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The Day My Friend Was With A Girl

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The night my friend was with a girl. A true story. To start with, this happened yesterday as of writing right now. I was doing some unfinished schoolwork at home and all of a sudden my friend starting spamming me messages on Discord.

And you know how when someone has their first time they get this immediate moral boost? That’s how his messages were. And he was also a jokester so he started off by asking me how I get pussy and making fun of how I don’t but eventually he wanted us to hop on a VC.

Now this is where the story begins.

For privacy reasons, my friend’s name will be Andrew and the girl’s name would be Clarissa.

So it begins when Andrew approached Clarissa one day and they started talking to each other. She was quiet and reserved but he had a way with words to where he can make a good conversation with just about anyone.

After two weeks of them meeting each other, she mentions to Andrew that she was dating a guy and this guy wasn’t exactly a good boyfriend to her. He wouldn’t talk to her except for when he wanted to get intimate with her and was often abusive to her.

So Andrew had the idea of being by her side for a full day to keep her safe and see if this guy was going to do anything. He also promised her that he and his brother would beat the guy’s ass if he ever tried anything. Fortunately he didn’t. But what was funny was that Andrew told me that this guy was a scrawny 5’5” white dude, like a pale twig. He tried telling her that he was sorry and wanted to make it work again, blah, blah, blah, the usual shit you would hear.

She those two broke up. Hooray! Then shortly after that Clarissa was telling something to Andrew how that she understands that she just broke up with a dude but she also would like to find another guy. Basically she was still open to a relationship. Now Andrew being the opportunity taker that I know him as, he told me that this was his chance, a once in a lifte time opportunity. The way he worded it out to me, he told her that he would respect her space since the breakup was still fairly recent but he would be there for her and he sees her as a cool person.

And right after this he tells me, “Bro, if you ever see a rainbow haired girl who likes pokemon cards and other stuff like that, take that opportunity if you see it.” I was pretty confused but then he told me that Clarissa was “Maaaad horny.”

And that’s where my chest starting feeling like it was on fire.

They began dating even after two weeks of meeting each other, what a bold man. He said to me that one of his friends from school messaged him about her and how she was down dirty for some dick.

So now you know the backstory of these two, it’s time to tell you the day that Andrew and Clarissa did some hot action.

It all started some time after school when they were in a call and they were just having fun talking to each other till she wanted to do a bet on him. She wanted to see if he could keep a straight face for ten seconds when she showed him her boobs. He told me he only kept it for six seconds.

So then he wanted to take his turn and he wanted to see if she can keep a straight face while he showed her his abdomen and chest.

Now I’ve seen my friend’s body before and he had an overall slim body but he had a natural six pack on his stomach. Barely visible but impressive nonetheless.

Yeah, she went absolutely crazy when she saw it. It didn’t tell me how exactly responded but you can take a guess. 😉

So then after that she asked him if he wanted to come over to her house and he agreed. And after that he had to come up with this most genius idea of lying to his mom that he was going somewhere else. So he told her that he was going to his school for this activity thing and she bought it.

I don’t know exactly if he either took a bus or walked over there because he didn’t have a car and it was a little over two mile distance from his to her house.

Eventually he gets there and I shit you not and he also couldn’t believe this but Clarissa’s mom wasn’t going to be back home until five weeks later. Five. Weeks. How can you not get any luckier than that?

So first they were just sitting on the couch, watching TV and making out. But soon it got time to do some action. They got behind the couch. Andrew on his back, Clarissa sitting on top of him in a cowgirl position.

He told me the first thing she did was so fucking hot. She was wearing his hoodie while on him and she grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it up over and off herself, letting her tits flop out and him getting an incredible sight of them. “She was not wearing a fucking bra, bro!”

That nearly sent him into over drive but he told her, “Alright, you want to play it like that?” And then he practically ripped off the button off his shirt since he was wearing a grey button up shirt at this time. He told me he didn’t really rip them off but pulled them off really aggressively.

She was like, “Oh shit.” Which I guessed spooked her a little.

Next thing he told me was that she told her brother to get out of the room since he was there, he wasn’t mentioned before which was weird. But then she took off her pants and started grinding her panties covered pussy over his bulge like her lips were just grasping onto his dick.

Now the next part was a bit unclear because he was stumbling over his words a bit, people were talking in the background, and he mic sounded muffled. Remind you, he told me this in a Discord VC so I’m trying the best I can to tell the story.

But soon after that, Clarissa’s mom either came inside the house or wanted to FaceTime her so Andrew had to hide around a wall corner. Then eventually they got back to getting intimidate. He was standing up, still clothed, and she was bent over and grinding her ass on his crotch. I asked him this specifically and she was only wearing panties and leggings while doing this.

Then they got back down on the floor again and she reached under his pants and started stroking his dick. And he was leaking a lot of precum from this.

But atlas, all things have to come to the end. That was the last piece of sexual information he gave me. It was getting late for him, around 6pm. It wasn’t exactly late but given that Daylight Savings Time ended not too long ago, the night sky was already coming.

He told me he had to run back all the way to his house. I think he first wanted to get there by bus because he told me it would’ve taken him an hour and a half to get there but he got there within 30 minutes. “I’m just built different”, he said. He told me that as he was running he had to get there fast otherwise his mom would’ve grounded him and he wouldn’t have gotten to see Clarissa tomorrow. Though for a little more context she wanted to give him some head. But eventually he got home and had chili for dinner. What a lovely day!

As of writing this, he might be with her right now. I’m hoping he’s willing to hop on VC again to tell me what happened but I’m not sure. I’ll wait and see.

Buuuut if he does tell me and you would like to hear it, I would like for you readers to leave at least ten comments and ten stars.

For anyone who wants to hear me give some advice from this story on how you could win something like this, please read below.


While yes, I am a virgin, I would still like to give you some tips. Not only did I find Andrew’s story very hot but I also find his ability to take opportunities admirable. I know that a lot of people want to have some action, whether that be with a chick or guy, but struggle with how to do it.

Don’t approach a person and have full passion to just have sex with them. I believe some people get carried away because they’re so fascinated with the idea. You just need to take things more easy and approach this person has someone you would like to hang out with.

Another thing is that you should take care of yourself. Mentally, physically, and appearance wise. You got to work for what you want to get. You do that stuff and you will get ahead in life.

Thank you.

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