter look a bit similar, especially with me wearing her clothes.

I put the picture frame back and look at the computer. “Its already 4am, I should let the house owner what happened ” I think to myself. I then click google and find the search bar. I click I and the first quick search is a link that says ‘Boy wearing girls clothes’. I click the link and there are pictures of guys of all ages dressing up. the first few and nice looking, but the more i scroll down, the more graphics it gets.

I close the website and login to my email. and message the owner of my house that ‘the highway is closed for a week so I’ll be late.’ I sent the message and close the window. I get up and see Carter walking closer. I fall over and he catch’s me.

“What where you doing?” Carter askes, gripping my arms. “Messaging the owner of my house and telling them the roads closed” I reply Carter lessens his grip a bit, “Did you see anything else?” he askes “Yea, I’m probably the first guy to dress as a girl that you’ve met before right?” I say while dumbly giggling. Carter slowly reach’s for my ass, “that’s right, why don’t we head to sleep?” “Ok” I say.

I notice Carter massaging my ass under my skirt but don’t think anything of it. he walks me out the room and back down the hallway, now playing with may ass even more. I look at him, I see a tent in his boxers. I don’t even realize the fact that Carter is now only in his underwear and t-shirt. we get to the stairs and Carter grabs the left side if my chest with his left hand and now had a finger in my ass with his right hand as he’s pushing in while he brings me upstairs.

We walk into his bedroom, I see it looks a bit like his daughters, the biggest difference is the wall paint is blue instead of pink. with his finger still in my ass, he picks me up and lays me in the middle of his bed.

He then leaves the room for a second and comes back with a night gown from his daughters room. he places it on the bed and gets on the bed. he reaches over and un buttons my skirt and pulls it off, the he pulls the socks off. then he pulls me up and pulls my shirt off. he then tosses them all to the floor and grabs the night gown. H places it over my head and I put my arms up. He puts the night gown on me and pulls it down in place.

I look down at me and see that the night gown is see through, I can perfectly see the right pick panties and bra shining through the mesh. while looking at myself, I don’t even see Carter stripping naked in front of my face. Carter then rolls me from by back to my side and cuddles close behind me.

The warmth from his body almost had me falling asleep. I’m laying there and feel the nice feeling of getting massaged all over my body. Carter is enjoying himself while rubbing my nipples under my bra, and, rubbing my ass. Carter leans over to my ear and says, “I wont touch your dick because I’m not gay, alright Mark. no, Marie” he said. Carter grabs my face and turns in for a kiss.

I’m just laying there enjoying the comfort, not 100% sure knowing what’s going on. Carter now keeps fingering my ass, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, before pulling my panties to the side and slowly pushing his cock deep inside me. Still kissing me, he pumps inside of me, in and out. the pleasure and warmth is putting me to sleep, right before Carter flips me on my stomach and starts fucking me even deeper. I’m in the state of almost sleeping, i cant control myself now, I’m moaning hard with each thrust, faster and faster, “This feels great Marie, just a little longer” Carter groans.

I’m moaning even harder now, Carter is pumping faster, and deeper inside. He grabs my waist and pulls me up on all fours, he grabs my neck with both ands and is pounding my ass, He starts getting harder, i feel his dick tensing up “Oh Marie, I’m about to cum, take it, Marie” Carter pants out. Carter Pulls back and lays on his back, pulling me down on top and he cum’s load after load after load inside of me.

Now, laying on his stomach, he lifts me up and puts me back on my stomach and lays on top of me, dick still inside my ass, I drift off asleep and Carter whispers in my ear “one more time.”

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